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Computer Architecture Solved MCQs

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The               format is usually used to store data.

A. bcd
B. decimal
C. hexadecimal
D. octal
Answer» A. bcd
Explanation: the data usually used by computers have to be stored and represented in a particular format for ease of use.

The 8-bit encoding format used to store data in a computer is               

A. ascii
B. ebcdic
C. anci
D. uscii
Answer» B. ebcdic
Explanation: the data to be stored in the computers have to be encoded in a particular way so as to provide secure processing of the data.

A source program is usually in

A. assembly language
B. machine level language
C. high-level language
D. natural language
Answer» C. high-level language
Explanation: the program written and before being compiled or assembled is called as a source program.

Which memory device is generally made of semiconductors?

A. ram
B. hard-disk
C. floppy disk
D. cd disk
Answer» A. ram
Explanation: memory devices are usually made of semiconductors for faster manipulation of the contents.

The small extremely fast, RAM’s are called as                 

A. cache
B. heaps
C. accumulators
D. stacks
Answer» A. cache
Explanation: these small and fast memory devices are compared to ram because they optimize the performance of the system and they only keep files which are required by the current process in them

The ALU makes use of                 to store the intermediate results.

A. accumulators
B. registers
C. heap
D. stack
Answer» A. accumulators
Explanation: the alu is the computational center of the cpu. it performs all mathematical and logical operations. in order to perform better, it uses some internal memory spaces to store immediate results.

The control unit controls other units by generating                         

A. control signals
B. timing signals
C. transfer signals
D. command signals
Answer» B. timing signals
Explanation: this unit is used to control and coordinate between the various parts and components of the cpu.

              are numbers and encoded characters, generally used as operands.

A. input
B. data
C. information
D. stored values
Answer» B. data
Explanation: none.

The Input devices can send information to the processor.

A. when the sin status flag is set
B. when the data arrives regardless of the sin flag
C. neither of the cases
D. either of the cases
Answer» A. when the sin status flag is set
Explanation: the input devices use buffers to store the data received and when the buffer has some data it sends it to the processor.

              bus structure is usually used to connect I/O devices.

A. single bus
B. multiple bus
C. star bus
D. rambus
Answer» A. single bus
Explanation: bus is a bunch of wires which carry address, control signals and data. it is used to connect various components of the computer.

The I/O interface required to connect the I/O device to the bus consists of               

A. address decoder and registers
B. control circuits
C. address decoder, registers and control circuits
D. only control circuits
Answer» C. address decoder, registers and control circuits
Explanation: the i/o devices are connected to the cpu via bus and to interact with the bus they have an interface.

To reduce the memory access time we generally make use of               

A. heaps
B. higher capacity ram’s
C. sdram’s
D. cache’s
Answer» D. cache’s
Explanation: the time required to access a part of the memory for data retrieval.

              is generally used to increase the apparent size of physical memory.

A. secondary memory
B. virtual memory
C. hard-disk
D. disks
Answer» B. virtual memory
Explanation: virtual memory is like an extension to the existing memory.

MFC stands for                         

A. memory format caches
B. memory function complete
C. memory find command
D. mass format command
Answer» B. memory function complete
Explanation: this is a system command enabled when a memory function is completed by a process.

The time delay between two successive initiations of memory operation                 

A. memory access time
B. memory search time
C. memory cycle time
D. instruction delay
Answer» C. memory cycle time
Explanation: the time is taken to finish one task and to start another.

The decoded instruction is stored in

A. ir
B. pc
C. registers
D. mdr
Answer» A. ir
Explanation: the instruction after obtained from the pc, is decoded and operands are fetched and stored in the ir.

Which registers can interact with the secondary storage?

A. mar
B. pc
C. ir
D. r0
Answer» A. mar
Explanation: mar can interact with secondary storage in order to fetch data from it.

During the execution of a program which gets initialized first?

A. mdr
B. ir
C. pc
D. mar
Answer» C. pc
Explanation: for the execution of a process first the instruction is placed in the pc.

Which of the register/s of the processor is/are connected to Memory Bus?

A. pc
B. mar
C. ir
D. both pc and mar
Answer» B. mar
Explanation: mar is connected to the memory bus in order to access the memory.

ISP stands for                     

A. instruction set processor
B. information standard processing
C. interchange standard protocol
D. interrupt service procedure
Answer» A. instruction set processor
Explanation: none.

The internal components of the processor are connected by                 

A. processor intra-connectivity circuitry
B. processor bus
C. memory bus
D. rambus
Answer» B. processor bus
Explanation: the processor bus is used to connect the various parts in order to provide a direct connection to the cpu.

              is used to choose between incrementing the PC or performing ALU operations.

A. conditional codes
B. multiplexer
C. control unit
D. none of the mentioned
Answer» B. multiplexer
Explanation: the multiplexer circuit is used to choose between the two as it can give different results based on the input.

The registers, ALU and the interconnection between them are collectively called as            

A. process route
B. information trail
C. information path
D. data path
Answer» D. data path
Explanation: the operational and

                is used to store data in registers.

A. d flip flop
B. jk flip flop
C. rs flip flop
D. none of the mentioned
Answer» A. d flip flop
Explanation: none.

The main virtue for using single Bus structure is                           

A. fast data transfers
B. cost effective connectivity and speed
C. cost effective connectivity and ease of attaching peripheral devices
D. none of the mentioned
Answer» C. cost effective connectivity and ease of attaching peripheral devices
Explanation: by using a single bus structure we can minimize the amount of hardware (wire) required and thereby reducing the cost.
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