220+ Fundamentals of Computers Solved MCQs


Light pen and joystick are............

A. algorithm
B. input devices
C. output devices
D. portals
Answer» B. input devices

Touch Screen is............

A. input device
B. output device
C. both a & b above
D. none of these
Answer» C. both a & b above

.............printer is the cheapest in terms of price and operating cost

A. inkjet
B. laser
C. thermal
D. dot matrix
Answer» D. dot matrix

.......... printer is a non-impact printer and is quite in working

A. inkjet
B. laser
C. thermal
D. dot matrix
Answer» A. inkjet

.......... are high-end printers

A. inkjet
B. laser
C. thermal
D. dot matrix
Answer» B. laser

......... are used for plotting graphs and design on papers

A. trackball
B. joystick
C. light pen
D. plotters
Answer» D. plotters

Daisy wheel, Drum, chain etc are the .............

A. flow chart
B. mouse
C. key board
D. printers
Answer» D. printers

....are specific to users’ needs

A. system software
B. application software
C. assemblers
D. compilers
Answer» B. application software

Joshy, Perfumes are examples of.............

A. operating system
B. computer languages
C. computer viruses
D. web portals
Answer» C. computer viruses

Which of the following is/ are operating systems

A. windows
B. unix
C. os/2
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

MAN stands for

A. maximum area network
B. minimum area network
C. main area network
D. metropolitan area network
Answer» D. metropolitan area network

Which of the following is a network topology

A. lan
B. wan
C. man
D. bus
Answer» D. bus

Which of the following is a type of network

A. ring
B. bus
C. star
D. pan
Answer» D. pan

VOIP stands for..........

A. voice over ip
B. video over ip
C. viruses over ip
D. virtual over ip
Answer» A. voice over ip

The first web browser is

A. mosaic
B. netscape
C. internet explorer
D. collabra
Answer» A. mosaic

LAN stands for...............

A. limited area network
B. logical area network
C. local area network
D. large area network
Answer» C. local area network

.......... are set of rules and procedures to control the data transmission over the internet

A. ip address
B. domains
C. protocol
D. gateway
Answer» C. protocol

NOS stands for

A. node operating system
B. non-open software
C. network operating system
D. non-operating software
Answer» C. network operating system

............... are system software to facilitate editing of text and data

A. ms word
B. editors
C. powerpoint
D. ms publisher
Answer» B. editors

Computers, combine both measuring and counting, are called :

A. analog
B. digital
C. hybrid
D. all of these
Answer» C. hybrid

In world today, most of the computers are :

A. digital
B. hybrid
C. analog
D. complex
Answer» A. digital

Physical structure of computer is called :

A. software
B. hardware
C. human ware
D. all of these
Answer» B. hardware

In which type of computer, data are represented as discrete signals.

A. analog computer
B. digital computer
C. both
D. hybrid computer
Answer» B. digital computer

Which of the following is available in the form of a PC now?

A. mainframe
B. microcomputer
C. minicomputer
D. both (b) & (c)
Answer» B. microcomputer

PARAM is an example of:

A. super computer
B. pc
C. laptop
D. pda
Answer» A. super computer
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