110+ Introduction to Cinema Solved MCQs


“Malayala CinimayudeKadha is written by.........

A. V.K. Joseph
B. P. Bhaskaran
C. Vijaya Krishnan
D. Kozhikodan
Answer» C. Vijaya Krishnan

He always evaded questions about his first feature film released in 1971. His last film released in 1986 was produced with money collected from film lovers in Kerala. Though he has produced only four feature films (one in Tamil and 3 in Malayalam) he has been much talked about in film circles. Who is this film maker?

A. Pavithran
B. P.N. Menon
C. P. A. Baker
D. John Abraham
Answer» D. John Abraham

The first Malayalam Feature film “Vigathakumaran” was shown to the public at the Capitol theatre in Thiruvananthapuram on 7 November ..........................

A. 1928
B. 1926
C. 1930
D. 1931
Answer» A. 1928

........................... defines the place or setting where the action is laid.

A. scene
B. shot
C. Sequence
D. Take
Answer» A. scene

A continuous view filmed by one camera with out interruption

A. Camera Angle
B. Shot
C. Aerial shot
D. None of the above
Answer» B. Shot

A .................... is a series of scenes, or shots, complete in itself.

A. sequence
B. take
C. tracking shot
D. none of the above
Answer» A. sequence

An objective camera angle is referred to as......

A. high angle
B. Low angle
C. Zoom - in angle
D. audience point of view
Answer» D. audience point of view

The first shot is a man looking up. The second shot is a low angle shot of a high rise apartment. The second shot is a .................shot

A. long shot
B. mid – shot
C. extreme long shot
D. point - of - view
Answer» D. point - of - view

Which amongst the following films is considered as the first film to use synchronized sound as a means of telling a story?

A. The Green Forest
B. Mother Goose Tales
C. Singing in the Rain
D. The Jazz Singer
Answer» D. The Jazz Singer

The intellectual montage theory can be traced back to “A corner in wheat” (1909) made by _________.

A. Lev Kulashev
B. Dziga Vertov
C. Vsevlod Pudovkin
D. D. W. Griffith
Answer» D. D. W. Griffith

“Men and Maggots”, “Drama on the Quarterback” are sequences in the classical movie, ____________, produced in 1925 by a Russian film maker who formally studied engineering and architecture.

A. Strike
B. Battleship Potemkin
C. Ivan the Terrible
D. Old and New
Answer» B. Battleship Potemkin

Dubbing is usually done at the ………..

A. Pre production
B. Post production
C. Production stage
D. scripting stage
Answer» B. Post production
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