90+ World History 1 Solved MCQs


ho*mo erectus differed from Cro-Magnon man in

A. small flow
B. drawing paintings
C. large jaw
D. making tools
Answer» C. large jaw

First fossil of African Ape man was discovered by

A. reymont dart
B. e dubious
C. dr leakey
D. arther keith
Answer» A. reymont dart

ho*mo erectus is the zoological name of

A. java ape man
B. peking man
C. neanderthal man
D. both l and 2
Answer» D. both l and 2

Fire was first used for protection and cooking by……..

A. java man
B. neanderthal man
C. peaking man
D. cro-magnon men
Answer» A. java man

The theory of evolution indicates that?

A. man evolved from monkeys
B. monkeys evolved from men
C. man evolv
D. from dinosaurs d man and apes had a common ancestor d. none
Answer» C. man evolv

The epoch of human civilization is?

A. pliocene
B. pleistocene
C. holocene
D. paleocane
Answer» C. holocene

ho*mo belongs to class

A. mammalian
B. primate
C. prosimi
D. athropoidea
Answer» A. mammalian

Fossils of crossing Magnon man were discovered in?

A. 1924
B. 1891
C. 1868
D. 1856
Answer» A. 1924

Which one is the closest to modern man?

A. peking
B. cro-magnon man
C. java ape man
D. african man
Answer» B. cro-magnon man

From which of the following Indian archaeological site the earliest stone tools have been found?

A. lothal
B. sindh
C. bori
D. kabul
Answer» C. bori

Which of the following site is belongs to the lower Paleolithic cultures

A. pahalgam
B. belan valley
C. bhimbetka
D. all of the above
Answer» B. belan valley

River Tigris and Euphrates are associated with?

A. mesopotamian civilization
B. harappan civilization
C. chinese civilization
D. egyptian civilization
Answer» A. mesopotamian civilization

What was the primary focus of the much of the culture of the city od the Ahrens?

A. war and fighting
B. athletics and competition
C. art a
D. education d power and conquest. 15 history of rome ‘ written by?
Answer» C. art a

Microliths type of tools used by

A. mesolithic
B. paleolith
C. c neolithic
D. metal age
Answer» A. mesolithic

‘Feudal Society “ the book written by

A. marc bloch
B. perry anderson
C. arno
D. toynbee d. none
Answer» A. marc bloch

What international game was began in Ancient Greece?

A. world of sports s
B. the marathon
C. the chariot races
D. the olympics
Answer» D. the olympics

Who made Christianity as the official religion of the Roman empire?

A. theodosius
B. constantine
C. julius caesar
D. octovian.
Answer» A. theodosius

Ziggurat the temple of heaven was situates at

A. mesopotamia
B. ur
C. memphis
D. harappa
Answer» B. ur

The invention of wheel was during the period of

A. mesolithic
B. paleolith
C. c. neolithic
D. metal age
Answer» C. c. neolithic

Urban Revolution “ the term coined by?

A. gordon child
B. flinders petrie
C. pitt rivers
D. henrich schliemann
Answer» A. gordon child

The Patron deity of Ur

A. nanna
B. zeus
C. sphinx
D. anu
Answer» A. nanna

The code of Hammurabi, is an example of

A. written rules for legal procedures
B. the power of strong kings to control trade
C. regulations on the way to conduct wars against neighboring nations.
D. the power of a legislature to veto laws passed by absolute monarchs.
Answer» A. written rules for legal procedures

On which continent is Greece located?

A. china
B. north america
C. africa
D. europe
Answer» D. europe

What was the ancient Egyptian king called? A. Pharaoh B God C King D Government. 27.What was the capital of Ancient Greece?

A. athens
B. olympia
C. rome
D. constantinople
Answer» A. athens

The most important city states in Greece?

A. sparta and corinth
B. athens and sparta
C. athens a
D. macedonia d. coirnth thebs
Answer» B. athens and sparta

Who conquered the Ancient Greece?

A. the romans
B. the greeks
C. the egyptians
D. the persians
Answer» A. the romans

What language did the ancient Roman Speech?

A. the english
B. the latin
C. the french
D. the romans
Answer» D. the romans

What was the Greek name for the king of the Gods?

A. poseidon
B. zeus
C. atlases
D. jupiter
Answer» B. zeus

What was the Athens not known for?

A. culture
B. government
C. the military
D. architecture
Answer» C. the military

Which sea both Greece and Rome located by?

A. black sea
B. caribbean sea
C. mediterranean sea
D. aegan sea
Answer» C. mediterranean sea

Hand axe and cleavers were characteristics tools of

A. lower paleolithic age
B. middle paleolithic age
C. upper paleolithic age
D. iron age
Answer» A. lower paleolithic age

Chalcolithic Age is also known as

A. iron age
B. stone age
C. copper age
D. neolithic age.
Answer» B. stone age

Which of the following is also known as microlithic period?

