Dalit Literature Solved MCQs


Which work made SarankumarLimbale famous in literature?

A. akkarmashi
B. towards an aesthetics of dalit literature
C. black dance
D. none of these
Answer» B. towards an aesthetics of dalit literature

Which is the autobiographical novel of Sarankumar Limbale?

A. akkarmashi
B. jootan
C. aamen
D. none of these
Answer» A. akkarmashi

What is the meaning of ‘Akkarmashi ‘?

A. dalit
B. hungry
C. out caste
D. upper caste
Answer» C. out caste

What makes Dalit Literature different from the mainstream literature?

A. style
B. vibrant expression
C. content
D. all of them
Answer» D. all of them

Which of the following features forms a reason for the suppression of Dalit?

A. caste
B. class
C. occupation
D. all of them
Answer» D. all of them

Which character is considered as the forefather of dalits?

A. rama
B. ekalavya
C. sita
D. brahma
Answer» B. ekalavya

What is the aim of Dalit literature?

A. submission
B. agreement
C. observation
D. protest
Answer» D. protest

To which community Limbale belonged?

A. mahar
B. chuhra
C. pulaya
D. none of these
Answer» A. mahar

Who is the author of ‘Kandathi’?

A. hirabansode
B. k k s das
C. raghavanatholi
D. c. ayyappan
Answer» C. raghavanatholi

Where does the hungry woman wait?

A. at home
B. before the garbage
C. in the road
D. at the beach
Answer» B. before the garbage

How is the face of the parting day?

A. beautiful
B. tired
C. hungry
D. swollen
Answer» D. swollen

Where does Kandathi live?

A. in the street
B. at the river bank
C. in the pitch black hut
D. none of these
Answer» C. in the pitch black hut

What is guarded by Kandathi?

A. a fresh meal
B. a cold meal
C. money
D. gold
Answer» B. a cold meal

What was broken by the hands of Kandathi?

A. the caste system
B. hypocrisy
C. stones
D. none of these
Answer» C. stones

How do the people water the seeds in the fields?

A. from the river
B. with tears
C. from the ponds
D. using machines
Answer» A. from the river

What was vanished in the wild?

A. team
B. sons
C. carts
D. clans
Answer» D. clans

Which word shows the poverty of the working class people in Kandathi?

A. empty hovels
B. groaned
C. treacherous
D. full barns
Answer» A. empty hovels

Kandathi had shrunken in to an old …….

A. sickle
B. crone
C. metal
D. none of these
Answer» B. crone

What/who nursed the child?

A. mother
B. nature
C. tears
D. whole community
Answer» C. tears

To which thing, life of the out caste is compared with?

A. coconut tree
B. coconut shell
C. coconut husk
D. none of these
Answer» C. coconut husk

What was crushed by the rushing feet?

A. child
B. handful of rice
C. tear drops
D. none of these
Answer» B. handful of rice

What was the reason behind the battle?

A. water
B. rice
C. food
D. garments
Answer» A. water

What does the mother want?

A. rice
B. water
C. coins
D. a piece of land
Answer» D. a piece of land

According to Raj Gowthaman, any one who is ……….. dalit can produce dalit literature.

A. inborn as
B. brought up as
C. ideologically
D. none of these
Answer» C. ideologically

Who provided the current position to the Dalits?

A. writers
B. dominant society
C. cultural issues
D. brahmins
Answer» B. dominant society

Where do the problems take place over the dalits?

A. over their body
B. in the street
C. in the fields
D. none of these
Answer» A. over their body

Who is Yasodhara?

A. mother of buddha
B. wife of buddha
C. daughter of buddha
D. a poetess
Answer» B. wife of buddha

In the beginning of the poem, who is compared to the dream of sharp pain?

A. yasodhara
B. sangamitra
C. kourvaki
D. none of these
Answer» A. yasodhara

Who gave the light to the entire people?

A. gotama
B. goutama buddha
C. patanjali
D. kanada
Answer» B. goutama buddha

Who was thrown to darkness by Buddha?

A. badrayana
B. sangamitra
C. yasodhara
D. none of these
Answer» C. yasodhara

Which colour is used to show the emptiness of Yasodhara’s life?

A. white
B. yellow
C. black
D. blue
Answer» D. blue

Yasodhara had a …… life.

A. fragmented
B. lovely
C. beautiful
D. brocken
Answer» A. fragmented

Who is ready to provide refuge to Yasodhara?

A. sea
B. sky
C. earth
D. wind
Answer» B. sky

Yasodhara’s life is described as …..?

A. fruitless
B. noteworthy
C. empty
D. fruitful
Answer» A. fruitless

‘Matchless beauty’ means?

A. beauty that cannot be compared
B. beautiful without a companion
C. most beautiful
D. none of these
Answer» B. beautiful without a companion

Yasodara is getting dimmed like ……

A. sun
B. moon
C. twilight
D. stars
Answer» C. twilight

Where does Yasodara carry the raging storm in?

A. heart
B. mind
C. small hands
D. none of these
Answer» C. small hands

What shakes the earth?

A. yasodhara’s sigh
B. yasodhara’s life
C. yasodhara’s tears
D. none of these
Answer» B. yasodhara’s life

What was the name of Buddha at his Grihastashrama?

A. rama
B. sidhartha
C. badrayana
D. kapila
Answer» B. sidhartha

Sidhartha was moving towards……

A. glory
B. knowledge
C. great splendor
D. none of these
Answer» C. great splendor

What did history hide?

A. buddha’s family
B. yasodhara’s sacrifice
C. buddha’s son
D. buddha’s country
Answer» B. yasodhara’s sacrifice

When do the people of Veerashaiva family throw coins?

A. in the wedding feast
B. in the feast of the temple
C. in the funeral procession
Answer» C. in the funeral procession

Which activity will provide redemption from the sins?

A. attending the funeral
B. throwing coins on the corpse
C. touching the feet of the dead
D. mourning in the procession
Answer» B. throwing coins on the corpse

The stich that was used to control the dalits were also used to control …….

A. pigs and dogs
B. other human beings
C. cattle
D. none of these
Answer» A. pigs and dogs

What made the dominant people of the village to compete each other in ‘Coins on the Corpse and the Wedding Feast’?

A. donation
B. alms
C. constructing houses
D. all of them
Answer» D. all of them

Where do the younger members hide the collected coins from the corpse?

A. in the pocket
B. in the bag
C. in the hole of the tree
D. in the secret pocket
Answer» D. in the secret pocket

What was the profession of Adavichonchas, Lollyars and Kunchikoravas?

A. burying corpses
B. cleaning the dirt
C. begging
D. working in the fields
Answer» C. begging

What was the marking made to prevent the dalits from having a second meal?

A. oil
B. colour
C. paint
D. none
Answer» B. colour

What helped dalits to remove the colour from the hands?

A. water
B. oil on the head
C. paper
D. cloth
Answer» B. oil on the head

Who is the founder of ‘Dalit Panther’?

A. limbale
B. b r ambedkar
C. namdeodhasal
D. c k janu
Answer» C. namdeodhasal
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