90+ World History 2 Solved MCQs


Who was the first Christian emperor in Rome

A. constantine
B. neiro
C. deocletian
D. darious i
Answer» A. constantine

Who was the last Shah of the Safavid empire

A. syrus
B. belisarious
C. shah husayn i
D. charles martel
Answer» C. shah husayn i

Who declared Christianity as legal religion in Rome

A. deocletian
B. neiro
C. constantine
D. basil ii
Answer» C. constantine

Who’s period Christianity prospered under in Rome

A. constantine
B. leo iii
C. edward i
D. henry vi
Answer» A. constantine

When did western Roman empire in the had vanished in

A. 400b c
B. 500 bc
C. 600bc
D. 700bc
Answer» B. 500 bc

When did Fall of the Roman empire in took place

A. 1423 c.e
B. 1433 c.e
C. 1443 c.e
D. 1453 c.e
Answer» D. 1453 c.e

Who was the greatest ruler of eastern Roman empire

A. justinian
B. constantine
C. leo iii
D. nero
Answer» A. justinian

Who was the Greatest ruler of the Macedonian dynasty is

A. luix iv
B. darious i
C. alexander
D. basil ii
Answer» D. basil ii

Who defeated the Seljuk Turks at Mazikert in 1071 C.E

A. confucious
B. laotse
C. romulusiv
D. charaka
Answer» C. romulusiv

Who was the last ruler of the Byzantine empire

A. susrutha
B. constantine xi
C. al-razi
D. avicenna
Answer» B. constantine xi

When did Constantinople fell in the hands of the Turks in the year

A. 1453 c.e
B. 1435c.e
C. 1534c.e
D. 1464 c.e
Answer» A. 1453 c.e

Roman Law giver was known as

A. constantine
B. henty iv
C. martin luther
D. justinian
Answer» D. justinian

Who was the author of the book Corpus Juris Civilis

A. selucus
B. tribonian
C. boccasio
D. dante
Answer» B. tribonian

Who wrote the book City of God

A. heradotus
B. st.augustin
C. pliny
D. thucidides
Answer» B. st.augustin

Which was the greatest religion of the world

A. hinduism
B. islam
C. buddhism
D. christianity
Answer» D. christianity

who established Christianity

A. jesus christ
B. prophet mohammad
C. laerna do davinci
D. michalangelo
Answer» A. jesus christ

Jesus Christ was born in

A. jerusalem
B. palastine
C. nazreth
D. bedlahem
Answer» A. jerusalem

Who was the first Bishop of Rome

A. leo iii
B. st.agustin
C. george iii
D. peter
Answer» D. peter

Feudalism was derived from which Latin word

A. feudam
B. feudalism
C. knight
D. serfdom
Answer» A. feudam

The most important feature of Medieval European civilisation was

A. nobility
B. humanism
C. chivalry
D. feudalism
Answer» D. feudalism

Who was the first Barbarian king of Italy

A. george washington
B. roosevelt
C. theodoric the great
D. peter the great
Answer» C. theodoric the great

Eyeglass was invented in

A. 1802 a.d
B. 1280 a.d
C. 1820 a.d
D. 1208 a.d
Answer» B. 1280 a.d

West Indies was discovered in

A. 1429 c.e
B. 1924 c.e
C. 1492 c.e
D. 1492 c.e
Answer» A. 1429 c.e

Brazil was discovered in

A. 1400 c.e
B. 1600 c.e
C. 1300 c.e
D. 1500 c.e
Answer» D. 1500 c.e

Mechanical clock was invented in

A. 1440 c.e
B. 1300 c.e
C. 1340 c.e
D. 1350 c.e
Answer» B. 1300 c.e

Prophet Mohammad was born at

A. persia
B. bagdad
C. medina
D. mecca
Answer» D. mecca

Which was the religious book of the Muslims

A. bible
B. tora
C. quaran
D. zentil
Answer» C. quaran

When did Prophet Mohammad left Mecca.

