170+ Human Resource Management Principles and Functions Solved MCQs


The basic managerial skill(s) is (are)

A. to supervise
B. to motivate
C. to stimulate
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

The actual achievements compared with the objectives of the job is

A. job performance
B. job evaluation
C. job description
D. none of these
Answer» A. job performance

HR Planning involves four distinct phases ONE of these stages is

A. business scanning
B. forecasting human resource records
C. organisation development
D. planning
Answer» B. forecasting human resource records

Strategic Human Resource management is

A. proactive
B. reactive
C. both
D. none of these
Answer» C. both

Job evaluation is based on the:

A. complexity of the job to perform
B. conceptual skill required by the job
C. relative job worth for an organization
D. physical skills required by the job
Answer» A. complexity of the job to perform

______________ is a performance measure of both efficiency and effectiveness.

A. organisational behaviour
B. organisational citizenship
C. employee productivity
D. none of these
Answer» C. employee productivity

Which performance appraisal methods consumes a lot of time?

A. essay method
B. rating scales
C. critical incident
D. tests and observation
Answer» A. essay method

Which of the following is a benefit of employee training?

A. improves morale
B. helps people identify with organisational goals
C. provides a good climate for learning, growth and co - ordination
D. none of these
Answer» B. helps people identify with organisational goals

Which of the following is a method used in group or organisational training needs assessment?

A. consideration of current and projected changes
B. rating scales
C. interviews
D. questionnaires
Answer» D. questionnaires

Which of these is a hindrance to effective training?

A. career planning workshop
B. aggregate spending on training is inadequate
C. mentoring
D. career counselling
Answer» B. aggregate spending on training is inadequate

Which of the forecasting technique is the fastest?

A. work study technique
B. flow models
C. ratio trend analysis
D. hr demand forecast
Answer» C. ratio trend analysis

When appraisals are made by superiors, peers, subordinates and clients then it is called ______________.

A. 360 degree feedback
B. 180 degree feedback
C. self - appraisal
D. all of these
Answer» A. 360 degree feedback

degree feedback 13. The human resource Manangement helps toi improve the ______________

A. production
B. productivity
C. power
D. produce
Answer» B. productivity

The solution to many so-called 'people problems' is often associated with improving the effectiveness of the recruitment process by:

A. having a robust hr department to carry out the process
B. outsourcing the hr department
C. careful selection of the right people for the job
D. devolving to line managers
Answer» A. having a robust hr department to carry out the process

e-HRM stands for

A. electronic
B. economic
C. equal
D. none of these
Answer» A. electronic

One of the most popular methods of increasing employee responsibility and control is ______________.

A. outsourcing
B. "military model" of management
C. work teams
D. manpower planning
Answer» C. work teams

What are the main aims of Employee Assistance Programmes?

A. to alter the organizational culture.
B. to address team and individual performance and well-being in the workplace.
C. to focus the attention of employees to the power structures of an organization.
D. to establish effective methods of care and support for everyone in an organization.
Answer» D. to establish effective methods of care and support for everyone in an organization.

Which of these is the benefit of needs assessment?

A. assessment makes training department more accountable
B. higher training costs
C. loss of business
D. increased overtime working
Answer» A. assessment makes training department more accountable

What techniques are used while analysing the internal supply?

A. inflows and outflows
B. turnover rate
C. conditions of work and absenteeism
D. all of the these
Answer» D. all of the these

Which of these is one of the seven criteria for assessing performance?

A. community service
B. interpersonal contact
C. need for supervision
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

Recruitment and selection must be effective to ensure it:

A. offsets high labour turnover
B. delivers the highest calibre of individuals at optimum most
C. to have a surplus in case of sickness and absence
D. encourages new blood into the organization
Answer» B. delivers the highest calibre of individuals at optimum most

Performance appraisals are designed to motivate workers by providing them with feedback, recognition, and what?

A. better work facilities
B. equal opportunities
C. greater work autonomy
D. praise
Answer» D. praise

What do you understand "S" in the defining SMART Goals

A. solution
B. specific
C. standard
D. soft
Answer» B. specific

Training increases the employees

A. market value
B. earning power
C. job security
D. all of these
Answer» B. earning power

Full form of HRD is

A. human resource development
B. human resource department
C. human resource division
D. none of these
Answer» A. human resource development

Which of the following is a need that motivates human behaviour as per the achievement motivation theory?

A. power
B. affiliation
C. achievement
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

______________ refers to the learning opportunities designed to help employees grow.

A. training
B. development
C. education
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

The ______________ refers incentives to variable pay.

A. national tribunal
B. international labour office
C. labour court
D. none of the above
Answer» D. none of the above

Which of the following is a barrier while doing human resource planning?

A. hr information often is incompatible with the information used in strategy formulation
B. implementing human resource information system
C. managing inventories
D. supply forecast
Answer» A. hr information often is incompatible with the information used in strategy formulation

The following is (are) concerned with developing a pool of candidates in line with the human resources plan

A. development
B. training
C. recruitment
D. all of these
Answer» C. recruitment

The voluntary and involuntary permanent withdrawal from an organisation is called ______________.

