Indo - Anglican Fiction Solved MCQs


The term ' Indo-Anglian ' is used to denote original literary creation in the English Language by               .

A. The English
B. The Africans
C. The Indians
D. The Europeans
Answer» C. The Indians

Tagore and Sri Aurobindo Gosh are             writers.

A. Indo-Anglian
B. Anglo-Indian
C. Indo-English
D. Indo-African
Answer» A. Indo-Anglian

             was the first person, whom Raju met in Mangala.

A. Velan
B. Rosie
C. Marco
D. Gaffur
Answer» A. Velan

Michale Madhusudan Dutt was a            poet.

A. Gujarati
B. Bengali
C. Punjabi
D. Marathi
Answer» B. Bengali

Raju released from jail, he takes shelter in a deserted             on the bank of Sarayu.

A. House
B. Temple
C. Inn
D. Fort
Answer» B. Temple

             is the verse novel from the following.

A. Ulysses
B. Music for Mohini
C. The Guide
D. The Golden Gate
Answer» D. The Golden Gate

' Cry, The Peacock' was the first novel of             .

A. Kiran Desai
B. Nayantara Sahgal
C. Bharti Mukharjee
D. Anita Desai
Answer» D. Anita Desai

' Stroms in Chandigarh ' is a famous novel by               .

A. Nayantara Sahgal
B. Anita Desai
C. Salman Rushdie
D. R.K.Narayan
Answer» A. Nayantara Sahgal

In the novel           , Manohar Malgonkar writes the story from the point of view of a Pakistani captain placed in Bangladesh.

A. Distant Drums
B. Cactus Country
C. Combat of Shadow
D. None
Answer» B. Cactus Country

               is incorrectly matched pairs.

A. Anita Desai- Village by the Sea
B. R.K.Narayan- The Guide
C. Raja rao- Kanthapura
D. Bharti Mukharjee- Coolie
Answer» D. Bharti Mukharjee- Coolie

The novel ' Untouchable ' was published in              year.

A. 1935
B. 1937
C. 1936
D. 1934
Answer» A. 1935

In the novel ' The Guide ', Rosie was a             .

A. Worshipper
B. Sweeper
C. Cleaner
D. Dancer
Answer» D. Dancer

             is not written by Vikram Seth.

A. The Golden Gate
B. A Suitable Girl
C. Love Shuffles The Cards
D. A Suitable Boy
Answer» C. Love Shuffles The Cards

Salaman Rushdie was awarded by the              in 1993.

A. Booker's Prize
B. Booker of Bookers Prize
C. Padma Shree
D. Noble Prize
Answer» B. Booker of Bookers Prize

Khushwant Singh earned reputation as a            and           .

A. Essayist & Writer
B. Writer & Journalist
C. Journalist & Essayist
D. Journalist & Composer
Answer» B. Writer & Journalist

In the novel ' Coolie '                possessed a large pickle making factory.

A. Prabha Dayal
B. Nathooram
C. Sheila
D. Daya Ram
Answer» A. Prabha Dayal

In Indo- Anglian fiction, Mulk Raj Anand together with             .

A. R.K.Narayan
B. Raja Rao
C. Ahmad Ali
D. Above all
Answer» D. Above all

             is Salman Rushdie,s fourth novel.

A. Midnight's Children
B. Shame
C. The Satanic Verses
D. Grimus
Answer» C. The Satanic Verses

Mulk Raj Anand was awarded by Padma Bhushan in             .

A. 1978
B. 1968
C. 1988
D. 1977
Answer» B. 1968

R.K.Narayan,s imaginary town ' Malgudi '' located in             .

A. Mysore
B. Cochin
C. Madras
D. None
Answer» A. Mysore

' The Princes ', ' A Bend in the Ganges' are the famous works of             .

A. Toru Dutt
B. Manohar Malgonkar
C. Anita Desai
D. Kiran Desai
Answer» B. Manohar Malgonkar

Train to Pakistan ' was written by           .

A. Anita Desai
B. Manohar Malgonkar
C. Khushwant Singh
D. Bharti Mukharjee
Answer» C. Khushwant Singh

             is not written by khushawant Singh.

A. Sex, Scotch and Scholarship
B. Truth , Love and Little Malice
C. The Sunset Club
D. A Rain of Rites
Answer» D. A Rain of Rites

The novel ' Coolie' was published in             .

A. 1936
B. 1926
C. 1935
D. 1940
Answer» A. 1936

Munoo's father's land was seized by               .