A. 266 c.e
B. 622c.e
C. 254c.e
D. 265c.e
Answer» B. 622c.e

When did Prophet Mohammad along with his followers made a pilgrimage to Ka’aba

A. 628 c.e
B. 566 c.e
C. 623 c.e
D. 286 c.e
Answer» A. 628 c.e

When did Prophet Mohammad died in

A. 623c.e
B. 632 c.e
C. 236c.e
D. 326 c.e
Answer» B. 632 c.e

Who was the successor of Prophet Mohammad

A. uzman
B. mohammad
C. abu bakr
D. iltumish
Answer» C. abu bakr

Who was the first Abbasid Caliph

A. abu bakr
B. osman i
C. mohammad
D. al-safah
Answer» D. al-safah

Early Isamic capital was

A. persia
B. syria
C. bagdad
D. rome
Answer» C. bagdad

Who was the most important Caliph

A. manzikert
B. harun al rasheed
C. pepin iii
D. alexius comnenus
Answer» B. harun al rasheed

Al-Amin proclaimed Caliph as in

A. 818 a.d
B. 819 a.d
C. 890 a.d
D. 817 a.d
Answer» A. 818 a.d

Who had established independent power in Yemen

A. diocletian
B. yasudi shias
C. justinian
D. belisarius
Answer» B. yasudi shias

Islamic practice of tax known was known as

A. serfdom
B. manor
C. iqta
D. guild
Answer» C. iqta

Name the Persian ruler who developed systematised trend towards Feudalism

A. charles martel
B. romulus iv
C. charlemagne
D. zizam-ul-mulk
Answer» D. zizam-ul-mulk

Who was the tax collector and army pay master in the Islamic empire

A. muqti
B. iqta
C. craft
D. artisants
Answer» A. muqti

Who had established Iqta system

A. adrian ii
B. iltumish
C. carloman ii
D. pepin iii
Answer» B. iltumish

Which empire was known as transcontinental empire in Modern Turkey

A. byzantine empire
B. roman empire
C. ottoman empire
D. persian empire
Answer» C. ottoman empire

When did the Ottoman empire was established

A. 1299 a.d
B. 1288a.d
C. 1277 a.d
D. 1267a.d
Answer» B. 1288a.d

Who was the greatest ruler of the Ottoaman empire in Turkey

A. totila
B. constantine xi
C. justinian
D. mustapha kamal atathurk
Answer» D. mustapha kamal atathurk

Who was the founder of the Safavid empire in Persia

A. shaykh safi al-din
B. nero
C. diocletian
D. justinian
Answer» A. shaykh safi al-din

When did Islamic Republic of Iran was established in

A. 1678a.d
B. 1578 a.d
C. 1768a.d
D. 1868a.d
Answer» B. 1578 a.d

Who was the greatest ruler of Islamic Republic of Iran

A. adrian ii
B. charlegne
C. charles
D. muhammad baqir majlis
Answer» D. muhammad baqir majlis

Name the chronicler of Abba’s reign

A. iskandar beg
B. al-safah
C. abu bakr
D. caliph of bagdad
Answer» A. iskandar beg

When did Muhammad of Qandahar led an army into Iran in

A. 1622a.d
B. 1722 a.d
C. 1822a.d
D. 1272 a.d
Answer» B. 1722 a.d

Who was known as the Father of Modern Surgery

A. vanghbhata
B. susrutha
C. abu-al-quasim
D. charaka
Answer» C. abu-al-quasim

Who was known as the Father of Algebra

A. nizam-ul mulk
B. al-razi
C. avicenna
D. diophantus
Answer» D. diophantus

who was known as the greatest Arabic Alchemist

A. ar-raz
B. mohammad
C. harun al rasheed
D. abu bakr
Answer» A. ar-raz

Who was the Persian physician who lived in Bagdad

A. al-sfah
B. ar-razi
C. mohammad
D. iltumish
Answer» B. ar-razi

Who was known as Father of Modern Optics

A. harun al rasheed
B. abu bakr
C. hassan ibn-al-haytham
D. osman i
Answer» C. hassan ibn-al-haytham

When did Tang dynasty came to power in China

A. 626a.d
B. 672a.d
C. 627a.d
D. 618 a.d
Answer» D. 618 a.d

Who was the founder of the Tang dynasty

A. li yuan
B. charaka
C. susruta
D. vangbhata
Answer» A. li yuan

Who was the first Sui emperor

A. mohammad
B. li yuan
C. osman i
D. harun al rasheed
Answer» B. li yuan

When did Taizong seized the portion of Mangolia from the Turks

A. 621c.e
B. 620c.e
C. 630 c.e
D. 640c.e
Answer» C. 630 c.e

Who was called Great Khan

A. charaka
B. harun al rasheed
C. adrian ii
D. taizong
Answer» D. taizong

Who was the last ruler of Zhou dynasty

A. chihu vanti
B. wu
C. nero
D. leo iii
Answer» A. chihu vanti

Name the Tang ruler who formed Academy of poets

A. petrarch
B. martin luther
C. nero
D. xuanzong