A. paleolithic
B. mesolith
C. c neolithic
D. chalcolithic
Answer» B. mesolith

Agricultural revolution took place in

A. paleolithic age
B. mesolithic age
C. neolithic age
D. iron age
Answer» C. neolithic age

First domestic animal of stone age people was

A. a dog
B. deer
C. sheep
D. horses
Answer» C. sheep

Who coined the terms “Paleolithic and Neolithic?

A. james prinsep
B. john marshall
C. motstuart elphinstone
D. john lubbock
Answer» D. john lubbock

The largest Mesolithic site discovered in India so far is

A. bagor
B. linghnaj
C. hirpur
D. linsugur
Answer» A. bagor

In which age did the Nomad start to settle ?

A. mesolithic age
B. neolithic age
C. paleolithic age
D. none of these
Answer» B. neolithic age

Who coined the phrase “ Neolithic Revolution “.

A. talcott parsons
B. roman jacobson
C. v gordon childe
D. emile durkheim
Answer» C. v gordon childe

The first Paleolithic tool in India was discovered by Robert Bruce Foote, he was a/an

A. historian
B. archaeologists
C. geologist
D. none of these
Answer» C. geologist

The chief item of export in ancient China was…….

A. spices
B. copper
C. silk
D. gold
Answer» C. silk

Ur belongs to ……..

A. harappa
B. mesopotamia
C. egypt
D. greek
Answer» B. mesopotamia

Nebuchadnezzar II was the king of

A. greece
B. egypt
C. babylon
D. mesopotamia
Answer» C. babylon

Which civilization is known as the birth place of democracy?

A. the romans
B. the greeks.
C. the egyptians
D. the mongols
Answer» B. the greeks.

Who opined the growth of christianity was the cause of the downfall of Roman empire?

A. j
B. burry b edward gibbon
C. arther forill
D. arnold toynbee
Answer» B. burry b edward gibbon

One result of the Neolithic Revolution was?

A. an increase in the number of nomadic tribes
B. a reliance on hunting and gathering for food
C. the establishment of villages a
D. the rise of governments
Answer» A. an increase in the number of nomadic tribes

Who, the leader of Roman Republic was assassinated on the ideas of march?

A. octavian caesar
B. alexander
C. julius caesar
D. augustus caesar.
Answer» C. julius caesar

. What were hieroglyphics ?

A. symbols for greek astronomy
B. ancient egyptian picture writing
C. water irrigation power plants.
D. sand art work
Answer» B. ancient egyptian picture writing

What was the name of material the Ancient Egyptians used to write on?

A. papyrus
B. wood pulp
C. cotton
D. linen.
Answer» C. cotton

Who is the founder of Greek historiography?

A. aristotle
B. herodotus
C. hippocrates
D. thucydides
Answer» B. herodotus

Who is the author of “ The History of the world conqueror”?

A. annemarie schimmel
B. clifford edmund bosworth
C. gust af john ramstedt
D. john andrew boyle
Answer» D. john andrew boyle

Who is known as the father of modern medicine?

A. erastosthense
B. eucilid
C. hippocrates
D. pythagores
Answer» C. hippocrates

Marco polo,Venetian traveler,travelled from Venice to China and Japan in :

A. 1285-90
B. 1288-93,
C. 1290-96
D. 1295-1301
Answer» C. 1290-96

Which of the following wonder of the ancient world ?

A. the statue of jupiter zeus at olympia
B. the colloseum of rome
C. the leading tower of pisa
D. the mosque at st sophia
Answer» A. the statue of jupiter zeus at olympia

Who is considered as the master of Greek comedy ?

A. aeschylus
B. sophocles
C. aristophanes
D. philip
Answer» C. aristophanes

The great wall of China built by

A. li-tai – pu
B. shih huanh-ti
C. lao-tze
D. confucius.
Answer» B. shih huanh-ti

Which was not an Roman philosopher?

A. cicero
B. seneca
C. lucretius
D. octavian
Answer» D. octavian

Who were everyday citizens of Rome ?

A. plebians
B. patricians
C. senator
D. consuls
Answer» A. plebians

What was the public market place in Greece?

A. agora
B. athens
C. sparta
D. acropolis
Answer» A. agora

Who proclaimed first crusade?

A. alexios i kommeons
B. pope clement
C. fabian
D. dionysius
Answer» A. alexios i kommeons

When did Julius Ceaser die ?

A. 44 bce
B. 41 bce
C. 64 bce
D. 43 bce.
Answer» A. 44 bce

The city of Constantinople is now called ………..

A. isthanbul
B. iraq
C. lebanon
D. jerusalem
Answer» A. isthanbul

What do Epi Pleolithic mean?

A. early paleolithic
B. middle paleolith
C. c later paleolithic
D. upper paleoilithic.
Answer» A. early paleolithic

Which age first witnessed the use of metal ?

