Gerontology Solved MCQs


The killing of elderly is known as

A. Genocide
B. elder killing
C. adultcide
D. eldercide
Answer» A. Genocide

International day for elderly

A. September3
B. October1
C. November4
D. December5
Answer» B. October1

Who coined the term Gerontology

A. Illya-Ilych-Mechnikor
B. Adams Garlfinker
C. Lombroso
D. Herbert Spencer
Answer» A. Illya-Ilych-Mechnikor

Gerontology is viewed as a branch of

A. Biology
B. Sociology
C. Anthropology
D. Psychology
Answer» A. Biology

Study of social aspects of aging is known as

A. Gerontology
B. Social gerontology
C. geriatrics
D. Aging sociology
Answer» B. Social gerontology

The term gerontology derived from

A. Latin
B. Greek
C. Arabic
D. French
Answer» B. Greek

----------- is the study of social, psychological and biological aspects of aging

A. Gerontology
B. Social gerontology
C. Geriatrics
D. Aging science
Answer» A. Gerontology

The opacity in the eyes is known as……………

A. Cataract
B. Glaucoma
C. Senile Muscular degeneration
Answer» A. Cataract

According to Role theory, loss of -----------leads to social isolationism

A. Roles
B. Status
C. Power
Answer» A. Roles

Work discrimination against older adults is a form of

A. Ageism
B. Bigotry
C. Socialism
Answer» A. Ageism

Gerontologists take into account -------------forces that influence the aging process

A. Organic, synthetic, and supernatural
B. Biological, Psychological and sociological
C. Infantile, adolescent and middle age
Answer» B. Biological, Psychological and sociological

Blockage of arteries in the brain is known as

A. Senile Dementia
B. Stroke
C. Presbyacusis
Answer» B. Stroke

Gradual loss of memory is known as

A. Senile Muscular degeneration
B. Senile dementia
C. Presbyacusis
Answer» B. Senile dementia

Deterioration in hearing ability is known as

A. Presbyacusis
B. Senile dementia
C. Diabetes
Answer» A. Presbyacusis

Theory which explains the decline of organs and cells due to the use and over use

A. Disengagement theory
B. Wear and Tear theory
C. activity theory
Answer» B. Wear and Tear theory

Which article of constitution deals with elderly

A. Article 42
B. Article 41
C. Article 41 A
Answer» B. Article 41

The term OASIS stands for

A. Old Age Scheme for Income Security
B. Old Age Service in Indian Society
C. Old Age Scheme for Internal Security
Answer» A. Old Age Scheme for Income Security

The theory of Loneliness associated with

A. August Weismann
B. Robert S Weiss
C. Elaine Cumming
Answer» B. Robert S Weiss

Who propounded the Disengagement theory?

A. Elaine Cumming
B. Robert S Weiss
C. Robert Havinghurst
Answer» A. Elaine Cumming

The propounder of Activity theory

A. August Weismann
B. Elaine Cumming
C. Robert Havinghurst
Answer» C. Robert Havinghurst

Who coined the concept of ageism?

A. Robert Butler
B. James Schultz
C. Joseph Quinn
D. Pearl Roberts
Answer» A. Robert Butler

A person considered as old at the age of 60 years refers to

A. Social aging
B. Functional aging
C. Chronological aging
Answer» A. Social aging

Empty Nest syndrome is a problem faced by elderly due to

A. Poor health
B. Lack of income
C. Threat to privacy
D. Living alone at home
Answer» B. Lack of income

In developed countries demographic transition has accompanied

A. Urbanization
B. Industrialization
C. Feudalism
D. Modernization
Answer» B. Industrialization

______________ can be defined as a separation from the community

A. Disengagement
B. Loneliness
C. inferiority
Answer» B. Loneliness

--------sees aging as the result of external events

A. Wear &Tear theory
B. Activity theory
C. Theory of loneliness
Answer» A. Wear &Tear theory

---------- explains the declining of energy of cells

A. Activity theory
B. Biological theory
C. Disengagement theory
Answer» B. Biological theory

The word Gerontology coined in the year--------

A. 1906
B. 1903
C. 1910
Answer» A. 1906

The medical aspects of the Gerontology is

A. Medical gerontology
B. Geriatrics
C. aging
Answer» B. Geriatrics

----------- is the deep sense of loneliness

A. Anxiety
B. Depression
C. isolation
Answer» C. isolation
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