200+ Crime and Society Solved MCQs


Who introduced and defined the concept of white collar crime?

A. Beccaria
B. Edwin Sutherland
C. Grotius
D. Lombroso
Answer» B. Edwin Sutherland

Who wrote the book ‘Principles of Criminology’?

A. Ferri
B. Lombroso
C. Sutherland
D. Garofalo
Answer» C. Sutherland

Name the criminologist who wrote the book ‘Twenty Thousand Homeless men’?

A. Lombroso
B. Sutherland
C. Merton
D. Garofalo
Answer» B. Sutherland

Famous American criminologist Edwin Sutherland was born in the year?

A. 1883
B. 1880
C. 1870
D. 1868
Answer» A. 1883

Name the Sociologist who founded the Bloomington school of criminology?

A. Merton
B. Paretto
C. Sutherland
D. Lombroso
Answer» C. Sutherland

Bloomington school of Criminology was founded in the year ..............

A. 1950
B. 1940
C. 1920
D. 1960
Answer» A. 1950

Who wrote the book ‘The Professional Thief’?

A. Lombroso
B. Sutherland
C. Adler
D. Merton
Answer» B. Sutherland

Name the famous criminologist who also served as the president of the ‘American sociological society?

A. Sutherland
B. Merton
C. Grotius
D. Ferri
Answer» A. Sutherland

Edwin Sutherland’s ground breaking work ‘White collar crime’ was published in the year ......................

A. 1943
B. 1950
C. 1949
D. 1952
Answer» C. 1949

Name the book written by Edwin Sutherland which was censored by American government?

A. The professional thief
B. White collar crime
C. The crime
D. The filed
Answer» B. White collar crime

Who said that Sutherland’s concept of White-collar crime afford the study of crime throughout the world in fundamental ways?

A. Lombroso
B. Grotius
C. Gilbert Geis
D. Garofalo
Answer» C. Gilbert Geis

Sutherland’s famous work ‘Criminology’ was published in the year.......

A. 1924
B. 1920
C. 1931
D. 1928
Answer» A. 1924

Who argued that the development of habitual patterns of criminality arise from association with those who commit crime?

A. Garofalo
B. Gilbert Geis
C. Sutherland
D. Lombroso
Answer» C. Sutherland

According to Sutherland ............ and Social disorganisaiton are the underlying causes of crime.

A. Conflict
B. Interests
C. Patterns
D. Riots
Answer» A. Conflict

According to whom Social class is an important factor in criminality?

A. Beccaria
B. Sutherland
C. Ferri
D. Merton.
Answer» B. Sutherland

Sutherland defined ............. as a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation?

A. Blue collar crime
B. White collar crime
C. Cyber crime
D. horrific crime
Answer» B. White collar crime

Name the criminologist who extended Sutherland’s concept of White Collar crime?

A. Merton
B. Gilbert Geis
C. Parsons
D. Becker
Answer» B. Gilbert Geis

Who wrote the book ‘Criminal Behaviour systems’?

A. Gilbert Geis
B. Grotius
C. Morton
D. Parsons
Answer» A. Gilbert Geis

Who wrote ‘The Encyclopedia of Criminology’ and Criminal Justice?

A. Becker
B. Gilbert Geis
C. Parsons
D. Lombroso
Answer» B. Gilbert Geis

Who wrote the book ‘White collar and corporate crime’?

A. Lombroso
B. Sutherland
C. Gilbert Geis
D. Merton
Answer» C. Gilbert Geis

Which among the following is an example for a learning theory of deviance?

A. Atavism theory
B. Psy-analytical theory
C. Structural theory
D. Differential association
Answer» D. Differential association

Who argued that through interaction with others individuals learn the values, attitudes, techniques and motives for criminal behavior?

A. Lombroso
B. Sutherland
C. Merton
D. Garofalo
Answer» B. Sutherland

Which theory states that an individual will choose the criminal path when the balance of definitions for law-breaking exceeds those for law obiding?

A. Differential association
B. Atavism theory
C. Psycho-analytical theory
D. Labelling theory
Answer» A. Differential association

Who argued that criminal behavior is learned in interaction with other persons in a process of communication?

