180+ Communication Media Solved MCQs


------------ theory of media effects suggests that TV portrayals of violence reinforce whatever established pattern of behavior, viewers bring with them to the media situation.

A. catharsis
B. aggressive cues
C. reinforcement
D. none of the above.
Answer» C. reinforcement

In digital audio, ----------------- describes the number of bits of information recorded for each sample.

A. sample rate
B. bit depth
C. ratio
D. channel
Answer» B. bit depth

Yellow journalism derived its name from an early comic character called ----------

A. yellow kid
B. yellow boy
C. yellow girlie
D. yellow guy
Answer» A. yellow kid

First radio station in Kerala was established in the year-----------

A. 1950
B. 1947
C. 1943
D. 1955
Answer» C. 1943

Which is the face of the newspaper?

A. headlines
B. front page
C. edit page
D. masthead
Answer» D. masthead

-------------------- is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste, and with the creation and appreciation of beauty.

A. aesthetics
B. design
C. psychoanalysis
D. none of the above
Answer» A. aesthetics

Which of the following aspects of Internet radio is on the listener’s computer?

A. encoder
B. server
C. player
D. over head.
Answer» C. player

A global system of interconnected computer networks to serve billions of users worldwide is called -----------------------

A. intranet
B. compunet
C. internet
D. ethernet
Answer» C. internet

------------------ is a multimedia software.

A. ms powerpoint
B. microsoft word
C. adobe audition
D. adobe pagemaker
Answer» A. ms powerpoint

Red, Yellow and ------------- are primary colours.

A. blue
B. black
C. white
D. violet
Answer» A. blue

The process of taking files from another computer or server for use in your own computer is called --------------

A. drop
B. download
C. encode
D. drafting
Answer» B. download

Graphic representation such as a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for pre visualizing a motion graphic is called --------------

A. script
B. storyline
C. storyboard
D. story
Answer» C. storyboard

Who in 1666 developed the first circular diagram of colours?

A. marconi
B. sir issac newton
C. robert moray
D. john bradshaw
Answer» B. sir issac newton

Name the first communication satellite which was launched in 1962

A. early bird
B. intelset
C. intersputnik
D. insat
Answer» A. early bird

Which of the following was developed the earliest?

A. am radio
B. television
C. drm
D. dth
Answer» A. am radio

--------------------- is associated with the invention of printing

A. franklin
B. johann gutenberg
C. charles babbage
D. marconi
Answer» B. johann gutenberg

Green, Orange and -------- are called the secondary colours.

A. white
B. violet
C. pink
D. purple
Answer» B. violet

Multimedia represents the convergence of text, pictures, video and -------- into a single form.

A. news
B. sound
C. songs
D. all of the above
Answer» B. sound

Which of the following denotes Internet radio broadcast?

A. broadcast
B. narrowcast
C. podcast
D. telecast
Answer» C. podcast

Multimedia reporters who are mobile with audio, video recorders and camera are often referred to as ---------------

A. mobijournos
B. mobile
C. mojos
D. journos
Answer» C. mojos

The equalization of elements in a work of art is called

A. balance
B. unity
C. rhythm
D. movement
Answer» A. balance

The High Definition Television initiative came in the 1980’s. The aspect ratio for HD TV is :

A. 4:3
B. 3:2
C. 16:9
D. 9:4
Answer» D. 9:4

Which of the following file format is the default format used for Flash videos

A. .wma
B. .flv
C. .swf
D. .hqx
Answer» B. .flv

On-demand programming is ---------------

A. programming that is streamed live over the internet.
B. files of programmed material that can be accessed over the internet
C. the icon that listeners click on to receive live streaming
D. a home as opposed to a web page
Answer» B. files of programmed material that can be accessed over the internet

Internet radio broadcast is otherwise called------------

A. broadcast
B. narrowcast
C. podcast
D. telecast.
Answer» C. podcast

The recordings in a magnetic tape is erased using -----------------------

A. echo chamber
B. re- recorder
C. audio tape degausser
D. tape deck
Answer» C. audio tape degausser

The process of sending files from your computer to the internet is called --------------

A. drop
B. download
C. encode
D. uploading
Answer» D. uploading

In which area is digital technology superior to analog technology?

