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Tourism Principles and Practices Solved MCQs

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________________ is the act and process of spending time away from home in pursuit of recreation, relaxation, and pleasure, while making use of the commercial provision of services.

A. ayurveda
B. tourism
C. bungee jumping
D. entertainment
Answer» B. tourism

The famous traveler who wrote air travel experience in ancient time

A. alexander
B. marco polo
C. benjamin
D. ibnu batuta
Answer» D. ibnu batuta

Travelling for the purpose of learning about cultures or aspects of cultures is

A. ethnic tourism
B. vfr
C. mass tourism
D. cultural tourism
Answer» D. cultural tourism

Tourism that consists of travelling to relatively undisturbed or uncontaminated natural areas with specific objectives of studying , admiring, and enjoying the scenery and its wild plants and animals as well as any existing cultural manifestations

A. wild life tourism
B. rural tourism
C. eco tourism
D. adventure tourism
Answer» C. eco tourism

Eco-Tourist is interested to visit a destination where there is

A. rich wildlife wealth
B. unique wildlife species
C. relatively unspoilt natural environment
D. dense forest
Answer» C. relatively unspoilt natural environment

Who are the targets of a tourist spot that is located at great heights

A. children
B. women
C. adventure tourists
D. business tycoons
Answer» C. adventure tourists

Which of the following is not an element of tourism?

A. bread and biscuits
B. scenic attractions
C. historical factors
D. amenities
Answer» A. bread and biscuits

The word Tourist was derived from the Latin word__________.

A. tornus
B. trident
C. toijour
D. none of these
Answer» A. tornus

Which is the most expensive type of tourism?

A. green tourism
B. cruise tourism
C. space tourism
D. wedding tourism
Answer» C. space tourism

Name the first space tourist.

A. thomas cook
B. dennis tito
C. dennis martin
D. none of these
Answer» B. dennis tito

Tourism is economically significant because it generates _______________ and __________________.

A. happiness and satisfaction
B. income and employment
C. health and safety
D. none of these
Answer» B. income and employment

IATA stands for

A. international air transport association
B. indian air transport association
C. indonesian air transport association
D. none of these
Answer» A. international air transport association

Which of the following travelers was appointed as the qazi or judge of Delhi by the Muhammad bin Tughlaq?

A. al-biruni
B. mahmood of gaznavi
C. both a & b
D. ibn-batuta
Answer» D. ibn-batuta

“Travels in the Mughal Empire” is an account of which of the following travellers to India?

A. albiruni
B. abdur razzaq samarqandi
C. berneir
D. ibn battuta
Answer» C. berneir

Excursionist means

A. a person who stays less than 24 hours in the country visited.
B. a person who stays more than 24 hours in the country visited.
C. a person who covers a reasonably large distance within the country of his residence.
D. a person who stays 1 year atleast in the country visited.
Answer» A. a person who stays less than 24 hours in the country visited.

Internal tourism includes

A. domestic & inbound tourism
B. inbound tourism
C. domestic tourism
D. outbound tourism
Answer» A. domestic & inbound tourism

When a visitor travels in his country of residence, he is a _____________ visitor

A. domestic
B. international
C. inbound
D. out bound
Answer» A. domestic

A person who travels on foot is known as

A. pouching
B. way tarer
C. cosmopolitan
D. none of these
Answer» A. pouching

The national tourism policy was drafter in

A. 1997
B. 1998
C. 2000
D. 1996
Answer» A. 1997

A person who moves from one location to another is known as ________________

A. tourist
B. traveler
C. inbound tourist
D. out bound tourist
Answer» B. traveler

A person who is travelling a place for pleasure is known as

A. tourist
B. traveller
C. inbound tourist
D. none of these
Answer» A. tourist

A country is mainly benefited from tourism by the _____________

A. tourist expenditure
B. tourist travel
C. accommodation
D. none of these
Answer» A. tourist expenditure

Selling tourism services through multiple choice is called

A. market penetration
B. dual distribution
C. yield management
D. pyramid marketing
Answer» B. dual distribution

Which of the flowing tourism service suppliers has been the most aggressive in marketing through direct distribution channels?

A. hotels
B. rental car companies
C. airlines
D. cruise ships
Answer» C. airlines

Tourism sector creates more _________ opportunities

A. job
B. fund raising
C. profit making
D. attractive
Answer» A. job
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