A. Lombroso
B. Garofalo
C. Sutherland
D. Merton
Answer» C. Sutherland

The word Crime is derived from the Latin word ...........

A. Cria
B. Cerno
C. Crimia
D. Crimasos
Answer» B. Cerno

What is the meaning of the Latin word ‘Cerno’ from which the word crime evolved?

A. I decide
B. Charged
C. Culpable
D. Cruel
Answer» A. I decide

The earliest proponent of natural law theory of order and crime was .........

A. Plato
B. Thomas Aquinas
C. Kant
D. Hegel
Answer» B. Thomas Aquinas

Which theory argued for the existence of objective morality and defined crime as the breach of this objective morality?

A. Labelling theory
B. Psycho-analytical
C. Natural law theory
D. Differential association
Answer» C. Natural law theory

Who argued that a person becomes delinquent because of an excess of definitions favorable to violation of law over definitions unfavorable to violation of the law?

A. Merton
B. Ferri
C. Garofalo
D. Sutherland
Answer» D. Sutherland

Who argued that criminals learn how to commit criminal acts by learning motives, drives, rationalizations and attitudes?

A. Sutherland
B. Ferri
C. Merton
D. Lombroso
Answer» A. Sutherland

Biogenic approach to the study of Crime is characterized by emphasis on ........

A. Physiology
B. Psychology
C. Sociological factors
D. Cultural factors
Answer» A. Physiology

Famous criminologist Howard Becker wrote his ground breaking work ‘Outsiders’ in the year ..........?

A. 1958
B. 1968
C. 1963
D. 1920
Answer» C. 1963

Among the following criminologists who were part of Chicago school of criminology?

A. Merton
B. Becker
C. Parsons
D. Lombroso
Answer» B. Becker

Who wrote the book ‘The other side: Perspectives on deviance’?

A. Parsons
B. Ferri
C. Merton
D. Becker
Answer» D. Becker

Famous criminologist Becker was born in the year ..........

A. 1928
B. 1920
C. 1911
D. 1923
Answer» A. 1928

Name the criminologist who wrote the book ‘Telling about Society”?

A. Parsons
B. Becker
C. Sutherland
D. Garofalo
Answer» B. Becker

Who argued that deviance is simply a social construction used to persuade the public to fear and criminalize certain groups?

A. Alfred Lindesmith
B. Sutherland
C. Garofalo
D. Becker
Answer» D. Becker

Name the criminologist who wrote the book ‘A sociological theory of drug addiction’.

A. Sutherland
B. Becker
C. Alfred Lindesmith
D. Lombroso
Answer» C. Alfred Lindesmith

Among the following which sociologist studied about ‘Murijuana’ related crimes?

A. Becker
B. Sutherland
C. Grotius
D. Garofalo
Answer» A. Becker

Among the following who is considered as the exponent of modified labeling theory?

A. Becker
B. Brule Lin
C. Ferri
D. Merton
Answer» B. Brule Lin

Becker categorizes deviance into ............... types

A. 7
B. 3
C. 8
D. 4
Answer» D. 4

Secondary deviance is a concept associated with which theory?

A. Differential Association
B. Atavism theory
C. Natural Law theory
D. Labeling theory
Answer» D. Labeling theory

Which famous criminologist founded the ‘Lacassagne school of Criminology’?

A. Joseph Lacassagne
B. Peter Lacassagne
C. Alexandre Lacassagne
D. Ronald Lacassagne
Answer» C. Alexandre Lacassagne

Lacassagne School of Criminology was opposed to ........... School of criminology.

A. Lombroso Italian School
B. Merton’s American school
C. Beccaria’s School
D. Garofalo School
Answer» A. Lombroso Italian School

Famous French criminologist Alaxndre Lacassagne was born in the year

A. 1834
B. 1843
C. 1850
D. 1861
Answer» B. 1843

Name the Criminologist who said “Every Society gets the kind of Criminal it deserves”

A. Lombroso
B. Garofalo
C. Becker
D. Alaxndre Lacassagne
Answer» D. Alaxndre Lacassagne

According to whom ‘the social environment is the breeding ground of criminality’?