Answer» D. xuanzong

Tang ruler Libai was born in

A. 701 c.e
B. 801c.e
C. 901c.e
D. 601c.e
Answer» A. 701 c.e

Tang ruler Bai Juyi was died in

A. 876c.e
B. 846 c.e
C. 866c.e
D. 856c.e
Answer» B. 846 c.e

Name the oldest surviving printed document of the Ming era

A. indica
B. decamoron
C. diamond sutra
D. arthasasthra
Answer» C. diamond sutra

Who was the founder of the Ming dynasty

A. charlemagne
B. nero
C. constantine
D. zhu yuanzhang
Answer» D. zhu yuanzhang

Who was the Ming ruler Taizu who captured Beijing in the year

A. 1368c.e
B. 1378c.e
C. 1379c.e
D. 1389c.e
Answer» A. 1368c.e

Name the Ming ruler who captured Beijing

A. justinian
B. belisarius
C. charles martel
D. taizu
Answer» D. taizu

Which was believed to be the most effective defensive against invasion in China

A. great wall of china
B. pyramid
C. fahtehpursikri
D. pisa
Answer» A. great wall of china

Which dynasty established first centralised bureaucratic empire

A. manchu dynasty
B. chou dynasty
C. ming dynasty
D. quin dynasty
Answer» D. quin dynasty

Which dynasty established local schools in China

A. manchu dynasty
B. tang dynasty
C. ming dynasty
D. chou dynasty
Answer» B. tang dynasty

Which nation first used their knowledge of magnetism

A. syria
B. britain
C. china
D. persia
Answer» C. china

Which dynasty gave birth to inventions of paper money

A. manchu dynasty
B. ming dynasty
C. tang dynasty
D. song dynasty
Answer» D. song dynasty

Which year Hundred Years war broke out in Europe

A. 1337 c.e
B. 1338c.e
C. 1339c.e
D. 1340c.e
Answer» A. 1337 c.e

When did Magna Carta signed in England in the year

A. 1218c.e
B. 1217c.e
C. 1216c.e
D. 1215c.e
Answer» D. 1215c.e

The term Renaissance means

A. rebirth
B. feudalism
C. humanism
D. reformation
Answer» A. rebirth

Crusades was otherwise known as

A. holy war
B. hundred years war
C. first world war
D. second world war
Answer» A. holy war

Steam Engine was invented in the year

A. 1669c.e
B. 1969c.e
C. 1869c.e
D. 1769 c.e
Answer» D. 1769 c.e

Who invented Blast Furnace

A. harun al rasheed
B. alexius comnenus
C. abraham darby
D. peppin iii
Answer» C. abraham darby

Who invented Steam Engine

A. james watt
B. adrian ii
C. carloman ii
D. charlemagne
Answer» A. james watt

Who invented steel

A. george stephenson
B. henry bessemer
C. william harvey
D. charaka
Answer» B. henry bessemer

Papel Monarchy was established in England in the year

A. 1243c.e
B. 1234c.e
C. 1179c.e
D. 1321c.e
Answer» C. 1179c.e

Name the university which specialised in Medicine

A. bologna university
B. winston university
C. paris university
D. salerno university
Answer» D. salerno university

Name the university which specialised in Law

A. bologna university
B. oxford university
C. cambridge university
D. salerno university
Answer» A. bologna university

Large part of Rome’s economy was based on

A. feudalism
B. nobility
C. serfdom
D. slave labour
Answer» D. slave labour

What was the major cause for the decline of the Roman empire was

A. barbarian invasion
B. persian invasion
C. monglian invasion
D. fall of byzantine empire
Answer» A. barbarian invasion

When did Visigoths came to power

A. 625a.d
B. 624 a.d
C. 626a.d
D. 627 a.d
Answer» B. 624 a.d

Which place was captured by the Crusaders after the result first crusades

A. nazreth
B. palastene
C. jarusalem
D. bethlehem
Answer» C. jarusalem

Who was the greatest leader of the elected by the Gothic people

A. totila
B. nero
C. constantine xi
D. st.vitale
Answer» D. st.vitale

When did the Macedonians captured Syria

A. 968c.e
B. 987 c.e
C. 988 c.e
D. 989 c.e
Answer» A. 968c.e

Who destroyed Bugarian state

A. basil ii
B. st.marks
C. st.sophia
D. pepin iii
Answer» A. basil ii

When did Latin empire of Constantinople was established

A. after 4th crusades
B. after ist crusades
C. after ii crusades
D. after iii crusades
Answer» A. after 4th crusades
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