A. signal to noise ratio
B. frequency response
C. dynamic range
D. all of the above.
Answer» D. all of the above.

The Google service which help to create a blog is ----------

A. blogger
B. wiki
C. explorer
D. blogmaker
Answer» A. blogger

Which of the following is not a social networking website:

A. facebook
B. tweeter
C. google
D. wayn
Answer» C. google

------------ theory of media suggests that mass media serves the basic purpose of providing entertainment, escape and release.

A. play
B. aggressive cues
C. reinforcement
D. none of the above
Answer» C. reinforcement

In digital audio, ----------------- describes the number of bits of information recorded for each sample.

A. sample rate
B. bit depth
C. ratio
D. channel
Answer» A. sample rate

Every penny must go on screen - is an expression stressing the need of good-----------

A. script
B. budgeting
C. camera work
D. editing
Answer» B. budgeting

The actual place on which the actions that will be recorded in a television studio is called ------ ---------------------

A. studio floor
B. camera area
C. studio table.
D. over head area.
Answer» A. studio floor

TAM is --------------------------

A. television audience measurement
B. television air marketing
C. tele air marketing
D. television audio measurement
Answer» A. television audience measurement

Television arrived in India in a small way in the year -------------

A. 1959
B. 1969
C. 1979
D. 1949
Answer» A. 1959

One of the main deciding factors for selecting a shooting location is ----------------

A. suitability with script
B. the suitable climate for the actors
C. its beauty
D. its closeness to the studio
Answer» A. suitability with script

Cinematography Act was passed in the year-------------------.

A. 1947
B. 1950
C. 1952
D. 1957
Answer» C. 1952

Which one of the following is prepared at the earliest?

A. script
B. shot list
C. shooting schedule
D. editor’s cut
Answer» A. script

Which of the following was developed the earliest?

A. radio broadcast
B. podcast
C. terrestrial telecast
D. satellite telecast
Answer» A. radio broadcast

First Television channel in Kerala was -----------

A. doordarshan
B. asianet
C. kairali
D. soorya
Answer» A. doordarshan

Costing out a production means -----------------------

A. mixing the visuals with audio
B. selling a production to another production house
C. finding the cost for producing the production
D. writing the final script
Answer» B. selling a production to another production house

Final production cost divided by the final duration of the programme is called

A. cost per viewer
B. cost per minute
C. cost vs measured benefits
D. actual cost
Answer» B. cost per minute

In a studio, the essential link between the director and the floor is performed by ------

A. florist
B. floor manager
C. floor officer
D. administrator
Answer» B. floor manager

Wardrobe supervisor is associated with

A. budgeting
B. lighting
C. acting
D. costumes
Answer» D. costumes

Montage is a -----------------------

A. term related to sound
B. film editing technique
C. shooting tool
D. camera angle
Answer» B. film editing technique

The first work in video editing is ----------------------

A. capture
B. shots
C. time line
D. none of the above
Answer» A. capture

The method of video editing which utilizes the computer environment is called -----

A. linear editing
B. non-linear editing
C. assemble editing
D. in- camera editing
Answer» B. non-linear editing

----------------------------- coined the word Akashavani for the first time.

A. rabindranath tagore
B. dr. gopalaswamy
C. sir stanley jackson
D. lionel fieldonl
Answer» B. dr. gopalaswamy

The process of adding new tracks to existing tracks in a multi track recording system is called ……….

