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1. 'Banabhatta' was the court poet of which emperor?

a. Vikramaditya

B. Kumaragupta

c. Harshavardhana

d. Kanishka

2. The first Indian ruler, who established the supremacy of Indian Navy in the Arabian Sea was

a. RajarajaI

B. RajendraI

c. Rajadhiraja I

d. Kulottunga I

3. The Saka era commencing from A.D. 78, was founded by -

a. Kanishka

B. Asoka

c. Chandragupta

d. Vikramaditya

4. Ganhadra school of art came into existence in -

a. Hinayana sect

B. Mahayana sect

c. Vaishnava sect

d. Shaiva sect

5. With whom is 'Junagarh Rock Inscription' associated?

a. Rudradaman

B. Bimbisara

c. Chandragupta IIPaladini

d. Gautamiputra Satakarni

6. Nalanda University was a great center of learning, especially in -

a. Buddhism

B. Jainism

c. Vaishnavism

d. Tantra

7. The language used to write source materials in ancient time was -

a. Sanskrit

B. Pali

c. Brahmi

d. Kharosthi

8. India's trade with the Roman Empire came to an end with the invasion of Rome by the -

a. Arabs

B. Hungarians

c. Hunas

d. Turks

9. The people of the Indus Valley Civilization usually built their houses of -

a. Pucca bricks

B. Stone

c. Wood

d. All of the above

10. Who started the Saka Era and when?

a. Kadphises in 58 BC

B. Rudradaman I in AD 78

c. Vikramaditya in 58 BC

d. Kanishka in AD 78

11. Worship of Mother Goddess was associated with -

a. Aryan Civilization

B. Mediterranean Civilization

c. Indus Valley Civilization

d. Later Vedic Civilization

12. Alexander and Porus fought a battle at

a. Hydaspes

B. Jhelum

c. Panipat

d. Tarain

13. Mahabalipuram is an important city that reveals the interest in arts of -

a. Pallavas

B. Cheras

c. Pandyas

d. Chalukyas

14. Lord Mahavira died at -

a. Saravana Belagola

B. Lumbini Garden

c. Kalugumalai

d. Pavapuri

15. The gold coins were introduced first in India by -

a. The Kushanas

B. The Greeks

c. The Sakas

d. The Parthians

16. Which of the following dynasties conquered Sri Lanka and South East Asian countries?

a. The Pandyas

B. The Chalukyas

c. The Cholas

d. The Rashtrakutas

17. The most distinguished ruler of the Chalukyan dynasty was -

a. Jayasimha II

B. Vikramaditya VI

c. Somesvara II

d. Pulakesin II

18. "Harsha Charita" was written by -

a. Kalidasa

B. Banabhatta

c. Valmiki

d. Vyasa

19. Tripitaka' is the religious book of -

a. Jains

B. Sikhs

c. Buddhists

d. Hindus

20. Which of the following materials was mainly used in the manufacture of Harappan seals?

a. Terracota

B. Bronze

c. Copper

d. Iron

21. Who was the Chola king who brought Ganga from North to South?

a. Raja Raja Chola

B. Mahendra

c. Rajendra Chola

d. Parantaka

22. What was Chandragupta II also known as?

a. Samudra Gupta

B. Skanda Gupta

c. Vikramaditya

d. Ranaa Gupta

23. The first grammarian of the Sanskrit language was -

a. Kalhana

B. Maitreyi

c. Kalidasa

d. Panini

24. The famous poet Kalidasa lived in the court of -

a. Chandra Gupta I

B. Samudra Gupta

c. Kumara Gupta

d. Chandra Gupta II

25. What is Milindapanho'?-

a. A Buddhist place

B. One of the names of Buddha

c. A Buddhist Specimen of Art

d. A Buddhist text


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