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Perspectives On Indian Society Solved MCQs

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Who introduced the approach of ‘’Marxology’’ for the study of the middle class structure and formation in India

A. Desi
B. D P Mukharjee
C. Ghurye
D. Karl Marx
Answer» B. D P Mukharjee

The term Discourse used the famous sociologist like

A. August Comte
B. Focault
C. Desai
D. Ghurye
Answer» B. Focault

The subaltern perspective was proposed by

A. D D Kosambi
B. G S Ghurye
C. B R Ambedkar
D. A R Desai
Answer» C. B R Ambedkar

The values of traditional Indian culture are determined by

A. Religion
B. Rural economy
C. Joint family
D. Education
Answer» C. Joint family

Dube’s book Indian village is published in

A. 1956
B. 1955
C. 1950
D. 1953
Answer» B. 1955

Who is the author of the book ‘’Essays of modernization in India’’

A. S C Dube
B. A R Desai
C. Yogendra Singh
Answer» C. Yogendra Singh

Who is associated with Doctrine Marxist

A. A R Desai
B. Ambedkar
C. Dube
Answer» A. A R Desai

Among the following the most important leader of the rise of the nationalism in India was……

A. Ghurye
B. Ambedkar
C. Dube
Answer» B. Ambedkar

S.C.Dube related with

A. Deductive positivist approach
B. Integrated approach
C. Doctrine Marxist
Answer» A. Deductive positivist approach

Ambedkar associated with

A. Sabaltern approach
B. Doctrine Marxist
C. Integrated approach
Answer» A. Sabaltern approach

Dube highlighted-------------

A. role of various social structures
B. culture and traditions
C. morals and beliefs
Answer» A. role of various social structures

The book ‘’Contemporary India and its modernization’’ written by

A. R K Mukharjee
B. S C Dube
C. Ghureye
Answer» B. S C Dube

Who made the study in Deccan Village

A. S. C.Dube
B. A R Desai
C. M N Srinivas
Answer» A. S. C.Dube

Among the following who followed Marxist approach

A. A R Desai
B. Yogendra Singh
C. S C Dube
Answer» A. A R Desai

The book ‘’State and society in India ‘’ belongs to whom?

A. A R Desai
B. Yogendra Singh
C. Ambedkar
Answer» A. A R Desai

Typology followed by AR Desai

A. Dialectical-historical model
B. Indological approach
C. Folk tradition
Answer» A. Dialectical-historical model

------is written and spoken conversation and the thinking that underlies it

A. Knowledge
B. Language
C. Discourse
Answer» C. Discourse

----------forms the basis for all social interaction

A. language
B. Communication
C. Ideas
Answer» B. Communication

Who among the following is a proponent of subaltern perspective

A. Ambedkar
B. M N Srinivas
C. Dube
Answer» A. Ambedkar

Who wrote the book ‘’ Annihilation of caste’’

A. D P Mukherjee
B. Ambedkar
C. A R. Desai
Answer» B. Ambedkar

Who find hat Gita defends the position of jajmani’s minamsa against Badarayan’s Brahmasutra

A. Yogendra Singh
B. Ambdkar
C. D D kosambi
Answer» B. Ambdkar

Ambedkar’s typology was

A. Hierarchical and inegalitarian structure
B. field work
C. Historical approach
Answer» A. Hierarchical and inegalitarian structure

The aim of Ambedker’s subaltern perspective was

A. rural development
B. Dalit liberation
C. village study
Answer» B. Dalit liberation

Dube in his book ‘’India’s changing village’’ deals with changes in Indian village by the initiation of

B. advanced living conditions
C. technological programmes
Answer» A. CDP

Who initiated the idea for a ‘Sociology of India’ in 1957?

A. D P Mukharjee
B. M N Srinivas
C. Louis Dumunt
Answer» A. D P Mukharjee
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