Chapter: Auguste Comte

Who coined the term Sociology?

A. Herbert Spencer
B. Saint-Simon
C. Auguste Comte
D. Emile Durkheim
Answer» C. Auguste Comte

In the history of the development of sociology______________ is known as a period of remarkable intellectual; development and change in philosophical thought.

A. Industrial Revolution
B. Period of Enlightenment
C. Urbanisation
D. Religious change
Answer» B. Period of Enlightenment

The scientific view developed by Auguste Comte is known as

A. Philosophical science
B. Positive Philosophy
C. Negative Philosophy
D. Scientific Philosophy
Answer» B. Positive Philosophy

What are the three stages argued by Comte that knowledge can pass through?

A. Primitive-Feudal-Capitalistic
B. Theological-Metaphysical-Positive
C. Barbarian-Agricultural-Industrial
D. Tribal-Industrial-Capitalistic
Answer» B. Theological-Metaphysical-Positive

Who among the following authors initially used the term ‘social physics’ for Sociology?

A. Herbert Spencer
B. Auguste Comte
C. Max Weber
D. Emile Durkheim
Answer» B. Auguste Comte

The idea of Social Dynamics propounded by Comte refers to

A. Sociology
B. Social Structures
C. Social Change
D. Social Thought
Answer» C. Social Change

Auguste Comte was born in

A. 1789
B. 1798
C. 1759
D. 1799
Answer» B. 1798

Auguste Comte used the term Social Statics to intricate

A. Existing social structures
B. Positive effects
C. Social dynamics
D. Social evolution
Answer» A. Existing social structures

Auguste Comte gave the name of religion as love of

A. God
B. Money
C. Worship
D. Humanity
Answer» D. Humanity

Auguste Comte, through his ‘Law of Three Stages’ clearly established a close association between

A. Intellectual evolution and Social progress
B. Social change and Social dynamics
C. Social structures and social statics
D. Social laws and social change
Answer» A. Intellectual evolution and Social progress

Auguste Comte believed that __________ could be applied to the study of society and human behaviour

A. Comparative method
B. Phenomenology
C. Longitudinal
D. Scientific method
Answer» D. Scientific method

Comte divided the study of Sociology into two broad areas namely

A. Social statics and social dynamics
B. Science and scientific methods
C. Social approach and methods
D. Sociological study and interpretation
Answer» A. Social statics and social dynamics

Which is not part of the Law of Three Stages according to Auguste Comte?

A. The Theological stage
B. The Metaphysical stage
C. The Metamorphic stage
D. The Positive Stage
Answer» C. The Metamorphic stage

Who pioneered the idea of scientific study of society?

A. Adam Smith
B. Plato
C. Herbert Spencer
D. Auguste Comte
Answer» D. Auguste Comte

Which of the following is not Auguste Comte’s work?

A. Principles of Sociology
B. Religion of Humanity
C. The Course in Positive Philosophy
D. System of Positive Polity
Answer» A. Principles of Sociology

Metaphysical stage is also known as

A. Fictitious stage
B. Abstract stage
C. Scientific stage
D. Theological Stage
Answer» B. Abstract stage

Theological stage is also known as

A. Abstract stage
B. Positive stage
C. Fictitious stage
D. None of the above
Answer» C. Fictitious stage

The third stage of the ‘Law of Three Stages” is

A. The Theological stage
B. The Metaphysical stage
C. The Evolutionary stage
D. The Positive Stage
Answer» D. The Positive Stage

Auguste Comte’s positivism is based on

A. real phenomena
B. fanciful event
C. supernatural
D. materialism
Answer» A. real phenomena

The Course of Philosophy which is a series of book written by Comte was translated into English by

A. Michel Foucault
B. Harriet Martineau
C. Pierre Bourdieu
D. Talcott Parsons
Answer» B. Harriet Martineau

In Theological stage ideas are focused on

A. observation
B. essence of phenomena
C. supernatural realm
D. none of the above
Answer» C. supernatural realm

Auguste Comte introduced the word ‘sociology’ in his famous work

A. Positive Philosophy
B. Positive Polity
C. Religion of Humanity
D. The Course of Philosophy
Answer» A. Positive Philosophy

The cultural system of Metaphysical Stage leaders is the

A. Priests
B. Scientists
C. Bureaucrats
D. Philosophers
Answer» D. Philosophers

The Metaphysical stage is a

A. religious stage
B. transitional stage
C. scientific stage
D. all of the above
Answer» B. transitional stage

Which of the following does not belong to Theological stage

A. fetishism
B. atheism
C. polytheism
D. monotheism
Answer» B. atheism
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