360+ Retail Management Solved MCQs


What is not easy to change in Retail Management?

A. promotion
B. location
C. price
D. merchandise mix
Answer» B. location

Which is not the basic reason of the importance of Retail Location?

A. customer convenience
B. competitive advantage
C. cost of investment
D. light and ventilation
Answer» D. light and ventilation

Which products are produced and marketed by companies to many retailers?

A. national brands
B. local brands
C. unbranded
D. commodities
Answer» A. national brands

The layout that has parallel aisles with merchandise on shelves on both sides of the aisles is _______.

A. racetrack
B. standee
C. grid
D. loop
Answer» C. grid

Free standing sites are located at ____________

A. traffic signals at highways
B. high pedestrian traffic area
C. remote locations
D. low pedestrian traffic area
Answer» B. high pedestrian traffic area

Freedom layout indicates that merchandise is arranged ______________.

A. in a symmetrical manner
B. in circles
C. in an asymmetrical manner
D. non to the options
Answer» C. in an asymmetrical manner

How difficult it is to change retail location frequently?

A. extremely difficult
B. not difficult at all
C. absolutely easy
D. some what difficult
Answer» A. extremely difficult

For which retail offering location is very important?

A. mail order
B. party plan
C. departmental store
D. catalogue marketing
Answer» C. departmental store

A retailer’s ______________ is the key to its ability to attract customers.

A. location
B. promotion system
C. pricing system
D. store personnel
Answer» A. location

A store that stocks particular type of merchandise

A. convenience
B. speciality
C. departmental
D. non store
Answer» B. speciality

This is the most preferred mode through which foreign players have entered the Indian market. It is the easiest route to enter the Indian market

A. fii
B. franchising
C. fdi
D. iip
Answer» B. franchising

______________ offers various incentives and rewards to customers on the basis of cumulative purchases from a given provider, be it a store, a service, or a manufacturer

A. point of sales
B. frequent shopper progrmme
C. campaign
D. customer retension
Answer» B. frequent shopper progrmme

The products which enjoy popularity and generte lot of sales in a short span of time and later go out of fashion

A. fad
B. category killers
C. variety
D. assortment
Answer» A. fad

The process by which a retailer attempts to offer the right quantity of the right merchandise in the right place at the right time and meet the company's financial goalsis known as

A. merchandise management
B. procurement
C. distribution
D. sales
Answer» A. merchandise management

This layout is the simplest type of store layout in which fixtures and merchandise are grouped into free-flowing patterns on the sales floor

A. grid
B. free flow
C. spine
D. loop
Answer» B. free flow

The major componenet of solid waste that a retailer generates in the environment

A. branding
B. labelling
C. packaging
D. naming
Answer» C. packaging

This provides the way to gather lead contact informtion, house it, use it for communictaion purposes and run reports on the data researches have collected

A. point of sales
B. customer analytics
C. campaign
D. crm
Answer» B. customer analytics

This involves agreements to fix prices between parties at different levels of the same marketing channel

A. edlp
B. psychological
C. predatory
D. discount
Answer» C. predatory

This display exhibits heavier, bulkier items than racks hold

A. open
B. closesd
C. case
D. ensemble
Answer» C. case

The word Retail is derived from the ------ word.

A. latin
B. french
C. english
D. german
Answer» B. french

Retailer is a person who sells the goods in a---------.

A. large quantities.
B. small quantities.
C. both a & b.
D. none of these.
Answer» B. small quantities.

The main objective of the management is--------.

A. profitability.
B. sales growth.
C. return on investment
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

In retailing there is a direct interaction with-------.

A. producer.
B. customer.
C. wholesaler.
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

Retailing creates-------.

A. time utility.
B. place utility.
C. ownership utility.
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

---------activities performed by the retailers.

A. assortment of offerings.
B. holding stock.
C. extending services.
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

The term stakeholders which includes-------.

A. stock holders.
B. consumers.
C. suppliers.
D. all the above.
Answer» D. all the above.

------represents how a retailer is perceived by consumers and others.

A. image.
B. sales.
C. profit.
D. none of these.
Answer» A. image.

The functions of management start with-----.

A. buying.
B. planning.
C. organizing.
D. supervising.
Answer» B. planning.

"Management is what a manager does" given by.

A. henry fayol.
B. f.w.taylor.
C. dinkar pagare.
D. none of these.
Answer» C. dinkar pagare.

Human resource management process consists of ------.

