Light Solved MCQs


If the angle of incidence of light falling on a plane mirror is 30degree, what will be the angle of reflection?

A. 90 degree
B. 60 degree
C. 30 degree
D. 0 degree
Answer» C. 30 degree

Whe we stand in front of our dressing table, our left hand seems to be right and right seems to be left. This is called

A. Left-right confusion
B. Lateral inversion
C. Up -side down phenomenon
D. mirage
Answer» B. Lateral inversion

Light passing through a prism splits into its colour. This is called

A. Dispersion
B. Dissolution
C. Division
D. None of the above
Answer» A. Dispersion

Rainbow is a natural phenomenon showing

A. Reflection
B. Refraction
C. Dispersion
D. Diversion
Answer» C. Dispersion

In the retina of the eye, the area having no sensory cells is called

A. iris
B. Blind spot
C. cornea
D. Dark spot
Answer» B. Blind spot

If light falls perpendicularly on a plane mirror, what will be the angle in which it will be reflected?

A. 45 degree
B. 90 degree
C. 180 degree
D. 360 degree
Answer» B. 90 degree

Which of the following is not luminous object?

A. sun
B. candle
C. moon
D. Tube light
Answer» C. moon

To make a kaleidoscope we require

A. Three plane mirrors
B. Four plane mirrors
C. Three glass sheets
D. Four glass sheets
Answer» A. Three plane mirrors

In our eye _______cells can sense colour

A. Rod
B. Cone
C. Both rod and cone
D. Neither rod nor cone
Answer» C. Both rod and cone

An owl can see clearly at night but not day time because it has

A. More rods and few cones
B. Less rod and more cones
C. More rods and more cone
D. Less rods and less cones
Answer» A. More rods and few cones
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