Modern Indian History (1857 to the present) Solved MCQs


Who founded Brahma Samaj?

A. mohan roy
B. benkin chandra chatterji
C. tagore
D. none .
Answer» A. mohan roy

Dayantha Saraswathy founded …........

A. arya samaj
B. prarthana samaj
C. aligarh movement
D. brahma samaj.
Answer» A. arya samaj

In 1917 Annie Besant was elected …........ of the Indian Natioanl Congress.

A. vice roy
B. cheif executive officer
C. manager
D. president.
Answer» D. president.

Which sect of Bhudhism flourished in Ceylon?

A. mahayan
B. hinayan
C. vajrayana
D. mahayana and hinayana equally
Answer» A. mahayan

The battle of plassey took place in the year .

A. 1757
B. 1787
C. 1907
D. 1717
Answer» A. 1757

The Drain Theory was propounded by

A. jawaharlal nehru
B. dadabhai naoroji
C. r c dutt
D. m k gandhi.
Answer» B. dadabhai naoroji

Velu Thampi led a revolt against the British state of

A. travancore
B. baroda
C. hyderabad
D. mysore
Answer» A. travancore

.Tipu Sultan was the ruler of

A. hyderabad
B. b madurai
C. mysore
D. vijaya nagar
Answer» C. mysore

.Wellesely came to India as governor general in

A. 1796
B. 1797
C. 1798
D. 1799
Answer» C. 1798

Hindu college Calcutta founded by

A. rajaram mohan roy
B. vivekanda
C. syyed ahmed khan
D. none.
Answer» A. rajaram mohan roy

The leader of Revolt of 1857 in Lucknow was ….........?

A. beegam hazrat mahal
B. tanteo tope
C. birjis qadir
D. none.
Answer» A. beegam hazrat mahal

India struggle for Independence is a book edited by

A. bipan chandra
B. satish chandra
C. sumit sarkar
D. none.
Answer» B. satish chandra

The battle of Buxar took place in the year

A. 1757
B. 1764
C. 1907
D. 1717
Answer» B. 1764

S N D P formed in the year …......

A. 1905
B. 1903
C. 1914
D. none.
Answer» B. 1903

Panditha Rama Bai belongs to …...........

A. karnataka
B. delhi
C. bengal
D. kerala
Answer» A. karnataka

Which was the first news paper in India?

A. bengal gazate
B. malayala manorama
C. mathrubhumi
D. the hindu
Answer» A. bengal gazate

Social back ground of Indian Nationalism is a work by …...

A. dr a c das
B. prof maxmuller
C. ram lal desai
D. dr k k sharma
Answer» C. ram lal desai

How many branches of Home rule league did Bal Gangadhar Tilak setup?

A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 8
Answer» A. 6

. The papers New India and “common weal “ were started by …........

A. bal gangadhar tilak
B. jawahar lal nehru
C. mahatma gandhi
D. annie besant
Answer» D. annie besant

Where and when the extremists were readmitted in to the congress ?

A. lahore-1916
B. lucknow 1916
C. karachi 1917
D. surat,1917.
Answer» B. lucknow 1916

Who said the following of the Indian National Congress ;A safety valve for the escape of great and growing forces generated by our own actions was urgently needed ?

A. a o hume
B. m a jinnah
C. bal ganghadhar tilak
D. bipin chandra pal
Answer» A. a o hume

Where was the first section of Indian National Congress held in 1885

A. poona
B. calcutta
C. bombay
D. agra
Answer» C. bombay

Who presided over the second session of INC?

A. pherozeshah metha
B. a o hume
C. dada bhai naoroji
D. mahatma gandhi
Answer» C. dada bhai naoroji

In which session the Indian National Congress split in to the Moderates and the extremists?

A. 1905
B. 1909
C. 1908
D. 1907
Answer» D. 1907

Who was the first women president of Indian Natioanl Congress?

A. sarojini naidu
B. annie besant
C. nellie sen gupta
D. lakhshmi sehgal
Answer» B. annie besant
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