A. overdubbing
B. bouncing
C. punching in
D. combo-cording
Answer» D. combo-cording

The microphone that picks up sound on all sides is:

A. hyper-cardioid
B. cardioid
C. omnidirectional
D. bidirectional
Answer» C. omnidirectional

A camera mounting that straps the camera to the body of the operator to keep the image reasonably steady is known as

A. steadicam
B. sturdycam
C. studycam
D. none of the above
Answer» A. steadicam

In television scheduling, placing a programme or genre at the same time on several days a week is known as -----------

A. panelling
B. continuous
C. flighting
D. stripping
Answer» C. flighting

The first edited version of a TV programme which needs further polishing and corrections before actual broadcast is a …………

A. rough cut
B. match cut
C. first print
D. rushes
Answer» A. rough cut

The percentage of home using a particular TV channel or programme at a given time is known as ----------------

A. programme share
B. programme rating
C. programme coverage
D. frequency
Answer» B. programme rating

A TV producer is not supposed to -----------------------------

A. be present during the recording of a sit.com
B. oversee the editing process
C. edit and rewrite the script
D. prepare final vtr for the purpose of broadcasting.
Answer» D. prepare final vtr for the purpose of broadcasting.

Programmes genre where the unscripted behavior of ordinary people are the focus of interest is known as ------------------------------

A. actuality footage
B. reality television
C. naturalism
D. real tv
Answer» B. reality television

The number of frames per second of a video is --------------------

A. 25
B. 30
C. 24
D. 50
Answer» C. 24

The filter that is almost always used when shooting outdoors is ----------------

A. blue filter
B. uv filter
C. star filter
D. red filter
Answer» B. uv filter

Wide angle lens has -----------------

A. more depth of field
B. less depth of field
C. no depth of field
D. neutral depth of field
Answer» A. more depth of field

Wipe is a transition device in which ---------

A. one frame fades out and the next frame fades in
B. one frame pushes out the earlier frame
C. one frame overlaps another frame
D. one frame instantly replaces another
Answer» B. one frame pushes out the earlier frame

A signal to an anchor or presenter to start talking or begin his action is termed as……….

A. cue
B. call
C. order
D. none of the above
Answer» A. cue

The number of minutes of tape used to shoot a sequence compared to the screen time of the finished product is known as -------------------------

A. shooting ratio
B. canning ratio
C. fog index
D. screen index
Answer» A. shooting ratio

Lip-sync is a term used in-------------------

A. dubbing
B. lighting
C. rehearsals
D. makeup
Answer» A. dubbing

Generation loss is the most minimal in --------------------------

A. nonlinear editing
B. transferring
C. linear editing
D. assemble editing
Answer» A. nonlinear editing

Shots of the interviewer reacting silently to the interviewer’s responses or question is known as

A. reaction shots
B. noddy shot
C. cutaways
D. none of the above.
Answer» A. reaction shots

Lighting the subject from behind to provide an impression of depth is known as -----------

A. fill lighting
B. backlighting
C. set lighting
D. toplighting
Answer» B. backlighting

A……….works closer to the production manager on the sets and ‘runs’ for anything that is needed at the time

A. runner
B. asst producer
C. production assistant
D. production exective
Answer» C. production assistant

A large backing cloth or curtain that covers the entire back wall of TV studio, which can be pulled on rails to give different backgrounds is known as ----------------------

A. kaleidoscope
B. pantograph
C. thaumatrope
D. cyclorama
Answer» C. thaumatrope

Radio is a ------------------ medium.

A. visual
B. sound
C. audio-visual
D. print
Answer» B. sound

News on phone is a service provided by---------------

A. club fm
B. radio mirchi
C. all india radio
D. bbc
Answer» C. all india radio

Microphones convert sound into --------------- signals

A. electrical
B. mechanical
C. audio
D. magnetic
Answer» A. electrical

DRM is a -----------------------

A. encoder
B. digital broadcasting system
C. digital editing system
D. signal processor
Answer» B. digital broadcasting system

Feedback is -------------------- in mass communication.