A. Lacassagne
B. Beccaria
C. Sutherland
D. Merton
Answer» A. Lacassagne

In his theory of criminality Lacassagne placed the main emphasis on ...........

A. Psychological factors
B. Environmental influence
C. Heredity
D. Biological factors
Answer» B. Environmental influence

Lacassagne was inspired and influenced by the theory of which French Sociologist

A. August Comte
B. Durkheim
C. Gabriel Tarde
D. George Simmel
Answer» C. Gabriel Tarde

Who is the founder of Phrenology?

A. Lacassagne
B. Franz Gall
C. August Comte
D. Simmel
Answer» B. Franz Gall

................. is a pseudo science which involves the measurement of bumps on the skull to predict mental traits?

A. Bumpism
B. Estarism
C. Phrenology
D. Cosology
Answer» C. Phrenology

........... argued that only the reorganization of the disorganized brain would bring about a change in criminals.

A. Phrenology
B. Penology
C. Sociology
D. Psychology
Answer» A. Phrenology

Name the criminologist who used some aspects of phrenology in developing his theory of crime?

A. Sutherland
B. Lombroso
C. Becker
D. Beccaria
Answer» B. Lombroso

Name the Criminologist who wrote the book ‘Without conscience’?

A. Hans Eysenck
B. Sutherland
C. Robert D Hare
D. Lombroso
Answer» C. Robert D Hare

Who developed the Hare Psychopathy Checklist used to assess cases of Psychopathy?

A. Sutherland
B. R.D. Hare
C. Lombroso
D. Merton
Answer» B. R.D. Hare

.................. is used to indicate violation of social norms or anti-social behavior

A. Psychopathy
B. Sociopathy
C. Anarchy
D. Penology
Answer» B. Sociopathy

Name the criminologist who focused on psychoticism as part of his interest in criminology?

A. Alexandre Lacassagne
B. Hans Eysenck
C. Lombroso
D. Merton
Answer» B. Hans Eysenck

Who argue that poverty and miserable social conditions leads to crime?

A. Jane Adams
B. R.D Hare
C. Sutherland
D. Merton
Answer» A. Jane Adams

Lombroso classified criminals into ............ types.

A. 4
B. 3
C. 8
D. 7
Answer» A. 4

‘Strain theory’ of Criminology was developed by ............

A. Merton
B. Eysenck
C. Jane Adams
D. Lombroso
Answer» A. Merton

Strain theory is also known as ...........

A. Atavism theory
B. Labeling theory
C. Anomic theory
D. Natural theory
Answer» C. Anomic theory

Who used the notion of ‘American Dream’ to develop his theory of Criminality?

A. Parsons
B. Durkheim
C. Merton
D. Lombroso
Answer» A. Parsons

Name the criminologist who argued that it is the social strain which leads individuals to commit crimes?

A. Merton
B. Durkheim
C. Parsons
D. Grotius
Answer» A. Merton

Merton found that Untied States is a Prime example of high levels of deviance because of the high social value of achieving ..........

A. Greatness
B. Success
C. Performance
D. Money
Answer» B. Success

Who argued that the Gap between goals and the proper means to achieve goals leads to deviance?

A. Merton
B. Beccaria
C. Ferri
D. Durkheim
Answer» A. Merton

When individuals are faced with Strain Merton outlined ............ different ways that they respond?

A. 6
B. 5
C. 4
D. 2
Answer» B. 5

According to Meton ........... means pursuing cultural goals through socially approved means?

A. Conformity
B. Innovation
C. Ritualism
D. Retreatism
Answer» A. Conformity

‘General Strain theory’ was developed by .................

A. Grotius
B. H.D. Hare
C. Robert Agnew
D. Beccaria
Answer» C. Robert Agnew

According to general strain theory which is the main motivating factor for crime?

A. Money
B. Emotion
C. Thirst for success
D. Greed
Answer» B. Emotion

According to general strain theory there are ............. main sources of strain.

A. 5
B. 4
C. 2
D. 3
Answer» D. 3

‘Institutional anomic theory’ was developed by ..............