A. recruitment.
B. selection.
C. training.
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

----- is the process of seeking and attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be selected.

A. selection.
B. advertisement.
C. compensation.
D. recruitment.
Answer» D. recruitment.

------ gives the nature and requirements of specific jobs.

A. human resource planning.
B. job descriptions.
C. job analysis.
D. none of these.
Answer» A. human resource planning.

------ is a kind of internal sources of recruitment.

A. promotion.
B. employee recommendation.
C. transfer.
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

Attracting potential employees is more difficult in case of ---------.

A. internal recruitment.
B. external of recruitment.
C. both a & b
D. none of these.
Answer» B. external of recruitment.

----- is the next step after recruiting the retail personnel.

A. supervision.
B. compensation.
C. training.
D. selection.
Answer» D. selection.

------ test measure a persons capacity or potential capability to learn and perform a job.

A. aptitude test.
B. proficiency test.
C. interest test.
D. personality test.
Answer» A. aptitude test.

A traditional format that sell 20-80 percent of groceries and other consumable product at discounted prices

A. dollar store
B. discounted stores
C. chain store
D. off price store
Answer» A. dollar store

------ component allow the retailer to offer the employees safety and security

A. fixed component
B. fringe benefit component
C. variable component
D. all of the above.
Answer» B. fringe benefit component

------- is the manner of providing a job environment that encourages employee's accomplishment.

A. compensation
B. supervision.
C. training
D. none of the above.
Answer» B. supervision.

Store security relates to ----.

A. personal security
B. merchandise security.
C. both a & b.
D. none of these.
Answer» C. both a & b.

Form of payment which a retailer may accept is ----.

A. cash only.
B. cash &credit cards .
C. cash &debit cards.
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

Many retailers have improved their operation productivity through -----.

A. computerization.
B. outsourcing.
C. both a & b.
D. none of these.
Answer» A. computerization.

The computerized check out is used by -----.

A. large retailers.
B. small retailers.
C. multi retailers
D. all of these.
Answer» A. large retailers.

With the help of-------a retailer pays an outsider party to undertake one or more of its operating functions

A. outsourcing.
B. credit management
C. computerization.
D. none of these.
Answer» A. outsourcing.

------ helps the retailers to face the crisis situations.

A. risk management.
B. credit management.
C. financial management.
D. all of these
Answer» A. risk management.

------ is a key task for both large &small retailers.

A. risk management.
B. crisis management.
C. inventory management
D. all of these.
Answer» D. all of these.

----- helps the retailers to complete the tasks within the short period of time.

A. computerization.
B. outsourcing.
C. both 1 & 2.
D. none of these.
Answer» A. computerization.

---------is a warning to potential thieves and muggers.

A. insurance.
B. security guards.
C. outsourcing.
D. credit management .
Answer» B. security guards.

Insurance against--------is more important due to government rules.

A. environmental risk.
B. production risk.
C. both 1 & 2
D. none of these
Answer» A. environmental risk.

Consumer buying process in retailing involves ----.

A. need recognition.
B. search for information.
C. evaluation of retailers.
D. all the above.
Answer» D. all the above.

Atmosphere in retailing refers to ----.

A. the weather outside a store.
B. the ambience, music, color scent in a store.
C. assortment of products in the store.
D. display of items in a store.
Answer» B. the ambience, music, color scent in a store.

A multi channel retailer sells merchandise ----.

A. over the telephone
B. through personal selling and retail store only.
C. over the internet .
D. through more than one channel.
Answer» D. through more than one channel.

Retailing is a marketing function which ----.

A. sells products to other business.
B. sells products to a company that resells them.
C. sells products to final consumers.
D. sells products for ones own use
Answer» C. sells products to final consumers.

All of the following are possible types of service that a retailer can offer except ----.

A. self service.
B. self selection.
C. limited service.
D. all of the above.
Answer» C. limited service.

The correct statement about chain stores is ----.

A. they offer economic of scale in buying.
B. they can hire good managers.
C. they integrate wholesaling and retailing function.
D. they centralize function.
Answer» D. they centralize function.

The term which is used to identify the major areas of business of a diversified organization is.

A. business area.
B. business segment, group or diversion
C. business scope.
D. diversified business.
Answer» B. business segment, group or diversion

Which of the following is not the characteristics of a strategic business unit?

A. it serves a homogenous set of markets with a limited number of related technologies
B. it serves a unique set of products.
C. it owns responsibility for its own profitability.
D. none of the above.
Answer» D. none of the above.

