Modern Sociological Theories Solved MCQs


Life world is a concept associated with the works of:

A. Coser
B. Karl Marx
C. Weber
D. Habermas
Answer» D. Habermas

Indexicality is a concept used in the theory of:

A. Phenomenology
B. Structural Functionalism
C. Critical Theory
D. Ethnomethodology
Answer» D. Ethnomethodology

Ralf Dahrendorf is well known for his contributions of:

A. Conflict Theory
B. Critical Theory
C. Functionalism
D. Ethnomethodology
Answer» A. Conflict Theory

Who among the following is a symbolic interactionalist ?

A. Karl Marx
B. Marx Weber
C. Talcott Parsons
D. G H Mead
Answer» D. G H Mead

In Parsons theory of structural functionalism oriented problems are known as ________________

B. System
C. Conflict
D. Functionalism
Answer» A. AGIL

Critical theory is associated with the ______________school.

A. Frankfurt
B. Chicago
C. Conflict
D. None of these
Answer» A. Frankfurt

Jefrey C Alexander is a __________

A. Functionalist
B. Neo functionalist
C. Structural functionalist
D. Conflict theorist
Answer» B. Neo functionalist

Definition of Situation is a concept developed by ____________________

A. W .I Thomas
B. Cooley
C. Weber
D. Parson
Answer» A. W .I Thomas

Normative functionalism in the contribution of __________________

A. Alexander
B. Parson
C. Blumer
D. Merton
Answer» B. Parson

Micro functionalism proposed by ________________

A. Brown
B. Merton
C. Dahrendorf
D. Parsons
Answer» B. Merton

Symbolic interactionalism related to ______________

A. Marx
B. Weber
C. Coser
D. Blumer
Answer» D. Blumer

Dialectical conflict is proposed by ____________

A. Dahrendorf
B. Weber
C. Plato
D. Bulmer
Answer» A. Dahrendorf

Frankfurt school is basically related with the___________ perspective

A. Critical
B. Conflict
C. Ideological
D. None of these
Answer» A. Critical

Phenomenology has its origin in _________________

A. Japan
B. India
C. Germany
D. France
Answer» C. Germany

Conflict functionalism is a contribution of _______________

A. Coser
B. Marx
C. Weber
D. Alexander
Answer» A. Coser

The theoretical system of Frankfurt school is essentially:

A. Frankfurt oriented
B. Conflict oriented
C. Structural oriented
D. Interaction oriented
Answer» B. Conflict oriented

Who called structural functionalism as overly narrow:

A. Alexander and Colomy
B. Colomy and Turner
C. Seidman and Colomy
D. Seidman and Dahrendorf
Answer» A. Alexander and Colomy

The individual comes to know about himself is:

A. Role taking
B. Role playing
C. Role conflict
D. Role model
Answer» A. Role taking

The proponent of the concept of Looking glass self is:

A. G H Mead
B. Goffman
C. W. I Thomas
D. C. H. Cooley
Answer» D. C. H. Cooley

Self is a product of _______________

A. Society
B. Culture
C. Man
D. Peer group
Answer» A. Society

The capacity for thought is shaped by ________

A. Personality
B. Self
C. Individual
D. Culture
Answer» B. Self

______________is the process by which people offer accounts in order to make sense of the world

A. Reflexitivity
B. Accounting
C. Indexicality
D. Experiment
Answer» B. Accounting

Neo functionalism is a scientific study about ____________

A. Society
B. Individual
C. Culture
D. Social institution
Answer» A. Society

According to parsons __________ is the mechanism that bridges institutionalization and internalization

A. Accucultuation
B. Socialization
C. Assimilation
D. Symbolization
Answer» A. Accucultuation

Name an eminent proponent of phenomenology

A. Hussel
B. Mead
C. Garfunkel
D. Blumer
Answer» A. Hussel

Who is the author of’ The structure of Social Action’?

A. Parson
B. Mead
C. Cooley
D. Weber
Answer» A. Parson

For parson, a society is in a state of ____________

A. Equilibrium
B. Functionalism
C. Independent
D. Dependent
Answer» A. Equilibrium

Jeffry Alexander contributed ___________________

A. Structuralism
B. Functionalism
C. Conflict perspective
D. Neo-functionalism
Answer» D. Neo-functionalism

The historical materialism is the contribution of ________________

A. Talcott Parson
B. Karl Marx
C. Max Weber
D. G. H. Mead
Answer» B. Karl Marx

______________ investigates the systematic bracketing of all existing assumption regarding the external world

A. Functionalism
B. Ethonomethodology
C. Structuralism
D. Phenomenology
Answer» D. Phenomenology
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