180+ Communication Media Solved MCQs


Cutting out unwanted segment from a video clip is known as ………………….

A. trimming
B. kerning
C. tracking
D. wiping
Answer» B. kerning

A system of numbering that allows you to find out any recorded image with pinpoint accuracy is known as------------------

A. time bar
B. frame code
C. frame rate
D. time code
Answer» B. frame code

……………..is the degree of sharpness of an image

A. resolution
B. pixel
C. accuracy
D. depth
Answer» A. resolution

……………….is a process of converting analog audio into digital audio

A. sampling
B. recording
C. stretching
D. digitizing
Answer» D. digitizing

Low angle shot indicates that the camera is positioned …………the subject

A. below
B. above
C. at the eye level
D. opposite
Answer» A. below

The distance from the optical center of the lens to the focal plane of the video camera when the lens is focused at infinity is called -----------------------

A. focal length
B. angle of view
C. zoom ratio
D. iris
Answer» A. focal length

In Adobe premier, the process in which you shift the in and out of a clip without affecting the length of a program is known as

A. slip edit
B. slide edit
C. ripple edit
D. rolling edit
Answer» A. slip edit

The type of connections that can be made using avideo capture card

A. composite
B. s video
C. component
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

Microphone turns acoustic power to --------------------

A. electronic power
B. electric power
C. acoustic power
D. none of the above
Answer» B. electric power

The video signal system used in India is

A. pal
B. ntsc
C. secam.
D. mesecam
Answer» A. pal

The filter that is almost always used when shooting outdoors is -------------

A. blue filter
B. uv filter
C. star filter
D. red filter
Answer» B. uv filter

Wide angle lens has --------------------

A. more depth of field
B. less depth of field
C. no depth of field
D. neutral depth of field
Answer» A. more depth of field

Wipe is a transition device in which

A. one frame instantly replaces another
B. one frame fades out and the next frame fades in
C. one frame pushes out the earlier frame
D. one frame overlaps another frame
Answer» C. one frame pushes out the earlier frame

NASA’s ATS – 6 was used for ______

A. kheda communications project
B. satellite instructional television experiment
C. experimenting with colour transmission
D. world space radio’s broadcasts
Answer» B. satellite instructional television experiment

“Dial M for Murdoch” is an investigative reportage on the News Corporation and corruption of Britain, written by ___________

A. paul n.williams
B. ralph nadar
C. tom watson and martin hickman
D. christopher scanlan
Answer» C. tom watson and martin hickman

Which among the following radio broadcast service is run by IGNOU?

A. alakal
B. gyanvani
C. swathi
D. yuvavani
Answer» B. gyanvani

A low angle shot of a character in a movie emphasises the ________

A. diminishing popularity of the person
B. intensity of the dilemma of the person
C. prominence of the person
D. low class origin of the person
Answer» C. prominence of the person

The VividhBharathi of AIR is headquartered in ___________

A. trivandrum
B. chennai
C. kozhikkodu
D. mumbai
Answer» D. mumbai

Name the community radio station working in Wayanad District of Kerala.

A. media village
B. dc radio
C. mattoli
D. dreamz
Answer» C. mattoli

Which film of renowned film maker AdoorGopalakrishnan won the British Film Institute Award?

A. swayamvaram
B. mukhamukham
C. elipathayam
D. anantharam
Answer» C. elipathayam

Storyboard narrates the story of the movie through ____________

A. rough sketches
B. film strips
C. story synopsis
D. comic strips
Answer» A. rough sketches

Which among the following books is written by U. L. Baruah?

A. an indian personality for television
B. india’s communication revolution
C. what ails indian broadcasting
D. this is all india radio
Answer» D. this is all india radio

A very short radio drama which presents social criticism with incisive wit and humour is known as _______

A. radio skit
B. radio jingle
C. radio corner
D. radio critic
Answer» A. radio skit

Who is the producer of “Munshi”?

A. manoharshyam joshi
B. anil banerji
C. biju mathew
D. john brittas
Answer» B. anil banerji

Film and Television Institute of India under the I & B Ministry is located in ____________

A. mumbai
B. chennai
C. kolkatha
D. pune
Answer» D. pune

The Kerala government’s lifetime achievement award in the field of cinema is named after ________________

A. satyan
B. p. subramaniam
C. j. c. daniel
D. ramukariat
Answer» C. j. c. daniel

Media Village is a --------------------

A. public service broadcaster
B. commercial radio
C. community radio
D. service organization
Answer» C. community radio

Which newspaper owns Club FM 94.3?

A. malayalamanorama
B. mathrubhumi
C. kerala kaumudi
D. times of india
Answer» B. mathrubhumi

“KandathumKettathum” is a ___________

A. tv news magazine
B. pull quote list in a newspaper
C. readers’ complaint box in a media unit
D. a radio skit
Answer» D. a radio skit

Which of the following is the unique element of new media?