According to GE screening grid model, which strategy should a company follow when it has high industry attractiveness and low business competitive position.

A. invest/growth
B. selective investment /maintain position.
C. harvest/divest
D. none of the above.
Answer» A. invest/growth

Which of the following is not included in the list of macro environmental variables.

A. prevailing economic conditions and political manifestors.
B. changes in legislation and emerging new technologies.
C. financial conditions and culture.
D. none of the above.
Answer» D. none of the above.

The final stage of the consumer shopping/purchase model around which all other stages revolves is the.

A. buy decision stage.
B. active information gathering stage.
C. purchase stage.
D. post-purchase evaluation stage.
Answer» D. post-purchase evaluation stage.

What type of competitive structure are most retail firms involved in?

A. horizontal competition.
B. monopolistic competition.
C. vertical competition.
D. pure competition.
Answer» B. monopolistic competition.

Which one of the following factors is not found on a six month merchandise budget?

A. planned gross margin.
B. current liabilities.
C. planned sales percentage
D. planned purchases at retail.
Answer» B. current liabilities.

What word best describes the relationship between a retailer's pricing decisions and
the merchandise, location, promotion, credit, services, image and legal decisions that
retailers must make?

A. independent.
B. separate.
C. interactive.
D. competitive.
Answer» C. interactive.

If a retailer is offering the same products and quantities to different customers at different prices, the retailer has what kind of pricing policy?

A. two-price
B. customary.
C. flexible.
D. leader.
Answer» C. flexible.

Which of the following should not be part of the campus shoppe's advertising campaign's objectives. The campus shoppe desires to increase.

A. awareness of its two locations
B. sales among incoming freshmen.
C. sales to 40 percent.
D. all the above belong in the retailer\s advertising objectives
Answer» D. all the above belong in the retailer\s advertising objectives

Consumer premiums are considered to be a form of.

A. joint-sponsored sales promotion.
B. publicity that utilizes opm.
C. advertising.
D. sole-sponsored sales promotion.
Answer» D. sole-sponsored sales promotion.

Merchandise availability is an example of a.

A. cost of sales
B. pretransaction service.
C. operating cost.
D. transaction service.
Answer» D. transaction service.

Which of the following is not part of a visual communications program

A. store name and logo.
B. institutional signage.
C. lifestyles graphics.
D. television advertising
Answer» D. television advertising

In which of the following behavioral models there will be no product differentiation and brands as a factor plays very little role in the purchase preferences.

A. complex buying behavior.
B. variety seeking behavior.
C. dissonance reducing behavior.
D. habitual buying behavior
Answer» D. habitual buying behavior

Which of the following factors include forces like small groups, family, social roles and status that will have an influence on buyer's behavior?

A. cultural factors.
B. psychological factors.
C. personal factors.
D. social factors
Answer» D. social factors

Which of the following psychological factors drive a person to satisfy his need and wants.

A. motivation.
B. perception.
C. learning.
D. beliefs and attitudes.
Answer» A. motivation.

Which of the following factors influence the organizational buying decision process?

A. buyers objectives.
B. purchasing policies and resources
C. size and composition or buyers.
D. all of the above.
Answer» D. all of the above.

Which method of organizational buying is suitable for he second-hand
(used.vehicles, buildings etc, that have unique characteristics, but vary depending on
their condition and usage.

A. inspection.
B. description.
C. sampling.
D. negotiation.
Answer» A. inspection.

Which of the following do not include while in the learning process of a marketoriented organization.

A. open-minded inquiry.
B. synergistic information distribution.
C. mutually informed interpretation and accessible memory.
D. none of the above.
Answer» D. none of the above.

Management information system (MIS. supplies information, which include data from both internal and external sources is useful for .

A. order processing.
B. invoicing.
C. customer analysis and product performance.
D. all of the above.
Answer» D. all of the above.

Which level of organization uses management information systems data in its decision making?

A. lower level.
B. middle level.
C. top level.
D. all of the above.
Answer» D. all of the above.

Which system is useful in coordinating data systems, tools and techniques with
supporting software and hardware that enable managers to take appropriate marketing

A. sales decision support systems.
B. marketing decision support systems.
C. standardized information systems.
D. none of the above
Answer» B. marketing decision support systems.

If a seller produces two or more products that have different features, styles, quality, sizes, etc it is called .

A. mass marketing.
B. target marketing.
C. individual marketing.
D. product-variety marketing.
Answer» D. product-variety marketing.