A. paleolithic
B. neolith
C. c mesolithic
D. chalcolithic
Answer» B. neolith

What crop did not grow well in ancient Greece?

A. figs
B. grapes
C. olive
D. grapes.
Answer» D. grapes.

Why was the great wall of China built ?

A. as a marker of china’s borders
B. to keep out enemies
C. to keep chinese people from visiting other lands .
D. to be a fence to keep all the animals from straying .
Answer» B. to keep out enemies

Which year occurred first?

A. 2000
C. b. 1250 b c c 1500 b c
D. 1000 b c
Answer» D. 1000 b c

The force that initiates evolution is……………………

A. variation
B. mutation
C. extinction
D. adaptation
Answer» C. extinction

ln which one of the following places the centre of stone tool manufacture is found?

A. mehbubangar
B. malabrabha
C. isampus
D. palaghat
Answer» C. isampus

The Romaka Siddantha in Indian astronomy shows signs of …..

A. greek influence
B. mesopotamian influence
C. babylonian influence
D. egyptian influence
Answer» C. babylonian influence

Where the first Paleolithic tools found in India?

A. hallur
B. kurnool
C. pallavaram
D. tekkalkota
Answer» D. tekkalkota

In which area the Neolithic man lived in underground pits?

A. karnataka
B. assam
C. kashmir
D. madhya pradesh
Answer» C. kashmir

The hominoid fossils of Hathnora is……

A. ho*mo erectus
B. ho*mo habils
C. homosapiens
D. none of the above
Answer» A. ho*mo erectus

The burial practice was started by……..

A. ho*mo sapiens
B. ho*mo erectus
C. ho*mo neanderthalenism
D. ho*mo habils.
Answer» C. ho*mo neanderthalenism

Fossil evidence of Homoerectus was discovered at which one of the following sites?

A. altamira
B. choukoutein
C. fayum lake
D. st acheul
Answer» B. choukoutein

Which of the following sites in central Asia has yielded the largest number of copper hoard implements?

A. kayantha
B. pondi
C. gungeria
D. maheswar
Answer» C. gungeria

In 2001 was found a complete fossilized human baby skull from ……..

A. bhimbetka
B. damdama
C. mahadha
D. sarai nahar rai
Answer» B. damdama

Which of the following sites has yielded an ivory pendent from the microlithic context?

A. bagor
B. damdama
C. nahadaha
D. sarai nahar rai
Answer» B. damdama

Jhukar culture was discovered at which one of the following sites?

A. anjira
B. chanhu-daro
C. kulli
D. ranaghyndai
Answer» B. chanhu-daro

In India the earliest archaeological remains of hearth has been found from?

A. bilasurgam
B. hunsgi
C. bhimbetka
D. mahagara
Answer» A. bilasurgam

Where have human fossils found in situ with Paleolithic tools?

A. attirampakam
B. bhimbetka
C. didwana
D. hathnora
Answer» D. hathnora

Which of the following is not a Neolithic site?

A. brahmagiri
B. sanganakallu
C. arikamedu
D. piklihal
Answer» C. arikamedu

Which of the following sites was the first to yield the evidence of painted grey ware?

A. ahichchatra
B. atranjikhera
C. hastinapur
D. sravasti
Answer» A. ahichchatra

In the recent past which of the site yielded the evidence of a fossilized human baby-skull?

A. bori
B. hathnora
C. lakhania
D. odai
Answer» D. odai

Which of the following Neolithic archaeological sites in not known for ash- mounds?

A. utnur
B. pallavoy
C. kupgal
D. burzahom
Answer» A. utnur

The earliest evidence of transition from hunting and foodgatheringto animal domestication and agriculture in Indian subcontinent has been found at………..

A. anjira
B. damb sadat
C. kile gul muhamm
D. d mehrgarh
Answer» B. damb sadat

Which of the following objects are known from the Copper -hoard sites?

A. anthropomorphic figures
B. antennae swords
C. harpoons
D. flat celts
Answer» C. harpoons

China is located in the continent of:

A. africa
B. asia
C. europe
D. north america
Answer» B. asia

Which among the following called gift of nile?

A. china
B. india
C. egypt
D. iraq .
Answer» C. egypt

Who was the last Emperor of Rome?

A. nero
B. cesare
C. romulus august ulus
D. julius
Answer» C. romulus august ulus

Which mountains Volcano buried Pompeii city with ash in 79 A D

A. mount pele
B. mount tamura
C. mount etna
D. mount vesuvius .
Answer» D. mount vesuvius .

Which city was recaptured at the end of the first war of Crusade

A. rome
B. venice
C. jerusalem
D. vienna
Answer» C. jerusalem

Who is considered first pope of Christianity

A. st peter
B. st linus
C. st evaristus
D. st alexander i
Answer» A. st peter
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