Global Business Environment Solved MCQs


___________ is consists of the totality of all factors with in or outside the control of individual business firms.

A. Business
B. Environment
C. Business environment
D. organisation
Answer» C. Business environment

Environment is always changing constraining and ____________

A. Competing
B. Uncertain
C. dynamic
D. Specific
Answer» B. Uncertain

Environment is a __________ process

A. Dynamic
B. Complex
C. interactive
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

_______________ is the product of environment.

A. Opportunity
B. Threads
C. Business
D. Factors
Answer» C. Business

There are two sets of factors which influence the business of an enterprise is ____________

A. Internal and External
B. Micro and Macro
C. Political and Legal
D. Social, Cultural & Technological
Answer» A. Internal and External

___________ play a vital role in running the business enterprise.

A. Customers
B. Labour
C. Product
D. Competitors
Answer» D. Competitors

___________ Consists of the actors in the company's immediate environment that affect the performance of the company.

A. Macro environment
B. Micro environment
C. Internal environment
D. External environment
Answer» B. Micro environment

Macro environment is also known as __________

A. Outside environment
B. Indirect environment
C. General environment
D. Social environment
Answer» C. General environment

Remote environment is an another name of __________

A. Micro environment
B. Macro environment
C. Internal environment
D. External environment
Answer» B. Macro environment

____________ is environment covers those factors which give shape and form to the dept. of economic activities.

A. Technological
B. Demographic
C. Social and cultural
D. Economic
Answer» D. Economic

A stable, honest and efficient political system is a primary factor for the growth of ______________

A. Business
B. General environment
C. Economic conditions
D. Natural environment
Answer» A. Business

When the rate of change in is insignificant, it is termed as ________ environment

A. General or specific
B. Stable or static
C. Dynamic or certain
D. Simple of complex
Answer» B. Stable or static

When some sudden and unpredictable changes take place in the organisation is said to ___________

A. Technological environment
B. Natural environment
C. Turbulent environment
D. Changing environment
Answer» C. Turbulent environment

___________ is an open form of government.

A. Parliamentary System
B. Government environment
C. Legal environment
D. Political environment
Answer» A. Parliamentary System

China is the biggest example _________

A. Capitalism
B. Mixed economy
C. Laissez Faire
D. Socialism
Answer» D. Socialism

The term _________ relates to patent, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

A. Priority right
B. Intellectual property right
C. Tariff & Trade Act
D. Madrid agreement
Answer» B. Intellectual property right

____________ is also called the International convention for the protection of industrial property.

A. Paris Union
B. National Treatment
C. Industrial Policy Act
D. Intellectual property Right
Answer» A. Paris Union

____________ means that if an investor registers a patent in one member country, he can file an application for registration in other member countries within one year from the date of filing return,

A. Patent cooperation Treaty
B. Paris Union
C. Priority Right
D. National Treatment
Answer» C. Priority Right

The international registration of Trade Marks aims at the international registration is ________

A. Trade Mark Registration Treat
B. Independent of patents
C. Patent Cooperation Treaty
D. The Madrid Agreement
Answer» D. The Madrid Agreement

International Bureau of World Intellectual Property Organisation is ________

A. U.S.A.
B. Geneva
C. Switzerland
D. Canada
Answer» B. Geneva

_________ Involves infringement of a patent or trade mark.

A. Counter feiting
B. Unauthorised product
C. Illegal goods
D. Low quality products
Answer» A. Counter feiting

_______ is an unintented channel of distribution that runs parallel to the planned channel.

A. Bribery
B. Counter feiting
C. Gray Market
D. Black Market
Answer» C. Gray Market

___________ concentrates on the analysis of market, competition and financial strength of a company.

A. Risk Reward analysis
B. Cost benefit analysis
C. Break even analysis
D. None of the above
Answer» B. Cost benefit analysis

_________ analysis studies the impact of various environmental factors on the marketing mix.

A. Break even analysis
B. Risk reward analysis
C. Cost - benefit analysis
D. Product Analysis
Answer» B. Risk reward analysis

__________ is subjective in nature

A. Social interaction
B. Political factors
C. Natural factors
D. Cultural
Answer» D. Cultural
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