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Introduction to American Literature Solved MCQs

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________ is Happy's real name.

A. Harold
B. Bernard
C. Ben
D. Chris
Answer» A. Harold

______ character states"nobody dast blamet his man".

A. Willy Loman
B. Bernard
C. Charley
D. Happy
Answer» C. Charley

In _______ year Arthur Miller won the "Pulitzer Prize for Drama".

A. 1949
B. 1956
C. 1954
D. 1945
Answer» A. 1949

_____ is the protagonist of the play "Death of a Salesman".

A. Charley
B. Happy
C. Bernard
D. Willy Loman
Answer» D. Willy Loman

"A Farewell to Arms" published on _____.

A. 1926
B. 1929
C. 1937
D. 1940
Answer» B. 1929

Ben end up __________when he went looking for his father.

A. Africa
B. America
C. Australia
D. England
Answer» A. Africa

At the beginning of the novel, Henry reports that seven thousand soldiers have died due to _____.

A. Cuff
B. Cholera
C. Fever
D. Phenumonia
Answer» B. Cholera

_________ introduces Henry to Catherine.

A. Mrs. Gage
B. Helan
C. Rinaldi
D. Velantini
Answer» C. Rinaldi

Hernry's job in the Army is_______.

A. Ambulance driver
B. Soldier
C. Lieutenant
D. Doctor
Answer» A. Ambulance driver

______is the refferred as the captain of the ship in the poem"O Captain!My Captain".

A. Chaucer
B. Lincoln
C. Washington
D. Martin Luther
Answer» B. Lincoln

The poem O Captain ! My Captain is a/an ____.

A. Lampoo
B. Lyric
C. Sonnet
D. Elegy
Answer» D. Elegy

________ is the "father of free verse".

A. Walt Whitman
B. Arthur Miller
C. Wallace Stevens
D. William Faulkner
Answer» A. Walt Whitman

_______was the father of Sylvia Plath.

A. Harold Plath
B. Steve Plath
C. Otto Plath
D. Ted Huges
Answer» C. Otto Plath

The poetess compares "Daddy" to ____.

A. A Nazi
B. A Hitler
C. A Vampire
D. All the above
Answer» D. All the above

Sylvia Plath was _______when her father died.

A. 8 years
B. 7 years
C. 6 years
D. 10 years
Answer» A. 8 years

Wallace Stevens' poem "The Emperor of Ice-cream" occur in___________.

A. Chariot
B. Harmonium
C. Mountain Interval
D. The Princess
Answer» B. Harmonium

__________ is embodied on the sheet bused to cover the body.

A. Bird
B. Anmial
C. God
D. Men
Answer» A. Bird

The poet meant by "our fearful trip is done" is________.

A. The end of the first world war
B. The end of second world war
C. The end of civil war
D. The end of French revolution
Answer» C. The end of civil war

Emily Dickinson had written about ___ poems.

A. 1300
B. 1400
C. 1600
D. 1700
Answer» D. 1700

____________was the first title of the poem "Because I Could Not Stop for Death".

A. The Way of Death
B. The Chariot
C. Stopping the Death
D. Life to Death
Answer» B. The Chariot

The swelling ground represent__________.

A. Grave
B. House
C. Heaven
D. Hell
Answer» A. Grave

The narrator comes upon a fork in the road while walking through _____.

A. Green Wood
B. Red Wood
C. Yellow Wood
D. White Wood
Answer» C. Yellow Wood

"Flag is flung" identify the figure of speech.

A. Alliteration
B. Simile
C. Metaphor
D. Hyperbole
Answer» A. Alliteration

__________alphabet is used as in "The Scarlet Letter".

A. N
B. A
C. S
D. D
Answer» B. A

____ is the heroine of the novel "The Scarlet Letter".

A. Pearl
B. Laura
C. Ammy
D. Heater Prynne
Answer» D. Heater Prynne
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