Business Intelligence solved MCQs

1. In decision making step of Knowledge Management process the _____ is used fordecision making.

a. Data

B. Knowledge

c. Information

d. Metadata

2. People are ultimately the ______ of knowledge.

a. Storage

B. Gainer

c. Holders

d. Acquire

3. _______ is a way of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a softwarethink intelligently, in the similar manner the intelligent humans think.

a. Machine Intelligence

B. Artificial Intelligence

c. Linguistic Intelligence

d. Naturalistic Intelligence

4. Data, information and past experience combined together are termed as _______.

a. Intelligence

B. Knowledge

c. Expert systems

d. Data driven systems

5. JESS is an abbreviation for ________.

a. Java Enhanced System Sell

B. Java Expert System Sell

c. Java Expert Sub System

d. Java Enhanced Sub System

6. Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of application programs which includes :

a. Decision support

B. Data mining


d. All of the mentioned

7. Which of following is not phase of decision making process

a. Design

B. Analysis

c. Intelligence

d. Choice

8. Decision support systems are essential for

a. Day–to-day operation of an organization.

B. Providing statutory information.

c. Top level strategic decision making.

d. Ensuring that organizations are profitable.

9. Computer information system are most successful in providing information for:

a. Control decisions

B. Planning decision

c. Strategic decision

d. None of the above

10. PERT is an abbreviation of

a. Process Evaluation and Review Techniques

B. Project Evaluation and Review Techniques

c. Part Evaluation and Review Techniques

d. Project Estimating and Review Techniques

11. Which of the following describes the order in which customers are extracted from the lineto be admitted to the service?

a. Population

B. Arrivals

c. Waiting lines

d. Line rules

12. ''To anticipate the value that a random variable will assume in the future or to estimate thelikelihood of the future events'' is the purpose of?

a. Interpretation

B. Prediction

c. Data mining

d. A & B both

13. If the distribution of values of the attribute aj is roughly normal, the z index basedtransformaltion generates values that are almost certainly within the range.

a. (-3,3)

B. (-2,2)

c. (-4,4)

d. (-1,1)

14. The purpose of ________ is to obtain a decrease in the number of distinct values assumedby one or more attributes.

a. Data Validation

B. Data Transformation

c. Data Reduction

d. Data Noise

15. PCA is

a. Projection Combination Analysis

B. Principal Combination Analysis

c. Principal Component Analysis

d. Projection Combination Analysis

16. Which of the following is required by K-means clustering?

a. defined distance metric

B. number of clusters

c. initial guess as to cluster centroids

d. all of the mentioned

17. Point out the wrong statement.

a. k-means clustering is a method of vector quantization

B. k-means clustering aims to partition n observations into k clusters

c. k-nearest neighbor is same as k-means

d. none of the mentioned

18. Which of the following clustering requires merging approach?

a. Partitional

B. Hierarchical

c. Naive Bayes

d. None of the mentioned

19. Which of the following gave rise to need of graphs in data analysis?

a. Data visualization

B. Communicating results

c. Decision making

d. All of the mentioned

20. Which of the following is characteristic of exploratory graph?

a. Made slowly

B. Axes are not cleaned up

c. Color is used for personal information

d. All of the mentioned

21. Which of the following information is not given by five-number summary?

a. Mean

B. Median

c. Mode

d. All of the mentioned

22. Which of the following graph can be used for simple summarization of data?

a. Scatterplot

B. Overlaying

c. Barplot

d. All of the mentioned

23. Which of the following problem is solved by reproducibility?

a. Scalability

B. Data availability

c. Improved data analysis

d. None of the mentioned


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