A. hypertext
B. visuals
C. graphics
D. sound bytes
Answer» A. hypertext

The Hollywood movie Dam 999 is made by ________

A. viswanath
B. sohan roy
C. shyamalan
D. deepa nair
Answer» B. sohan roy

What is used to reduce reverberation in an audio studio?

A. accoustic panels
B. metals
C. water tanks
D. air coolers
Answer» A. accoustic panels

Which organisation started the first radio station in Chennai?

A. premier club
B. music lovers’ club
C. madras club
D. presidency club
Answer» D. presidency club

Prabhathabheri is a morning programme broadcast by-----------

A. club fm, trivandrum
B. all india radio, trivandrum
C. radio mirchi, trivandrum
D. big fm, trivandrum
Answer» B. all india radio, trivandrum

What is IIS?

A. indian informatics service
B. indian information service
C. indian info services
D. none of the above
Answer» B. indian information service

Who is given responsibility to convene the press conference of the Prime Minister?

A. press information bureau
B. doordarshan
C. registrar of newspapers in india
D. all india radio
Answer» A. press information bureau

Which organisation’s Project in India got UNESCO award for development communication initiatives at the grassroot level?

A. song and drama division
B. field publicity department
C. directorate of audio video publicity
D. kheda communications project
Answer» D. kheda communications project

Who is editor of tehelka.com?

A. p. sainath
B. tvr shenoy
C. tarantajpal
D. ashok damodaran
Answer» C. tarantajpal

“VayalumVeedum” is a programme in _____________

A. doordarshan
B. akashavani
C. gyanvani
D. ugc countrywide classroom
Answer» B. akashavani

Film strip normally runs at a speed of ________ per second.

A. 24 frames
B. 25 frames
C. 30 frames
D. 16 frames
Answer» A. 24 frames

Camera angles, continuity, cutting, close – ups and _________ are the five C’s of cinematography.

A. compulsion
B. calculation
C. co-operation
D. composition
Answer» D. composition

The video effect that slowly replaces one image on the screen with another is known as ___________

A. bumper
B. bridge
C. dissolve
D. crash
Answer» C. dissolve

A light story used at the end of a newscast

A. kicker
B. pad copy
C. feeds
D. filler
Answer» A. kicker

When text is highlighted to create a hyperlink, the Insert Hyperlink dialog box is used to _____________.

A. choose the particular location of the slide, file, or web site for the link
B. create action buttons
C. number links
D. rearrange the link order
Answer» B. create action buttons

Drift in marketing communication strategy is caused by -------------

A. new products
B. competitors
C. insufficient attention to communication strategy
D. changing consumer tastes
Answer» C. insufficient attention to communication strategy

When planning marketing communication, events are scheduled -------------

A. randomly
B. sequentially
C. in rough order
D. in parallel
Answer» B. sequentially

Communication strategy should always be -------------------

A. media oriented
B. audience oriented
C. customer oriented
D. product oriented
Answer» B. audience oriented

Another name for interpersonal communication is ------------------

A. mass communication
B. face to face communication
C. dyadic communication
D. virtual reality
Answer» C. dyadic communication

Which of the following is an example of mediated communication?

A. a newscaster delivers the weather report
B. two friends gossip with one another
C. students work on a class project together
D. a politician addresses a nominating convention
Answer» A. a newscaster delivers the weather report

Appropriate movie file formats include -------------

A. asf and avi
B. mpeg
C. wma and dvr-ms
D. jpeg
Answer» A. asf and avi

What is the name of the popular software used fro creating 2D animation for use in web pages?

A. flash
B. premier
C. page maker
D. photoshop
Answer» A. flash

What should be done for Search Engine Optimisation?

A. frequency and priority of site in search
B. hosting content in search engine
C. developing a search engine
D. none of the above
Answer» B. hosting content in search engine

Videoblog means…………….

A. video communication
B. web television
C. video documentary
D. video magazine
Answer» D. video magazine

XML denotes ------------

A. extensible markup language.
B. embedded markup language
C. electronic markup language
D. none of the above
Answer» A. extensible markup language.

Blogosphere means ----------------

A. connected community of blogs
B. collection of blogs by an author
C. association of bloggers
D. none of the above
Answer» A. connected community of blogs

URL is the abbreviation of --------------------

A. universal resource location
B. uniform resource locator
C. universal records label
D. none of the above
Answer» A. universal resource location

Arpanet is a ----------------

A. network by european commission
B. network for world wide web
C. local area network for education
D. first packet switched network
Answer» B. network for world wide web

The term E-Commerce denotes ----------------

A. online shopping
B. computerization of commerce
C. computer trade
D. none of the above
Answer» A. online shopping

Which of the following is not a video file extension ?