A. immediate
B. delayed and indirect
C. direct
D. instant and sharp
Answer» B. delayed and indirect

Organised Broadcasting in India began in the year

A. 1923
B. 1927
C. 1936
D. 1947
Answer» B. 1927

In which area is digital technology superior to analog technology?

A. signal to noise ratio
B. frequency response
C. dynamic range
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

Take is a version of a………..

A. shot
B. scene
C. sequence
D. mise-en scene
Answer» A. shot

The light source that casts sharp, well defined shadows is called …………

A. key light
B. fill light
C. set light
D. hard light
Answer» C. set light

Ability of a nation to create a viable political and economic system capable of bringing growth and advancement to the nation is called --------------

A. social change
B. development
C. effective bureaucracy
D. healthy economy
Answer» B. development

Progressive social integration is ---------------- for development

A. inevitable
B. not needed
C. alien
D. non supportive
Answer» A. inevitable

SITE was started in India in the year -----------------

A. 1950
B. 1947
C. 1975
D. 1965
Answer» C. 1975

Which of the following is a public service broadcaster?

A. club fm
B. radiomirchi
C. radio mango
D. all india radio
Answer» D. all india radio

‘Munshi’ is telecast in which television channel?

A. kirali people
B. reporter
C. doordarshan
D. asianet
Answer» D. asianet

Nimishkazhcha the first animated social cartoon of Malayalam was telecast in ----

A. asianel
B. doordarshan
C. indiavision
D. jeevan tv
Answer» C. indiavision

ABU is an --------------------

A. international tv channel
B. international radio channel
C. international broadcasting organization
D. none of the above
Answer» C. international broadcasting organization

Headquarters of Doordarshan is at -----------------

A. mumbai
B. kolkatta
C. new delhi
D. patna
Answer» C. new delhi

All India Radio has --------- stations in Kerala

A. 5
B. 9
C. 7
D. 10
Answer» D. 10

‘Cinema verite’ is a form of -----------------

A. docu drama
B. documentary
C. fiction film
D. animation film
Answer» B. documentary

Program genres where the unscripted behaviors of ordinary people are the focus of interest is known as --- -------------------

A. realism
B. actuality footage
C. naturalism
D. reality tv
Answer» B. actuality footage

...................is not a type of liner editing

A. assemble editing
B. insert editing
C. a/b roll editing
D. slide editing
Answer» C. a/b roll editing

Generation loss is the most minimal in -------------------------

A. nonlinear editing
B. transferring
C. linear editing
D. assemble editing
Answer» A. nonlinear editing

The expression ‘hit the target’ is used to indicate the importance of ------------

A. budget
B. audience
C. shooting location
D. camera position
Answer» B. audience

ABC is ----------------

A. audience before camera
B. audit bureau of circulation
C. additional bureau of circulation
D. advertising bureau of channels
Answer» B. audit bureau of circulation

Musical instruments can interface to digital audio equipment through an electronic communication language known as :

A. short /cut
B. saw
C. mini
D. midi
Answer» C. mini

Which digital sampling rate is used most frequently?

A. 32 khz
B. 44.1 khz
C. 48 khz
D. 88.2 khz
Answer» B. 44.1 khz

Which of the following is a reason to edit audio?

A. eliminate mistakes
B. record out of sequence
C. cut to exact length
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

During multi-track recording, which technique allows you to re-record just a portion of a track to correct a mistake while leaving the rest of the track undisturbed?

A. punching in
B. overdubbing
C. voice doubling
D. bouncing
Answer» A. punching in

A noise gate is a type of ------------------

A. limiter
B. equalizer
C. expander
D. imager
Answer» A. limiter

The monitor / speaker is an example of ----------------

A. an input
B. a mix
C. an out put
D. an equalizer
Answer» C. an out put

Dubbing is usually done at the ………..

A. pre production
B. post production
C. production stage
D. scripting stage
Answer» B. post production
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