A. turnover
B. behaviour
C. misbehaviour
D. none of these
Answer» A. turnover

How does training and development offer competitive advantage to an organisation?

A. removing performance decencies
B. individuals have the aptitude and motivation to learn
C. deficiency is caused by a lack of ability
D. none of these
Answer» A. removing performance decencies

______________ seeks to examine the goals of the organisation and the trends that are likely to affect these goals.

A. organisational support
B. organisational analysis
C. person analysis
D. key skill abilities analysis
Answer» D. key skill abilities analysis

What are the pre - requisites for successful human resource planning?

A. backing of top management
B. personal records must be complete
C. techniques of planning should be the best
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

Performance development plan is set for the employee by his immediate boss.

A. employer
B. department head
C. immediate boss
D. none of these
Answer» C. immediate boss

______________ is a formal & detailed study of jobs

A. job enrichment
B. job evaluation
C. job classification
D. job analysis
Answer» B. job evaluation

The process of gathering information about job ______________

A. job analysis
B. job description
C. job simplification
D. job enrichment
Answer» A. job analysis

______________ Act prohibits the employment of child below 14 years of age

A. child labour
B. contract labour
C. bonded labour
D. wages contract
Answer» A. child labour

The promotion criteria is always based on ______________

A. merit
B. merit and seniority
C. seniority
D. recommendations
Answer» D. recommendations

The process of providing the trainees the information about their performance

A. feedback
B. observation
C. suggestion
D. research
Answer» A. feedback

Forces affecting organisational behaviour are

A. people
B. environment
C. technology
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

A portrayal of replacing the employees is

A. job chart
B. replacement chart
C. workers chart
D. employees chart
Answer» B. replacement chart

HRM is ______________ in nature

A. pervasive
B. evasive
C. decisive
D. inclusive
Answer» A. pervasive

The effect of ______________ on the emergence of aggressive behavior patterns is as yet up proven.

A. environmental factors
B. genetics.
C. ethological factors
D. hormones
Answer» C. ethological factors

In depth description of a particular situation ______________

A. group discussion
B. personal interview
C. case
D. survey
Answer» C. case

The test which compare employee performance with job requirements ______________

A. selection test
B. preference test
C. achievement test
D. simulation
Answer» B. preference test

The role in which a manager lead his subordinates and motivating them for willing cooperation is called as ______________.

A. monitoring role.
B. disseminator role.
C. entrepreneur role.
D. leader role.
Answer» D. leader role.

Which is the scientific method in accumulating knowledge about mans social behavior?

A. anthropology.
B. social work.
C. sociology.
D. psychology.
Answer» C. sociology.

Job enlargement expands ______________

A. upward
B. downward
C. horizontally
D. vertically
Answer» C. horizontally

Job analysis is a formal and detailed study of ______________.

A. salary
B. raw materials
C. machines
D. jobs
Answer» D. jobs

Job description is helpful in ______________ grading and classification.

A. salary
B. position
C. job
D. people
Answer» C. job

______________ interview is conducted by a group of interviewers.

A. non directional
B. structured
C. panel
D. stress
Answer» C. panel

Many colleges and universities have arranged for students to work part-time in a special training program as part of their education. This training is called ______________

A. college trainee experience
B. educational credits program
C. coordinated education
D. an internship
Answer» D. an internship

Which test is conducted to measure the likes, dislikes & habits?

A. vocational test.
B. temperament test.
C. skills test.
D. interest test.
Answer» C. skills test.

Which of the following helps the employee to improve their efficiency?

A. development
B. training.
C. promotion.
D. transfer.
Answer» B. training.

Identify the personnel management functions from the following ______________.

A. advertisement.
B. quality control.
C. capital budgeting.
D. compensation.
Answer» D. compensation.

The way of action which are accepted as legitimate by group members is called ______________

A. values
B. norms
C. conformity.
D. decision
Answer» B. norms

Group established by the organisation to do its work and usually identifiable on an organisation chart ______________.

A. task group
B. primary group
C. formal group.
D. informal group.
Answer» C. formal group.

The process of efficiently achieving the objectives of the organisation with and through people

A. management
B. administration
C. decision making
D. controlling
Answer» A. management

The objective of salary administration is to offer ______________.

A. more wages
B. . lesser wages
C. poor wages
D. fair wages
Answer» D. fair wages

Breaking down of job into smaller parts covering few operations ______________

A. job enlargement
B. job cycle
C. job empowerment
D. job simplification
Answer» D. job simplification

WAB's Refers to ______________

A. weighted allotment blanks
B. weighted application blanks
C. weighted average blanks
D. weighted assimilation blanks
Answer» B. weighted application blanks

In the time organization, the authority flow and from ______________.

A. top to bottom.
B. bottom to top
C. left to right
D. right to left.
Answer» D. right to left.

Halo Effect is related with ______________.

