Reading Poetry Solved MCQs


A lengthy poem in the form of an address to a person or an entity is called____

A. lyric
B. sonnet
C. ballad
D. ode
Answer» D. ode

The poetic forms of Haiku and Tanka have originated from ____

A. india
B. japan
C. korea
D. china
Answer» B. japan

A Japanese poem that encapsulates a single impression of a natural object or scene.

A. tanka
B. jintishi
C. rubai
D. haiku
Answer» D. haiku

Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey are examples of _____

A. lyric poetry
B. dramatic poetry
C. epic poetry
D. satiric poetry
Answer» C. epic poetry

Which type of poem has an octave and a sestet?

A. ode
B. lyric
C. sonnet
D. tanka
Answer» C. sonnet

The sonnet was perfected by____

A. homer
B. petrarch
C. virgil
D. juvenal
Answer» B. petrarch

The metrical foot that most closely resembles natural English speech is_______

A. iambic pentametre
B. iambic hexametre
C. trochaic metre
D. dactylic metre
Answer» A. iambic pentametre

The line ‘Love is not Love’ employs the technique of _________

A. assonance
B. alliteration
C. hard rhyme
D. soft rhyme
Answer» B. alliteration

Edward Fitgerald is well known for his translation of _________.

A. omar khayam
B. homer
C. valmiki
D. virgil
Answer» A. omar khayam

Prosody is the study of __________

A. prose
B. verse
C. essays
D. novels
Answer» B. verse

Shakespeare wrote ____ sonnets.

A. 164
B. 165
C. 154
D. 155
Answer» C. 154

In Sonnet 116 Shakespeare personifies ________

A. love
B. time
C. marriage
D. doom
Answer» A. love

A sonnet has ________ lines.

A. 10
B. 12
C. 14.
D. 16
Answer» C. 14.

abab cdcd efef gg is the rhyme scheme for the _______ sonnet.

A. petrarchan
B. spenserian
C. shakespearan
D. wordsworthian
Answer» C. shakespearan

“Love is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds” means that —

A. love is a fake romantic illusion
B. what people usually call love is not love
C. true love does not change with circumstance
D. as life progresses, love must be prepared to change
Answer» C. true love does not change with circumstance

In Sonnet 116, lines 9–12, beginning “Love’s not Time’s fool,” suggest that love —

A. is not deceived my any material wealth
B. cannot last forever
C. outlives the end of youth
D. is strongest when people are young
Answer» C. outlives the end of youth
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