Chapter: Complete the Sentence

You speak so ….. that I can’t understand properly

A. fast
B. fastly
C. slow
D. nice
Answer» A. fast

He has taken my ….. car.

A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article
Answer» D. no article

Shraddha is a singer. She sings ….. .

A. beautiful
B. beautifully
C. beauty
D. beautifulness
Answer» B. beautifully

“What are you going to do with these old papers?”

A. I am going to recycle them.
B. I am going to reuse they.
C. I am going to burn themself.
D. I am going to throw it.
Answer» A. I am going to recycle them.

We ….. already ….. our lunch when the guests arrived.

A. had-took
B. have-taken
C. had taken
D. did-take
Answer» C. had taken

The Olympic Games ….. every four years.

A. are holding
B. are held
C. are helded
D. hold
Answer» B. are held

….. you go really? You only arrived an hour ago!

A. Should
B. Must
C. Can
D. How
Answer» B. Must

What is your busiest day of the week?

A. In the morning
B. Every day
C. Tuesday
D. Last week
Answer» C. Tuesday

How do we spell ‘god’ ?

A. Never
B. G-O-D
C. God is always kind
D. We also believe in ‘god’
Answer» B. G-O-D

The bride was dressed ….. white ….. head ….. foot.

A. with-from-to
B. in-from-to
C. with-to-from
D. in-on-below
Answer» B. in-from-to

My friend Ganesha, ….. lives in heaven, has a mouse as a vehicle.

A. whose
B. who
C. that
D. he
Answer» B. who

You are ….. a nice person ….. everybody likes to be your friend.

A. such…as
B. such…that
C. same….as
D. so…that
Answer» B. such…that

The truck driver ….. responsible for the accident.

A. was holding
B. was held
C. declared
D. had
Answer» B. was held

Write only three answer, ….. ?

A. don’t you
B. won’t you
C. will you
D. do you
Answer» B. won’t you

No one can help you, ….. ?

A. can he
B. can she
C. can they
D. can’t you
Answer» C. can they

“Please, give me some eatables,” said a beggar to me.

A. A beggar requested me that give him some eatables.
B. A beggar requested me to gave him some eatables.
C. A beggar requested me that gave some eatables.
D. A beggar requested me to give him some eatables.
Answer» D. A beggar requested me to give him some eatables.

..... more you earn, …..more you can spend.

A. As-as
B. The-the
C. If-than
D. So-as
Answer» B. The-the

Let’s go to see ‘Bahubali’

A. I have seen it already.
B. I am seeing now.
C. I saw it already.
D. I would like it.
Answer» A. I have seen it already.

Have you ever met Tom Cruise? No, I have never met ….. .

A. It
B. him
C. them
D. her
Answer» B. him

..... he invited me, I would have attended his birthday party.

A. Hardly had
B. Had
C. Had better
D. If
Answer» B. Had

The athletes who ….. the games are called competitors.

A. enter
B. entered
C. while entering
D. are
Answer» A. enter

When you were young, ….. you climb a tree ?

A. did
B. could
C. how
D. should
Answer» B. could

They are two brothers, but ….. of them is hardworking.

A. none
B. either
C. neither
D. every
Answer» C. neither

He has no girl friends. Here ‘girl’ is used as …..

A. common noun
B. singular number
C. an adjective
D. female
Answer» C. an adjective

Wings of Fire ….. an autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam.

A. are
B. is
C. has
D. was
Answer» B. is

…. I use your cell phone as I have forgotten mine?

A. May
B. Should
C. Would
D. Do
Answer» A. May

Divya ….. Dimple if she could take her scooty.

A. told
B. helped
C. sent
D. asked
Answer» D. asked

We ….. our home work just now.

A. are finished
B. have finished
C. had finished
D. are finishing
Answer» B. have finished

There ….. many children on the playground yesterday.

A. are
B. were
C. did
D. playing
Answer» B. were

‘To arrive’ means …..

A. to go
B. to come
C. to see
D. to arrest
Answer» B. to come

Next week, she is going to Surat with a view to ….. a seminar.

A. will attend
B. attend
C. attends
D. attending
Answer» D. attending

Listen, someone ….. a song.

A. is singing
B. sings
C. singing
D. will
Answer» A. is singing

He has killed his own father. He is in jail because of ….. .

A. father’s death
B. homicide
C. suicide
D. patricide
Answer» D. patricide

A mosquito is flying ….. your head.

