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1. Why was FEMA needed?

a. Maintenance of Foreign Exchange Market in India

B. Maintenance of Foreign Currency in Abroad

c. Maintenance of Foreign Exchange Market in America

d. Maintenance of Foreign Currency in IMF

2. The Foreign Exchange Regulations Act was replaced by which act?

a. The Foreign Exchange Rule Act

B. The Foreign Exchange Management Act

c. The Frontiers Exchange Regulation Act

d. The Frontiers Exchange Rule Act

3. Liberalisation of industrial licensing which resulted in delicensing comes under which policy?

a. New Trade Policy

B. New Industrial Policy

c. New Regional policy

d. New Social policy

4. Liberalisation aims at:

a. Socialistic pattern of society

B. Economic Planning

c. Economic Reforms

d. Land Reforms

5. Eliminating Government set restrictions or barriers is called:

a. Liberalisation

B. Restricted Trade

c. Favourable Trade

d. Investments

6. Which act has been enacted in place of MRTP Act?

a. Competition Act

B. Monopoly Act

c. Foreign Exchange Act

d. Licensing Act

7. Integrating the economy of a country with the economies of other countries is known as:

a. Liberalisation

B. Privatisation

c. Globalisation

d. Materialism

8. _____ advertising means international advertising which are addressed to multi cultural audeinces

a. Global

B. Local

c. National

d. Global + local

9. The ads have to be customised according to the ___

a. Culture

B. Economy

c. Taste

d. Commerce

10. Specialists in digital advertising have to plan the strategies according to the ___

a. Medium

B. Technology

c. Audience

d. Culture

11. Advertising laws vary in different countries depending on the ____

a. Content, cultural, implications & tax levied

B. Only on content

c. Only on culture

d. Only on tax levied

12. How many P's are there in Social Marketing?

a. 7

B. 10

c. 8

d. 9

13. In social media campaign, what customer has to pay?

a. Price

B. Product

c. Policy

d. People

14. Which is NOT the tool for Direct Marketing

a. E mails

B. Catalogues

c. Public Relations

d. Text Messages

15. Full form of IMC.

a. International Marketing Company

B. Internal Marketing Communication

c. Indian Marketing Committee

d. Integrated Marketing Communication

16. The relationship of advertising to ______is perceived as criticism on advertising.

a. Materialism

B. FMCG products

c. New products

d. Old people

17. _____ makes people buy things they do not need.

a. Advertising

B. Public relation

c. Personal selling

d. Email marketing

18. _____are playing a diversified role in the socio-economic context in our society.

a. Women

B. Children

c. Old people

d. Society

19. Showcasing women _____in the advertising is highly criticized.

a. As a mother

B. Stereotype

c. As successful

d. As working woman

20. An advertisement of Slice showcasing Katrina Kaif with Tagline ‘Aamsutra’ is an example of _____.

a. Women as sexual object

B. As successful actor

c. As a successful woman

d. Brand ambassador

21. _____________ Advertising is done by a company to create awareness for goods and services and is required by other companies for their production of goods.

a. Retail

B. Consumer

c. Industrial

d. Product

22. ____________ Advertising is used mostly by Banks and financial Institutions.

a. Industry

B. Bank

c. Financial

d. Investment

23. What are NOT the types of Digital marketing?

a. SEO


c. Content Marketing

d. Traditional media marketing

24. Which of these are NOT digital marketing tools

a. Video hosting

B. Organic Social Media

c. Paid Social Media

d. Print media classifieds

25. This can be the disadvantages of Internet Marketing

a. Security Concern

B. Convenience

c. customization

d. Inexpensive


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