Culture and Personality Solved MCQs


___________________ is a person who is taken as the point of reference in a discussion.

A. Individual.
B. Id.
C. Ego.
D. Super ego.
Answer» D. Super ego.

Whose definition is this: “Personality indicates the individuals organized tendency of working, seeing, thinking and feeling?”

A. W. F. Green.
B. New Comb.
C. Herskovits.
D. R.E. Park
Answer» B. New Comb.

The unifications of individuals socio-psychological behavior reflected in

A. The way individual behaves.
B. His personality
C. His social interaction.
D. His culture.
Answer» C. His social interaction.

Personality is expressed through

A. Habits, tendencies and thinking
B. Habits and behavior
C. Thinking
D. Tendencies and thinking
Answer» A. Habits, tendencies and thinking

To prepare one for future roles is

A. Futurisation
B. Prediction
C. Anticipatory socialization
D. Internalization
Answer» C. Anticipatory socialization

Which among the following is not correct about culture

A. Cultural traits can be acquired through socialization and habits
B. Culture is something collective
C. Culture has always links with the past
D. Culture never passed on with the help of language
Answer» D. Culture never passed on with the help of language

Trait is

A. Social trend at present
B. Social trend of the past
C. The smallest unit of culture
D. The smallest unit of personality
Answer» C. The smallest unit of culture

A cluster of related traits is called

A. Culture norms
B. Culture complex
C. Cultural collectivity
D. Cultural uniformity
Answer» C. Cultural collectivity

Culture is acquired by man through______________

A. Learning
B. Inheritance
C. Birth
D. None of the above
Answer» A. Learning

Smallest identifiable unit of culture is ________________

A. Culture complex
B. Culture pattern
C. Cultural trait
D. Cultural theme
Answer» C. Cultural trait

Example of non-material culture is ______________

A. Building
B. Religion
C. Pencil
D. Cloth
Answer» B. Religion

Psychoanalytical theory was developed by _________________

A. Sigmund Freud
B. Carl Jung
C. Margaret Mead
D. Ruth Benedict
Answer» A. Sigmund Freud

_____________ stage is the first stage of socialization according to Sigmund Freud

A. Oral stage
B. Anal stage
C. Phallic stage
D. Adolescent stage
Answer» A. Oral stage

_________________ is the motive to realize one’s full potential

A. Self esteem
B. Self actualization
C. Role taking
D. None of the above
Answer» A. Self esteem

__________________ approach classifies people into categories like introvert and extrovert

A. Trait theory
B. type theory
C. Activity theory
D. Psychoanalytical theory
Answer» A. Trait theory

_________________ is the process in which the culture of a society is transmitted to children

A. Socialization
B. Accumulation
C. Assimilation
D. Actualization
Answer» A. Socialization

Culture exists in a __________________

A. Society
B. Family
C. Community
D. All the above
Answer» A. Society

Concept of cultural lag was proposed by _________________

A. W. F. Ogburn
B. Leslie White
C. J.Herskovits
D. A.L. Kroeber
Answer» A. W. F. Ogburn

____________ is the acceptance of ourselves

A. Personality
B. Self Esteem
C. Attitude
D. Leadership
Answer» A. Personality

Concept of Looking –Glass Self was coined by _____________

A. Ruth Benedict
B. G. H. Mead
C. C.H. Cooley
D. Sigmund Freud
Answer» C. C.H. Cooley

According to ________________ oral stage is the first stage of socialization

A. Mead
B. Cooley
C. Freud
D. Bulmer
Answer» C. Freud

The gap between the material and non-material is known as ___________________

A. Cultural fusion
B. Cultural lag
C. Cultural identity
D. Subculture
Answer» B. Cultural lag

Persons with ______________ personality are relaxed and less competitive

A. Type B
B. Type A
C. Type C
D. Type D
Answer» B. Type A

____________ acts according to the pleasure principle

A. Ego
B. Id
C. Super ego
D. None of these
Answer» B. Id

Major socializing agent

A. School
B. Religion
C. Family
D. Law
Answer» C. Family

Personality is the subjective aspect of________________

A. Culture
B. Mob
C. Audience
D. Crowd
Answer» A. Culture

___________ is formed an interaction with others

A. Self
B. Culture
C. Personality
D. Identity
Answer» A. Self

Persons with ________________ personality experience more stress.

A. Type A
B. Type C
C. Type B
D. Type D
Answer» A. Type A

_______________ inculcates moral judgment and societal rules upon ego.

A. Ego
B. Superego
C. Id
D. Culture
Answer» B. Superego

_____________________ gets developed in a child through interaction with his family members only.

A. Personality
B. Self
C. Mind
D. Culture
Answer» B. Self
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