A. Government
B. Tenant
C. Rogues
D. Landlord
Answer» D. Landlord

Velan's           declared that Raju was on fast to bring down the rain.

A. Sister
B. Daughter
C. Idiot brother
D. Son
Answer» C. Idiot brother

The book ' Cutural History of India ' was written by          .

A. Raju
B. Rasie
C. Gaffur
D. Marco
Answer» D. Marco

Mulk Raj Anand's novels are characterized with          .

A. Romanticism
B. Realism
C. Nituralism
D. Transcendatalis
Answer» B. Realism

Salman Rushdie's first novel name is        .

A. In Good Faith
B. Shame
C. Grimus
D. Midnight's Children
Answer» C. Grimus

In         novel R.K.Narayan focus on family planning.

A. Mr. Sampath
B. The Guide
C. None
D. The Painter of Signs
Answer» D. The Painter of Signs

Rosie was married to a           .

A. Marco
B. Raju
C. Velan
D. Gaffur
Answer» A. Marco

Rudyard Kipling is              writer.

A. Indo-Anglian
B. Anglo-Indian
C. Indo-Irish
D. Indo-African
Answer» B. Anglo-Indian

Who wrote the autobiographical work ' Prison and Chocolate Cack ' ?

A. Nayantara Sahgal
B. Bharti Mukharjee
C. Manohar Malgonkar
D. none
Answer» A. Nayantara Sahgal

Vikram Seth was bron in           .

A. 1952-06-20 00:00:00
B. 1952-06-21 00:00:00
C. 1952-01-21 00:00:00
D. 1952-01-20 00:00:00
Answer» A. 1952-06-20 00:00:00

" I see India through my mother's eyes, as an outsider, but my feelings for India are my Father's, of someone bron here. " who wrote this line ?

A. Kiran Desai
B. Anita Desai
C. Nayantara Sahgal
D. Virginia woolf
Answer» B. Anita Desai

R.K.Narayan received the 'Sahitya Akademi' Award for his novel        .

A. The English Teacher
B. The Guide
C. Mr.Sampath
D. Waiting for the Mahatma
Answer» B. The Guide

Which novel is divided into four parts.

A. The Guide
B. The Dark Room
C. The Bechelor of Arts
D. The English Teacher
Answer» C. The Bechelor of Arts

In Indian English Literature, the first book 'Travels of Dean Mahomat' was written by          .

A. Bankim chandra chatterjee
B. Krishna Mohan Banerjee
C. Sheikh Din Muhammad
D. None
Answer» C. Sheikh Din Muhammad

Munoo was first appointed as a servant boy in the house of           .

A. Nathooram
B. Daya ram
C. Ratan
D. Premchand
Answer» A. Nathooram

Mulk Raj Anand is the author of           .

A. Coolie
B. Two Leaves and a Bud
C. a & b both
D. None
Answer» C. a & b both

Salman Rushdie's full name          .

A. Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie
B. Sir Mohammad Salman Rushdie
C. Sir Isman Salman Rushdie
D. Sir Iman Salman Rushdie
Answer» A. Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie's novel ' The Satanic Verses ' was published in         .

A. 1988
B. 1987
C. 1985
D. 1986
Answer» A. 1988

Marco was a         .

A. Anthropologist
B. scientist
C. Politician
D. Saint
Answer» A. Anthropologist

At the railway station , Raju's nickname was           .

A. Rail-Raju
B. Raju of the Rails
C. Railway Raju
D. Saint
Answer» C. Railway Raju

Untochable' is a creation of           .

A. Narayan
B. Rabindranath Tagore
C. None
D. Anand
Answer» D. Anand

The term ' Anglo - Indian Literature ' is used to denote the writing of         in English about Indian life.

A. Americans
B. Indians
C. English men
D. West-Indies
Answer» C. English men

Bharti Mukharjee was born in          .

A. 1940
B. 1939
C. 1941
D. 1942
Answer» A. 1940

In the novel 'The Guide' , Raju asked to            for a loan to pay the creditor.

A. Rosie
B. Gaffur
C. His mother
D. His uncle
Answer» B. Gaffur

Which is the first novel of Narayan ?

A. Swami and friends
B. The Dark Room
C. The Far Pavilions
D. The Bachelor of Arts
Answer» A. Swami and friends

The villagers called Raju as a             .

A. Great saint
B. Villain
C. Rogue
D. Selfish man
Answer» A. Great saint
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