Microorganisms- Friend or Foe Solved MCQs


Diseases like polio and chicken pox are caused by _______

A. Bacteria
B. Fungi
C. Virus
D. Worms
Answer» B. Fungi

Examples of Multicellular Microorganism are

A. Algae, Bacteria
B. Bacteria and Fungi
C. Bacteria and Viruses
D. Algae and Fungi
Answer» D. Algae and Fungi

Some medicines obtained from micro-organisms are applied to kill or stop the growth of disease-causing microorganisms. Such medicines are called ______.

A. Antibodies
B. Antibiotics
C. Antiseptics
D. All of the above
Answer» B. Antibiotics

A common preservative used in jam and pickles is

A. Sodium benzoate
B. Nitric acid
C. Sodium Chloride
D. Copper Sulphate
Answer» A. Sodium benzoate

Rhizobium found in root nodules of leguminous roots is an

A. Atmospheric Carbon fixer
B. Atmospheric Oxygen fixer
C. Atmospheric Nitrogen fixer
D. All of the above
Answer» C. Atmospheric Nitrogen fixer

Lactobacillus is commonly found in

A. Cake
B. Curd
C. Bread
D. All of the above
Answer» B. Curd

The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol by yeast is called

A. Fermentation
B. Pasteurisation
C. Alcoholism
D. All of the above
Answer» A. Fermentation

The pores in the bread is due to gas bubbles of

A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen di oxide
C. Nitrogen
D. Carbon di oxide
Answer» D. Carbon di oxide

Deliberately injecting weak microbes into a healthy body and producing antibodies to fight against strong microbes is called _______

A. Medication
B. Antibiotics
C. Vaccination
D. All of the above
Answer» C. Vaccination

The microbe for Malaria is carried by

A. Male Anopheles mosquito
B. Female Anopheles Mosquito
C. Male Aedes mosquito
D. Female Aedes mosquito
Answer» B. Female Anopheles Mosquito
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