Banking Solved MCQs


The SBI Act was passed to take over the

A. imperial bank of india
B. the bank of bengal
C. allahabad bank
D. central bank of india
Answer» A. imperial bank of india

Which bank was the earliest bank started under European Directions in India?

A. the bank of bharat
B. the bank of bengal
C. the bank of hindustan
D. the bank of vatan
Answer» C. the bank of hindustan

Vijaya Bank and which other bank merged with Bank Of Baroda?

A. icici bank
B. axis bank
C. dena bank
D. lena bank
Answer» C. dena bank

It serves the financial needs of large corporate house both domestic and multinational entities of public sectors and government

A. investment banking
B. retail banking
C. industrial banking
D. corporate banking
Answer» D. corporate banking

Bancassurance partner of TATA AIA Life Insurance

A. axis
B. citi bank
C. icici
D. yes bank
Answer» B. citi bank

In India RTGS system was operational from?

A. 2004
B. 2003
C. 2002
D. 2001
Answer» A. 2004

SIDBI launched the _________ in 1994

A. macro credit scheme
B. micro credit scheme
C. kisan credit card
D. self-help group
Answer» B. micro credit scheme

SSS stands for

A. securities settlement system
B. securities secret system
C. securities system schedule
D. securities systematic schedule
Answer» A. securities settlement system

Project finance is one of the product of

A. investment banking
B. industrial banking
C. corporate banking
D. universal banking
Answer» C. corporate banking

It is a provision of affordable financial services to theose who tend to be excluded

A. financial services
B. financial inclusion
C. financial exclusion
D. financial reporting
Answer» B. financial inclusion
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