A. Merton
B. Robert Agnew
C. Richard Rosenfeld
D. Beccaria
Answer» C. Richard Rosenfeld

‘Role strain theory’ was developed by whom?

A. William J. Goode
B. Merton
C. Richard Rosenfeld
D. Beccaria
Answer» A. William J. Goode

Who developed ‘the self control theory of Crime’?

A. Richard Rosenfeld
B. Travis Hirschi
C. Merton
D. Grotius
Answer» B. Travis Hirschi

Who wrote the book ‘causes of delinquency’?

A. Travis Hirschi
B. Merton
C. Lombroso
D. Sutherland
Answer» A. Travis Hirschi

‘Sexual Harassment of women at work place (prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act’ was passed in the year?

A. 2000
B. 2010
C. 2013
D. 2018
Answer» C. 2013

‘Indecent Representation of Women (prevention) Act’ was passed in the year?

A. 2006
B. 1986
C. 2008
D. 1988
Answer» B. 1986

The killing of elderly is known as

A. Genocide
B. elder killing
C. adultcide
D. eldercide
Answer» A. Genocide

International day for elderly

A. September3
B. October1
C. November4
D. December5
Answer» B. October1

Who coined the term criminology?

A. Raffele Garafalo
B. Lombroso
C. Bccaria
Answer» A. Raffele Garafalo

Gerontology is viewed as a branch of

A. Biology
B. Sociology
C. Anthropology
D. Psychology
Answer» A. Biology

Study of social aspects of aging is known as

A. Gerontology
B. Social gerontology
C. geriatrics
D. Aging sociology
Answer» B. Social gerontology

The term gerontology derived from

A. Latin
B. Greek
C. Arabic
D. French
Answer» B. Greek

----------- is the study of social, psychological and biological aspects of aging

A. Gerontology
B. Social gerontology
C. Geriatrics
D. Aging science
Answer» A. Gerontology

Who revised the classical theory in 1810-1819?

A. Classicist
B. neo-classicist
C. Functionalists
Answer» B. neo-classicist

Who made the biogenic explanation?

A. Lombroso
B. Adler
C. Sigmund Freud
Answer» A. Lombroso

Biogenic explanation is related with----------

A. tradition
B. heredity
C. environment
Answer» B. heredity

Father of Criminology?

A. Lombroso
B. Becker
C. Adler
Answer» A. Lombroso

Who propounded the theory of Evolutionary Atavism?

A. Adler
B. Lombroso
C. Sutherland
Answer» A. Adler

Evolutionary Atavism theory is also known as-----------

A. Theory of born criminals
B. Theory of criminals
C. Theory of criminality
Answer» A. Theory of born criminals

According to Lombroso criminals are not ‘born criminals’ , but they are--------------

A. Situational criminals
B. criminaloids
C. very innocent
Answer» B. criminaloids

Criminals who are individuals of normal physical and psychological make-up are known as

A. Criminaloids
B. born-criminals
C. situational criminals
Answer» A. Criminaloids

Psychogenic explanation of the crime is based on

A. Personality
B. psychology
C. attitude
Answer» A. Personality

Adler explains the crime in terms of

A. personality
B. inferiority complex
C. physical factors
Answer» B. inferiority complex

-----------argue that criminal behavior is learned and it is conditioned by the social environment

A. sociologists
B. psychologists
C. classicist
Answer» A. sociologists

Sociological explanation may be classified into------------ and --------------

A. structural, processual
B. structural, functional
C. structural,innovative
Answer» A. structural, processual

Who propounded the theory of Differential association?

A. Sutherland
B. Adler
C. Cohen
Answer» A. Sutherland

Who coined the concept of ageism?

A. Robert Butler
B. James Schultz
C. Joseph Quinn
D. Pearl Roberts
Answer» A. Robert Butler

Who propounded the labeling theory?

A. Becker
B. Merton
C. Cloward
Answer» A. Becker

Empty Nest syndrome is a problem faced by elderly due to

A. Poor health
B. Lack of income
C. Threat to privacy
D. Living alone at home
Answer» B. Lack of income

Who propounded the theory of anomie?

A. Becker
B. Merton
C. Sigmund Freud
Answer» B. Merton
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