Crop Production and Management solved MCQs

1. The Crops which are grown in rainy season are called

a. Rabi crop

B. Seasonal crop

c. Monsoon crop

d. Kharif crop

2. Rabi Crops are grown in _______ season

a. Summer

B. Spring

c. Winter

d. rainy

3. Now a days seed is sown in the field using

a. Seed Tractor

B. Seed drill

c. Seed Tiller

d. Seed Plough

4. Which of the following description is true for describing ‘fertiliser’

a. Used in large quantity

B. Organic in nature

c. Does not cause pollution

d. Produced in factories

5. Rhizobium (a Bacteria) which fixes atmospheric nitrogen are found in nodules growing in

a. Roots of leguminous plants

B. Leaves of leguminous plants

c. Stem of Leguminous plants

d. All of the above.

6. Before sowing the seeds, it is necessary to break soil to the size of grains to get betteryield. The main tools used for such are

a. Tractor, Hoe, Seed drill

B. Bullock, tiller, tractor

c. Plough, Hoe, Cultivator

d. Plough, Seed Drill, Tractor

7. Growing different crops alternately on the same land is technically called

a. Crop Alternation

B. Crop Rotation

c. Crop Revolution

d. Crop Change

8. Moat, Dhekli and Rahat are different

a. Traditional methods of cultivation

B. Traditional methods of Weeding

c. Traditional methods of Seed sowing

d. Traditional methods of irrigation

9. In the harvested crop the grain seed is separated from the chaff. This process id called ___

a. Threshing

B. Seeding

c. Ploughing

d. Weeding


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