Modern English Literature Solved MCQs


‘This man had kept a school……’ Who is referred to here by W B Yeats?

A. patrick henry pearse
B. thomas macdonagh
C. major john macbride
D. maud gonne
Answer» A. patrick henry pearse

Ted Hughes was honoured with the Poet Laureateship in the year-------

A. 1989
B. 1984
C. 1979
D. 1978
Answer» B. 1984

The opening lines of Journey of the Magi are a quotation from-----

A. lancelot andrewes's 1622 nativity sermon
B. the fly
C. cannonization
D. mathews
Answer» A. lancelot andrewes's 1622 nativity sermon

‘The black sailed ship’ metaphorically alludes to…………….

A. birth
B. death
C. resurrection
D. fall
Answer» B. death

Name the theatre found by W. B Yeats?

A. globe theatre
B. abbey theatre
C. greek theatre
D. theatre of maud gonne
Answer» B. abbey theatre

The prototype of modern Angry Young Man in the play Look Back in Anger?

A. cliff
B. colonel redfurn
C. jimmy porter
D. john graham
Answer» C. jimmy porter

Name the German dramatist most associated with epic theatre?

A. eugene o'neill
B. bertolt brecht
C. benjamin fondane
D. elmer rice
Answer» B. bertolt brecht

The term avant-garde literally means-------

A. advance-guard
B. carry on guards
C. cheers guards
D. come on guards
Answer» A. advance-guard

The anthology New Lines was edited by-----------

A. catherine
B. robert brook
C. philip larkin
D. robert conquest
Answer» D. robert conquest

Virginia Wolf belongs to the famous----------- group.

A. clapham group
B. bloomsbury group
C. feminist group
D. london group
Answer» B. bloomsbury group

--------- is Sarah Woodruff’s alleged French lover.

A. varguennes
B. ernestina freeman
C. charles smithson
D. sam farrow
Answer» A. varguennes

An example of oxymoron in Easter 1916.

A. terrible beauty
B. horse-hoof slides
C. green is worn
D. vainglorious lout
Answer» A. terrible beauty

‘He had done most bitter wrong’—To whom was the wrong done?

A. w.b yeats
B. thomas macdonagh
C. major john macbride
D. maud gonne
Answer» D. maud gonne

------ was the verse memoir for Plath written by Ted Hughes.

A. cave birds
B. birthday letters
C. river
D. moor town
Answer» B. birthday letters

‘Watching from a bluff the sparkling armada of ------draw near’

A. promises
B. faith
C. hope
D. trust
Answer» A. promises

Harold Pinter’s plays are typical examples of comedy of …….

A. menace
B. manners
C. humours
D. life
Answer» A. menace

In Dumb Waiter Ben and Gus quarrel over the phrase-------

A. lighting the kettle
B. capitalist slavery
C. naked vulnerability
D. life’s burden
Answer» A. lighting the kettle

In Easter 1916 Yeats commemorates -------in Dublin on 24 April 1916.

A. uprising
B. marriage party
C. battle
D. religious function
Answer» A. uprising

Marchbanks is a character from G B Shaw’s play……….

A. pygmalion
B. arms and the man
C. candida
D. the irrational knot
Answer» C. candida

Expressionism originated in __________. a)France b)Germany c)Italy d)England 25.Name the character mentioned as the mistress of Jimmy Porter.

A. helena charles
B. alison
C. madeline
D. lisa
Answer» B. alison

Sarah Woodruff enjoys an artistic, creative life in the house of ----------in the last part of French Lieutenant’s Woman.

A. rosetti
B. rose
C. magnum
D. freeman
Answer» A. rosetti

The essay ‘How should One Read a Book’ appears in------

A. the common reader: second series
B. orlando: a biography .
C. mrs dollway
D. to the lighthouse
Answer» A. the common reader: second series

The Magi are the three wise men from the east who travelled to-----

A. bethalhem
B. israel
C. jerusalem
D. rome
Answer» A. bethalhem

Who among the following is Alison’s father

A. colonel redfern
B. webster
C. nigel
D. morgan
Answer» A. colonel redfern

The winged horse mentioned in the poem ‘Easter 1916’

A. pegasus
B. sleipinir
C. unicorn
D. hippocampus
Answer» A. pegasus

The autobiographical novel “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” is being written by__________.

A. d.h lawrence
B. thomas hardy
C. james augustine joyce
D. virginia woolf
Answer» C. james augustine joyce

Who coined the word ‘Theatre of the Absurd’?

A. albert camus
B. franz kafka
C. martin eslin
D. robert
Answer» C. martin eslin

According to Woolf the best way to understand a novel is to---------- what we have read

A. criticize
B. compare
C. write
D. analyse
Answer» C. write

Name Joyce’s only collection of short stories

A. the dubliners
B. ulysses
C. the portrait
D. araby
Answer» A. the dubliners

The short story “Araby” is narrated by

A. a boy
B. an young woman
C. an elderly
D. author
Answer» A. a boy

Mention the name of pawnbroker’s widow in the story “Araby”

A. mrs.mercer
B. mrs. pekker
C. mrs. sampson
D. mrs. heidegger
Answer» A. mrs.mercer

Who wrote the screen play Karel Reisz’ Adaptation of “ The French Lieutenant’s Woman”

A. harold pinter
B. bernard shaw
C. henrik ibsen
D. virginia woolf
Answer» A. harold pinter

The short story “The Rocking-Horse Winner” appeared in

A. new lines
B. harper’s bazaar
C. horse collections
D. mariner’s win
Answer» B. harper’s bazaar

The narrative technique usually employed by James Joyce___________.

A. stream of consciousness
B. symbolism
C. imagism
D. modernism
Answer» A. stream of consciousness

Osborne’s “Look Back in Anger” was first performed in the year

A. 1945
B. 1950
C. 1954
D. 1956
Answer» B. 1950

The early stories in Joyce’s “Dubliners” have -------- as protagonists

A. women
B. irish peasants
C. children
D. mythical characters
Answer» A. women

--------------- is the only play published by James Joyce

A. exiles
B. the dead
C. the black sun
D. chamber music
Answer» C. the black sun

Who among the following is a Movement poet?

A. elizabeth jennings
B. ted hughes
C. t.s eliot
D. w.h auden
Answer» A. elizabeth jennings

“Dubliners” was first published in the year

A. 1912
B. 1914
C. 1918
D. 1921
Answer» B. 1914

Stream of Consciousness novel is a product of

A. 18 c
B. 16c
C. 17c
D. 20c
Answer» D. 20c

Virginia Woolf was the daughter of an eminent critic and scholar. Who was he?

A. matthew arnold
B. carlyle
C. john ruskin
D. leslie stephen
Answer» D. leslie stephen

Who has been called the leader of Angry Young Men?

A. alan sillitoe
B. john wain
C. colin wilson
D. john osborne
Answer» D. john osborne

Yeats was awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in

A. 1903
B. 1910
C. 1917
D. 1923
Answer» D. 1923

Eliot’s “Journey of the Magi” occurs in his

A. ariel poems
B. poems (1920)
C. the wasteland
D. four quartets
Answer» A. ariel poems
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