A. inside
B. outside
C. over
D. on
Answer» C. over

Plural form of ‘deer’ is …..

A. deer
B. deeres
C. deers
D. dear
Answer» A. deer

People are mad ….. money

A. over
B. after
C. in
D. with
Answer» B. after

One who has no parents is called …..

A. orphan
B. abundant
C. lucky
D. careless
Answer» A. orphan

This is the hotel ….. I had stayed last night.

A. which
B. that
C. where
D. costly
Answer» C. where

Find out the wrong spelling.

A. communication
B. pention
C. cassette
D. Independent
Answer» B. pention

The scientific study of the human mind and behaviour is called …..

A. Astrology
B. Biology
C. Pathology
D. Psychology
Answer» D. Psychology

Find the odd word.

A. a dog
B. an ox
C. a cow
D. a parrot
Answer» D. a parrot

I think that sign means we ….. enter the building. Look, there is a security guard too.

A. mustn’t
B. have to
C. will
D. don’t
Answer» A. mustn’t

….. a wonderful picture it is?

A. How
B. What
C. So
D. Very
Answer» B. What

Don’t chew panmasala, ….. ?

A. will you
B. should you
C. are you
D. never you
Answer» A. will you

….. me, you should read English newspapers daily.

A. Because of
B. Inspite of
C. According to
D. Though
Answer» A. Because of

Superlative form of adjective ‘popular’ is …..

A. popularity
B. popularest
C. most popular
D. the most
Answer» C. most popular

Antonyms of ‘Qualify’.

A. Imqualify
B. Misqualify
C. Disqualify
D. Unqualify
Answer» C. Disqualify

I always get up early. Here, what part of speech ‘get up’ is …..

A. an adjective
B. a verb
C. a preposition
D. Simple Present Tense
Answer» B. a verb

My wife is a good cook.

A. I am agree with you
B. I agree with you
C. I am agree to you
D. I agree to you
Answer» B. I agree with you

Why do you travel by ….. bus?

A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article
Answer» D. no article

People ….. not ….. time.

A. do-have
B. are –have
C. have-many
D. are-much
Answer» A. do-have

Dhirubhai went to America …. earning money.

A. with a view to
B. for
C. in order that
D. in order to
Answer» A. with a view to

Yesterday, the terrorists made the captives …. in a queue and then shot them dead..

A. to stand
B. standing
C. stand
D. stood
Answer» C. stand

Find the wrong sentence from below.

A. One of the students is missing, sir.
B. Do you know why has she left her study?
C. He is capable enough to afford costly items.
D. A thing of beauty is joy forever.
Answer» B. Do you know why has she left her study?

He is richer than …..

A. me
B. her
C. him
D. I
Answer» D. I

“We like our work.” – Which of following is appropriate passive of this sentence?

A. We are very much liked our work
B. Our work is liked by us.
C. Our work are liked by us.
D. Our work is like us.
Answer» B. Our work is liked by us.

We saw him ….. a tree yesterday.

A. cutting
B. cut
C. to cut
D. was cutting
Answer» A. cutting

This is the doctor ….. wife is suffering from cancer.

A. his
B. whose
C. whom
D. a
Answer» B. whose

….. Sagar Samrat is….. big ship.

A. A-a
B. A-the
C. The-a
D. The-the
Answer» C. The-a

Find the most similar word for ‘beg’ from given below.

A. implore
B. argue
C. request
D. bow
Answer» A. implore

I have never gone to Japan. I know ….. people there.

A. few
B. a few
C. many
D. most of
Answer» A. few

A teacher and afraid of teaching!

A. It is an exclamatory sentence.
B. It is not good habit.
C. It says that a teacher must be afraid of teaching.
D. All teachers are not afraid.
Answer» A. It is an exclamatory sentence.

I am a doctor ….. my wife is a nurse.

A. when
B. while
C. so
D. because
Answer» B. while

Divya ….. since she arrived.

A. talks
B. talking
C. is talking
D. has been talking.
Answer» D. has been talking.

I am a good orator, ….. ?

A. don’t you
B. don’t I
C. aren’t I
D. aren’t you
Answer» C. aren’t I

Ajya and Kajol are husband and wife. They both love ….. .

A. for each other
B. made for each other
C. each other
D. in each other
Answer» C. each other

Meghna wants to speak in English but due to lack of self confidence she can’t. Which one suits proper.

