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Indian Constitution And Politics 2 Solved MCQs

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The first Election Commissioner of India was------

A. t.n. seshan
B. j.m.lyngdoh
C. m.s.gill
D. sukumar sen
Answer» D. sukumar sen

Political defection is mentioned in the _________ schedule of the Constitution.

A. second schedule
B. tenth schedule
C. eighth schedule
D. seventh schedule
Answer» B. tenth schedule

The Indian party system is a_____________ system.

A. single party
B. multi party
C. bi party
D. none of the above
Answer» B. multi party

The present strength of the Election Commission in India is _________.

A. one
B. five
C. three
D. two
Answer» C. three

The document in which political parties declare their policies is known as___________.

A. party manifesto
B. party propaganda
C. party policy
D. party declaration
Answer» A. party manifesto

AGP is a regional political party of –

A. arunachal pradesh
B. assam
C. andhra pradesh
D. tripura
Answer» B. assam

Universal Adult Franchise was first granted in India by____________.

A. act of 1919
B. the parliament
C. act of 1935
D. the constitution
Answer» D. the constitution

Which article is related to the Constitution of the Election Commission?

A. art.352
B. art.248
C. art.324
D. art.332
Answer» C. art.324

Who conducts the election to the office of the President of India?

A. upsc
B. election commission
C. parliament
D. union cabinet
Answer» B. election commission

The system of communal electorates was introduced by the British by the Act of _____.

A. act of 1909
B. act of 1935
C. act of 1919
D. act of 1892
Answer» A. act of 1909

The present Chief Election Commissioner of India is _________.

A. t.n. seshan
B. j.m.lyngdoh
C. navin chawla
D. s.y quraishi
Answer» D. s.y quraishi

On which date is the National Voter’s Day celebrated?

A. 14th august
B. 25th january
C. 2nd october
D. 26th january
Answer» B. 25th january

In which year was the Election Commission made a multi-member body?

A. 1993
B. 1989
C. 1991
D. 1992
Answer» A. 1993

The 52nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1985 outlawed_____________.

A. political corruption
B. political violence
C. political propaganda
D. political defection
Answer» D. political defection

In which year was the National Voter’s Day launched?

A. 25th january, 2010
B. 2nd october, 2002
C. 25th january, 2011
D. 2nd october, 2010
Answer» C. 25th january, 2011

Provisions regarding disqualification on ground of defection have been described in –

A. eleventh schedule
B. seventh schedule
C. tenth schedule
D. second schedule
Answer» C. tenth schedule

Who was the Chief Election Commissioner when it was made a multi member body?

A. navin chawla
B. t.n.seshan
C. b.b. tandon
D. n. gopalaswami
Answer» B. t.n.seshan

The Indian Constitution provides for ________ election of the members of the Lok Sabha and the State Legislative Assemblies.

A. functional
B. direct
C. indirect
D. proportional
Answer» B. direct

Who among the following is not a member of the Election Commission at present?

A. s.y. quraishi
B. v.s.sampath
C. navin chawla
D. h.s.brahma
Answer» C. navin chawla

The Chief Election Commissioner is an ex-officio member of the _________________.

A. finance commission
B. planning commission
C. delimitation commission
D. none of the above
Answer» C. delimitation commission

The members of the Election Commission have a term of ______ years.

A. two
B. three
C. five
D. six
Answer» D. six

The Constitution of India has established the system of _________________ for electing representatives.

A. communal electorates
B. separate electorates
C. joint electorates
D. minority electorates
Answer» C. joint electorates

Which article of the Constitution provides for reservation of seats for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the House of the People?

A. art.352
B. art.248
C. art.330
D. art.123
Answer» C. art.330

The members of the Election Commission retire at the age of ______ years.

A. sixty two
B. fifty five
C. fifty eight
D. sixty five
Answer» D. sixty five

The Chief Election Commissioner can quit office by submitting the resignation to the-

A. president
B. prime minister
C. parliament
D. none of the above
Answer» A. president
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