Market positioning is a combination of marketing actions that management takes, to meet the needs and wants of each target market. It includes.

A. understanding consumer perceptions.
B. position products in the mind of consumer.
C. design appropriate marketing mix.
D. all of the above.
Answer» D. all of the above.

Which type of segmentation is commonly used for climate because of its broad impact on consumer behavior and product needs.

A. geographical segmentation.
B. demographic segmentation.
C. geo-demographic segmentation.
D. geographic segmentation.
Answer» A. geographical segmentation.

Which of the demographic variables is not used by marketers for demographic segmentation?

A. family life cycle.
B. income and occupation.
C. gender.
D. poverty.
Answer» D. poverty.

Which type of segmentation, classified consumers according to relevant needs and buying behavior, regardless of their countries and culture.

A. multi-attribute segmentation.
B. inter-market segmentation.
C. demographic segmentation
D. psychographic segmentation.
Answer» D. psychographic segmentation.

If an organization targets to market a particular product to a variety of segments in order to build a strong reputation in that product area is called.

A. product specialization
B. market specialization.
C. selective specialization.
D. single-segment concentration.
Answer» A. product specialization

Which type of organization consists of a small workforce, relying on independent
suppliers who are located at several parts of the world with a sophisticated linked.
information system.

A. trading company.
B. network corporation
C. international organization.
D. global corporation.
Answer» B. network corporation

Hindustan Motors (HM. alliance with Mitsubishi to manufacture and market Lancer cars in India is an example of.

A. franchise agreement.
B. vertical relationship.
C. technological licence agreement.
D. horizontal integrative relations.
Answer» C. technological licence agreement.

The difference between the total value and the corrective cost of performing the value activities is .

A. contribution.
B. margin.
C. revenue .
D. performance.
Answer» B. margin.

The number of product lines a company carries is called.

A. product mix.
B. product mix depth.
C. product mix width.
D. product mix length.
Answer» C. product mix width.

Companies that attack other firms including the market leader in an attempt to build market share are called.

A. market followers
B. market challengers.
C. market leaders.
D. market nichers.
Answer» B. market challengers.

Companies that follow the market leader's strategy are called.

A. market nichers.
B. market leaders.
C. market followers.
D. market challengers.
Answer» C. market followers.

The method which generate new product ideas by analyzing the customer needs, wants and ideas is known.

A. directed research.
B. customer need analysis.
C. need gap analysis.
D. market research.
Answer» C. need gap analysis.

Which method of product portfolio analysis helps indeciding which products are to be retained and which are not to be.

A. ansoff matrix.
B. strategic environment matrix
C. bcg matrix.
D. none of the above.
Answer» C. bcg matrix.

The set of basic values, perceptions, wants and behaviors learned by a member of a society from family and other important institutions is called.

A. sub-culture.
B. social class.
C. culture.
D. reference groups.
Answer» C. culture.

What is the frame work that describes the positioning of firms database to support decisions with in the purview of total customer loyalty strategy

A. customer retention strategy.
B. customer bonding .
C. customer positioning.
D. customer acquisition.
Answer» B. customer bonding .

The branding strategy which uses a different brand name for reach product is known as .

A. over all family branding.
B. line family branding.
C. individual branding.
D. brand extension.
Answer» C. individual branding.

Which element of promotional mix is preferable if the marketer wants to get. immediate feedback?

A. sales promotion.
B. public relations.
C. personal selling.
D. direct marketing.
Answer» D. direct marketing.

What are the factors that contribute to the corporate identity?

A. organizational symbols.
B. advertising and publicity.
C. customer relation programs.
D. all of the above.
Answer» D. all of the above.

Which of the following comes under the category of external public?

A. government.
B. press.
C. trade unions.
D. all of the above.
Answer» D. all of the above.

…..is the important benefit a marketer could get from a retailer through trade promotion?

A. advertising.
B. financial help.
C. more shelf space.
D. none of the above.
Answer» C. more shelf space.

Which one of the following is not an advantage of the personal selling?

A. it allows the seller to negotiate terms and solve problems
B. long-term relationship.
C. immediacy.
D. it is very expensive to maintain and recruit the sales force.
Answer» D. it is very expensive to maintain and recruit the sales force.

An interactive marketing system which uses one or more advertising media to effect a measurable response and /or transactions at any location is called .

A. direct marketing.
B. indirect marketing.
C. database marketing.
D. meta marketing.
Answer» A. direct marketing.
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