A. mp4
B. avi
C. qt
D. jpeg
Answer» C. qt

Using Illustrator or CoralDraw you can create mainly what type of graphics?

A. vector
B. raster
C. text based
D. none of the above
Answer» A. vector

What method of animation created the in-between frames when you create the start point and end point?

A. authoring
B. tweening
C. drawing
D. embed
Answer» B. tweening

Who among the following film makers first introduced illusory tricks in Cinema?

A. georges milies
B. charles pathe
C. leon gaumont
D. w. k. l. dickson
Answer» A. georges milies

Who created the classic character Charles Foster Kane?

A. john ford
B. frank capra
C. fritz lang
D. orson welles
Answer» D. orson welles

Which among the following is a mismatch?

A. andre bazin – what is cinema
B. s. m. eisenstein – film form
C. adoorgopalakrishnan – sculpting time
D. gerald mast – a short history of movies
Answer» C. adoorgopalakrishnan – sculpting time

In the year ----------- the first television experiment - SITE was started in India.

A. 1950
B. 1947
C. 1975
D. 1965
Answer» C. 1975

Which of the following is not part of the five C’s of cinematography.

A. compulsion
B. camera angles
C. cutting
D. composition
Answer» D. composition

Multimedia represents the convergence of text, sound, video and -------- into a single form.

A. news
B. pictures
C. songs
D. all of the above
Answer» B. pictures

Podcast means?

A. internet radio broadcast
B. narrowcast
C. digital radio broadcast
D. video telecast
Answer» A. internet radio broadcast

------------ theory tells that the media is owned and controlled and directed by the state.

A. soviet totalitarian theory
B. development communication theory
C. social responsibility theory
D. libertarian model
Answer» A. soviet totalitarian theory

A message can be deemed effective when it is

A. communicated face to face
B. repeated back as proof of understanding
C. delivered with confidence
D. understood by others and produces the intended results.
Answer» B. repeated back as proof of understanding

Which of the following is an example for a nonverbal message

A. eye contact
B. jargon
C. yelling
D. mumbling
Answer» A. eye contact

In the communication process, a receiver is -----------

A. the person who encodes the idea
B. message interference
C. a message pathway
D. the person who decodes a message
Answer» D. the person who decodes a message

Development communication theory was originated in --------------

A. post colonial countries
B. america
C. soviet union
D. europe
Answer» A. post colonial countries

Which among the following is an exclusive educational channel in Kerala?

A. ekalavya
B. gyandarshan
C. ciet
D. victers
Answer» D. victers

‘Kalikalam’- broadcast by All India Radio is a-----------------

A. drama
B. radio cartoon
C. documentary
D. feature
Answer» B. radio cartoon

Kissanvani is an agriculture related programme of -------------

A. asianet
B. doordarshan
C. gyanvani
D. all india radio
Answer» D. all india radio

The percentage of home using a particular TV channel or programme at a given time is known as ----------------

A. programme share
B. programme rating
C. programme coverage
D. frequency
Answer» B. programme rating

Programme genre where the unscripted behavior of ordinary people are the focus of interest is known as ------------------------------

A. actuality footage
B. reality television
C. naturalism
D. real tv
Answer» B. reality television

A long (more than two minutes) commercial providing extensive product/service description and sales information.

A. infomercial
B. promotion
C. piggyback
D. heavy-up
Answer» A. infomercial

Purchase of all or part of a TV program or all pages of a magazine.

A. rollout
B. sponsor
C. direct response advertising
D. advertising weight
Answer» B. sponsor

A broadcast commercial aired between two programs instead of in the middle of one program.

A. bumber
B. break position
C. teasers
D. promos
Answer» A. bumber

USP refers to

A. unique sales promotion
B. unique salary proposition
C. unique selling proposition
D. unique sales proposition
Answer» C. unique selling proposition

An element of copy above the body that trumpets the important content to come.

A. slogan
B. headline
C. lead
D. logo
Answer» B. headline

What does HTTP stands for?

A. hightech telecasting programme
B. hypertext transfer protocol
C. hypermedia transfer programme
D. none of the above
Answer» B. hypertext transfer protocol

JPEG means -------------------------

A. joint prorgamme electronic gathering
B. joint photographic expert group
C. joint project on electronic graphic
D. joint programme on e- technology
Answer» B. joint photographic expert group

The expression News Group denotes -----------------

A. group of journalists working for a tasks
B. a website centered around a specific topic
C. association of reporters
D. a specialists journalists group
Answer» A. group of journalists working for a tasks

Demographics Information describing and segmenting a population in terms of age, sex, income etc., is termed as _____________.

A. psychographics
B. demographics
C. sociographics
D. none of these
Answer» B. demographics

An expert source willing to comment on a timely issue in an organization is known as ______

A. pr person
B. spokesperson
C. company secretary
D. none of these
Answer» B. spokesperson
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