410+ Communication Skills in English Solved MCQs


Group discussion is a communication between members of a specific group and usually they are formal discussions on a ……… topic.

A. Spontaneous
B. Planned
C. Pre‐determined
D. Discussed
Answer» C. Pre‐determined

You should need ………. Attitude, besides having right skills in being a leader.

A. Positive
B. Negative
C. Progressive
D. Promoting
Answer» A. Positive

Believe that a few heads together can …….. issues quicker and better.

A. Resolve
B. Conclude
C. Create
D. Adjust
Answer» A. Resolve

Every individual has an ………. just like you. Respect it.

A. Idea
B. Honour
C. Ego
D. Ambition
Answer» C. Ego

Accept rejection of your ideas, as long as it is reasonable and ………..

A. Logical
B. Determined
C. Idealistic
D. Sensible
Answer» A. Logical

………. and case‐based are the two kinds of group discussions

A. Idea‐based
B. Topic‐based
C. Discussion‐based
D. Belief‐ based
Answer» B. Topic‐based

The topic ‘Literacy Programmes’ in India is a ……… topic

A. Information
B. Current
C. Factual
D. Meaningful
Answer» C. Factual

Every member of a group plays……….. roles with different objectives in mind.

A. Purpose
B. Individual
C. Problem
D. Productive
Answer» D. Productive

In every group discussion, the ………. Presents the topic

A. Initiator
B. Secretary
C. Leader
D. Promotor
Answer» A. Initiator

If someone has an interesting idea but is unable to express it, it may be useful for another member to explain and ……….

A. Conclude
B. Initiate
C. Identify
D. Elaborate
Answer» D. Elaborate

If we do not understand a speaker well, we should not hesitate to seek……….

A. Conclusion
B. Repeatation
C. Opportunity
D. Clarification
Answer» D. Clarification

…….. the contribution made by other speakers

A. Regard
B. Consider
C. Contribute
D. Respect
Answer» D. Respect

………. the discussion is not considered a positive quality

A. Dominating
B. Honouring
C. Respecting
D. Promoting
Answer» A. Dominating

Situation in which communication does not take place

A. Formal
B. Social
C. Informal
D. Semi‐formal
Answer» B. Social
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