200+ Crime and Society Solved MCQs


What described the acceptance of goals and means of the society?

A. innovation
B. ritualism
C. conformity
Answer» C. conformity

----------represents the acceptance of the goals but the rejection of the means.

A. Retreatism
B. Innovation
C. rebellion
Answer» B. Innovation

-----------crime is used to mean socio-economic crimes.

A. cyber
B. white collar
C. public property
Answer» B. white collar

-------------is the latest and most complicated problem in the cyber world.

A. cyber crime
B. white collar crime
C. public order crime
Answer» A. cyber crime

---------------is the crime of betraying a nation by acts considered dangerous to its security, selling military secrets.

A. Treason
B. sedition
C. rebellion
Answer» A. Treason

----------is the stirring up of feelings against lawful authority

A. Rebellion
B. Sedition
C. Treason
Answer» B. Sedition
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