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Sociological Analysis Solved MCQs

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The word sociology is derived from the Latin word--------------?

A. study
B. loga
C. science
D. socious
Answer» D. socious

“sociology is the study of human interaction and interrelations their conditions and consequences” who said this?

A. emile durkheim
B. morris ginsberg
C. ogburn and nimkoff
D. harry m johnson
Answer» B. morris ginsberg

What does society exclude?

A. differences
B. interdependence
C. reciprocity
D. time boundness
Answer» D. time boundness

The caste system is a

A. political institution
B. religious institution
C. economic institution
D. social institution
Answer» D. social institution

Which one of the following was not the „Varna‟ of the Aryan society?

A. brahmanas
B. shudras
C. vaishyas
D. sabhas
Answer» D. sabhas

Socialization is not a process involving?

A. social learning
B. learns to conforms to the norms of society
C. training to adopt to society
D. becoming a biological organism
Answer» D. becoming a biological organism

The term sociology is coined in the year

A. 1798
B. 1829.
C. 1839
D. 1818
Answer» C. 1839

Institution is comparatively ___________.

A. permanent
B. temporary
C. artificial
D. transitory
Answer» A. permanent

Sociology has been said to be the product of ____________ revolution.

A. chinese
B. russian
C. french
D. american
Answer» C. french

Caste status is an example of ____________ status.

A. ascribed
B. achieved
C. general
D. social
Answer» A. ascribed

Which is the most important agency of socialization?

A. family
B. school
C. bank
D. religion
Answer» A. family

Consider the following statements: Social stratification is a

A. hierarchical division of society
B. based on cultural background of the people
C. a contractual system of division of society into groups
D. biological category of people
Answer» A. hierarchical division of society

the most distinguishing characteristic of a caste system (where class is based on birth) is that _______

A. people can move vertically, but not horizontally
B. people can only move intergenerational
C. social status is inherited and cannot be changed
D. social status can be changed by education and hard work
Answer» C. social status is inherited and cannot be changed

--------------- refers to the different layers of people who possess varying amounts of scarce resources

A. the proletariat
B. class consciousness
C. social stratification
D. horizontal mobility
Answer» C. social stratification

Arrange the following stages of socialization?

A. anticipatory
B. child
C. infant
D. adult
Answer» C. infant

Socialization is a process of converting a biological organism into ?

A. modern man
B. primitive man
C. social man
D. human being
Answer» C. social man

The basic criteria of social class is?

A. status
B. occupation
C. residence
D. birth
Answer» B. occupation

Which of the following are the merits of joint family system?

A. it ensures economic progress
B. it provides opportunity for leisure
C. it secures economy of expenditure
D. it helps in the development of personality
Answer» C. it secures economy of expenditure

A joint family system is criticized because it

A. denies privacy to the newlywed couple
B. prevents property from being divided
C. becomes a home for idlers
D. provides little time to women for leisure
Answer» A. denies privacy to the newlywed couple

the essential functions of the family are

A. Satisfaction of the sex need
B. Production and rearing of children
C. A Common Habitation
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

institutional structures are

A. definite entities through which institutions operate
B. rules of procedure recognized by society
C. groups of people living on a common territory
D. symbols of institutions
Answer» B. rules of procedure recognized by society

Fact is “an empirically verifiable observation” who said this?

A. good and hatt
B. mac iver
C. merton
D. g. e, swanson
Answer» A. good and hatt

which of the following had not weakened the caste system?

A. industrialization
B. means of transport
C. constitution
D. the policy of reservations
Answer» D. the policy of reservations

which article of the constitution emphasis special provisions for Scheduled Castes and Tribes?

A. article 36
B. article 330
C. article 332
D. all
Answer» D. all

what is considered as essential to the origin of the family?

A. sexual urge
B. economic need
C. need for procreation
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above
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