A. performance appraisal.
B. wage & salary administration
C. selection.
D. transfer
Answer» C. selection.

Whatever an individual does, there is always some amount of ______________ on him

A. satisfaction.
B. stress.
C. profit
D. benefit
Answer» B. stress.

Adding more responsibilities, autonomy and control of a job ______________

A. job enrichment
B. jod design
C. job requirement
D. job analysis
Answer» A. job enrichment

Movement of an employee from a low level to the higher level is ______________

A. transfer
B. promotion
C. rotation
D. shifting
Answer» B. promotion

A kind of future oriented training ______________

A. employee training
B. employee development
C. employability
D. employee potential
Answer» B. employee development

Picking up suitable candidates by rejecting the unsuitable ______________

A. recruitment
B. training
C. selection
D. development
Answer» C. selection

Violation of established rules ______________

A. misconduct
B. dismissal
C. memo
D. bad behaviour
Answer» A. misconduct

______________ is a worker oriented job analysis.

A. functional job analysis
B. job description
C. job analysis
D. job seeking
Answer» A. functional job analysis

Manager represents his organization or unit while interacting with outsiders is called as ______________.

A. disseminator role.
B. spokes person
C. resource allocator.
D. entrepreneur role
Answer» B. spokes person

A test interprets problems or situations for employees is ______________

A. projective tests
B. interest tests
C. preference tests
D. simulation tests
Answer» A. projective tests

Oral examination of candidates for employment is ______________

A. placement
B. screening
C. interview
D. selection
Answer» C. interview

HR plans should be ______________ with the corporate plans of the enterprise.

A. balanced
B. not related
C. mixed
D. not balanced
Answer» A. balanced

______________ interview is a type of interview which is pre planned and is held in a formal atmosphere.

A. informal
B. patterned
C. formal
D. structured
Answer» B. patterned

______________ method of job evaluation is otherwise called classification method

A. silent
B. college
C. grading
D. home
Answer» C. grading

When the organization gives option to its employees to retire even before superannuation it is called ______________.

A. forced retirement.
B. compulsory retirements.
C. voluntary retirement.
D. premature retirement.
Answer» A. forced retirement.

What helps for the exchange of ideas, facts, opinions or emotions between two or more persons?

A. communication
B. written communication.
C. upward communication
D. downward communication.
Answer» A. communication

Businessmen could get an opportunity to earn huge profits as the cost of ______________.

A. employee.
B. employee & employer.
C. employer
D. superior.
Answer» A. employee.

It is intended to reveal what is actually done opposed to what should be done.what is this?

A. job specification.
B. job evaluation.
C. job description.
D. job analysis.
Answer» C. job description.

A group of persons in an organization for making or recommending certain decisions is ______________ termed as ______________.

A. committee.
B. formal group.
C. task group
D. performing group
Answer» A. committee.

When expectation about a persons role in the group contradict one another, it becomes?

A. down ward conflict
B. up ward conflict
C. role conflict
D. role ambiquity
Answer» C. role conflict

A group created by management to accomplish certain organizational goal is called as ______________.

A. performance group.
B. task group.
C. prime group.
D. in group.
Answer» B. task group.

Human Resource Planning is ______________ Looking function

A. forward
B. backward
C. simple
D. cross
Answer» A. forward

A lateral movement within the same grade from one job to another

A. promotion
B. transfer
C. recruitment
D. retrenchment
Answer» B. transfer

Employees can be appraisal against ______________.

A. relative standards
B. objective
C. absolute standards
D. group
Answer» A. relative standards

Traditional and direct method of instruction ______________

A. programme
B. demonstration
C. lecture
D. role playing
Answer» C. lecture

______________ is the tendency of highly cohesive groups to value consensus at the price of decision quality:

A. group think
B. group process
C. group norm
D. group development
Answer» A. group think

It refers to an employee general attitude towards his job ______________

A. job specification
B. communication.
C. motivation.
D. . job specification
Answer» A. job specification

Position Analysis Questionnaire is

A. quantitative approach
B. qualitative approach
C. economic approach
D. managerial approach
Answer» A. quantitative approach

What are the types of industrial action a union is most likely to engage in?

A. unofficial action
B. strike action
C. action short of a strike
D. absence.
Answer» C. action short of a strike

Informing vacancies of employees internally ______________

A. advertising
B. internal advertising
C. external advertising
D. modelling
Answer» B. internal advertising

Temporary closure of a unit ______________

A. strike
B. lockout
C. layoff
D. closure
Answer» B. lockout

An activity carried out for a specific purpose ______________

A. duty
B. job
C. task
D. code
Answer» C. task

The physical environment of a job is ______________

A. working condition
B. economic condition
C. social condition
D. political condition
Answer» A. working condition

Division of work to take the advantage of ______________.

A. discipline.
B. specialization.
C. aptitude.
D. productivity.
Answer» B. specialization.

Motivational devices used to encourage special workers ______________

A. compensation
B. wages
C. salaries
D. incentives
Answer» D. incentives

Frequency of ______________ can be reduced by training the people.

A. production
B. damage
C. accidents
D. sickness
Answer» A. production
Explanation: the frequency of production increases by training where as the frequency of accidents is reduced by training

Which test is conducted to develop the skills & abilities of the candidate?

A. aptitude test.
B. intelligence test.
C. trade test.
D. personality test.
Answer» C. trade test.
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