A. Meghna is not willing at all to make conversation in English.
B. Meghna has a lot of fear in speaking in English.
C. Meghna doesn’t get encouragement from inside to talk in English.
D. Meghna is good a t speaking in English.
Answer» C. Meghna doesn’t get encouragement from inside to talk in English.

Does she ….. get up early and cook for family at this old age?

A. have to
B. has to
C. is
D. had
Answer» A. have to

Indirect of - Gandhiji said, “Truth is god”.

A. Gandhiji said that truth was god.
B. Gandhiji said that truth wins at the end.
C. Gandhiji said that truth is god.
D. According to Gandhiji, truth is god.
Answer» C. Gandhiji said that truth is god.

I feel better today than yesterday. (Change the degree)

A. I feel the best today.
B. I didn’t feel better today than yesterday.
C. Yesterday didn’t feel so well as than today.
D. I didn’t feel so well yesterday as today.
Answer» D. I didn’t feel so well yesterday as today.

Find out the correct spelling.

A. untill
B. psyckology
C. colonel
D. Infinative
Answer» C. colonel

I don’t agree …. your proposal.

A. with
B. for
C. to
D. in
Answer» C. to

“No, not now.” – The question must be

A. What are you doing now?
B. Where are you going now?
C. May I call you?
D. How are you?
Answer» C. May I call you?

….. it stopped raining when we started our journey.

A. As soon as
B. Hardly had
C. No sooner did
D. Nevertheless
Answer» B. Hardly had

Find the in correct part of the sentence. One of the most / widely spread / bad habit is / the use of tobacco.

A. One of the most
B. widely spread
C. bad habit is
D. the use of tobacco
Answer» C. bad habit is

….. a doctor …. in time, the patient can be saved.

A. Had-arrived
B. If-arrives
C. Do-arrive
D. Will-arrive
Answer» B. If-arrives

….. alphabets are readable in your book.

A. A little
B. A few
C. Much
D. How many
Answer» B. A few

….. answers were given by you.

A. Much
B. Oldest
C. A little
D. A few
Answer» D. A few

….. are you doing now?

A. When
B. What
C. Who
D. Whose
Answer» B. What

….. birds, can we fly?

A. Before
B. Like
C. As
D. Without
Answer» B. Like

….. breakfast is in tin, go and take it.

A. A little
B. A few
C. Very
D. Many
Answer» A. A little

….. clever you are, you can’t solve this puzzle.

A. Very
B. However
C. Even if
D. Since
Answer» B. However

….. know computer operating among us.

A. A little
B. Jayesh
C. A few
D. One of
Answer» C. A few

….. does sir ask a question than clever students give an answer.

A. When
B. Hardly had
C. As soon as
D. No sooner
Answer» D. No sooner

….. dogs can make friendship with cats.

A. few
B. a few
C. little
D. a little
Answer» A. few

….. dogs seldom bite.

A. Barking
B. To bark
C. Bark
D. Barked
Answer» A. Barking

….. Gandhiji ….. in Rajkot?

A. When studied
B. Did study
C. Was study
D. Does studied
Answer» B. Did study

….. god bless you!

A. How
B. May be
C. May
D. How
Answer» C. May

….. goods

A. A little
B. A few
C. Many
D. Several
Answer» A. A little

….. he complains, the police will take action.

A. If
B. Unless
C. When
D. No sooner did
Answer» A. If

He has been seriously injured. There is ….. hope for his survival.

A. a little
B. a few
C. little
D. few
Answer» C. little

….. I come in, sir?

A. Should
B. May be
C. May
D. How
Answer» C. May

….. I were the richest person of the world!

A. If
B. Unless
C. When
D. Not any
Answer» A. If

….. is very a regular class, sir.

A. My
B. Mines
C. Your
D. Ours
Answer» D. Ours

….. know about where the soul goes after the death.

A. Few
B. A few
C. Little
D. A little
Answer» A. Few

Have ….. love for animals.

A. lots off
B. a little
C. a few
D. many
Answer» B. a little

Give me ….. mango juice.

A. boiled
B. a few
C. 500
D. a little
Answer» D. a little

….. off the light, I went to bed.

A. Before
B. Switched
C. Having switched
D. Switching
Answer» C. Having switched

They are ….. brothers but neither of them takes care of their parents.

A. two
B. few
C. many
D. some
Answer» A. two

Very ….. rivers in India are as long as the Narmada.

A. little
B. few
C. most other
D. many
Answer» B. few
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