Reproduction in Animals Solved MCQs


Human Male germ cell is

A. zygote
B. ovum
C. testis
D. sperm
Answer» D. sperm

Every month ____ mature egg(s) can be released from human ovary

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer» A. 1

Internal fertilization does not occur in

A. human
B. dog
C. fish
D. cow
Answer» C. fish

Fertilization results into formation of

A. egg
B. zygote
C. sperm
D. individual
Answer» B. zygote

Which one is not an oviparous animal?

A. human
B. crow
C. hen
D. crocodile
Answer» A. human

The transformation of the larva into an adult through drastic changes is called

A. Metaphase
B. Metastasis
C. Meteorite
D. Metamorphosis
Answer» D. Metamorphosis

In asexual reproduction involves _______

A. Two parents
B. Four parents
C. One parent
D. No parents
Answer» C. One parent

Dolly the famous animal was a

A. donkey
B. girl
C. Cloned sheep
D. Normal sheep
Answer» C. Cloned sheep

During a cell division

A. Nucleus divides first and then cytoplasm
B. Cytoplasm divides first and then Nucleus
C. Nucleus and cytoplasm divides together
D. No such relationship
Answer» A. Nucleus divides first and then cytoplasm

Budding is found in

A. Yeast
B. Hydra and Yeast
C. Hydra
D. None
Answer» B. Hydra and Yeast
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