70+ Hospital Management Solved MCQs


HRM is           a because it consists of well- recognized body of knowledge, principles and techniques.

A. social science
B. science
C. art
D. history
Answer» B. science

            refers to the monitoring by the human resource department of the performance of line and other staff department .

A. assessing
B. appraising
C. auditing
D. checking
Answer» C. auditing

              specifies man is potentially creative, trustworthy and cooperative.

A. theory x and theory y
B. maslow’s theory
C. herzberg’s theory
D. mcgregor’s theory
Answer» D. mcgregor’s theory

The breakdown of a job into various component parts.

A. job analysis
B. job description
C. job specification
D. job requirement
Answer» A. job analysis

.A summary of the requirements of the job both from the point of view of tasks to be performed and the qualifications necessary to perform the tasks.

A. job specification
B. job turnover
C. job rotation
D. job variation
Answer» A. job specification

            is may be defined as a technique for the procurement, development, allocation and utilization of the human resources in the organization.

A. forecasting
B. manpower planning
C. scheduling
D. projecting
Answer» B. manpower planning

               as the world imply means the rate of change in the number of employees

A. labour problems
B. labour strike
C. labour turnover
D. trade union
Answer» C. labour turnover

              the number of employees leaving and joining an organization during certain period

A. revenue
B. throughput
C. response
D. turnover
Answer» D. turnover

The             is a broad statement of the purpose, scope, duties and responsibilities of a particular job.

A. job specification
B. job description
C. job analysis
D. job plan
Answer» B. job description

The                equipment and facilities match with the mandatory requirements laid down by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board and the Babha Atomic Research Centre.

A. computer radiology
B. tele-radiology
C. radiological services
D. direct radiology
Answer» C. radiological services

How many C’s which makes a person to think positive?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
Answer» B. 4

What are the three P’s in Triple Bottom Line Principle?

A. people, profit, planet
B. person,revenue,earth
C. pupil,income,globe
D. individual,money, sphere
Answer» A. people, profit, planet

What is the name of CSR for “Age of Greed” ?

A. distrustful csr
B. protective csr
C. defensive csr
D. defending csr
Answer» C. defensive csr

What are the two types of Ethical Committee?

A. ifc,ibr
B. bri,pri
C. rni,bri
D. iec,irb
Answer» D. iec,irb

Leadership is a function of all the following factors except

A. leader
B. situation
C. work group
D. product or service
Answer» D. product or service

Best journey' is a ethlcal code of

A. railway company
B. transport company
C. private bus services
D. auto services
Answer» A. railway company

Ethical codes are

A. negative rule
B. product of the firm
C. product of regulation
D. statement of the norms and beliefs of an organization.
Answer» D. statement of the norms and beliefs of an organization.

How many quadrants Responsibility Matrix

A. 4
B. 3
C. 5
D. 8
Answer» A. 4

A survey            affirmed that employees who are satisfied with their organizations commitment to social and environmental responsibilities are more positive,

A. lead generation survey
B. sirota survey intelligence
C. brand awareness survey
D. event evaluation survey
Answer» B. sirota survey intelligence

        serves as a benchmark for moral values and

A. ethics
B. morals
C. beliefs
D. dogmas
Answer» A. ethics

            is an oath of ethics historically taken by physicians.

A. pauper\s oath
B. the hippocratic oath
C. oath of allegiance
D. oath of citizenship
Answer» B. the hippocratic oath

        principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy.

A. beliefs
B. creeds
C. tenets
D. principles
Answer» C. tenets

provided the guidelines for the formation of Ethics Committee.

A. ficci
B. niti
C. mci
D. indian council of medical research
Answer» D. indian council of medical research

            is designated for the purpose of protecting the rights, safety and well-being of the subjects(humans) participating in the clinical research.

A. ethics committee
B. meta-ethics
C. applied ethics
D. normative ethics
Answer» A. ethics committee

            is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement

A. cqi
B. six sigma
C. tqm
D. sqc
Answer» C. tqm

            is an excellent choice and cheaper source of recruitment

A. interactive
B. social networking
C. friendly
D. communicating
Answer» B. social networking

Some people grow up knowing what they want to do for a career.

A. treat employees like they make a difference and they will.
B. highest result of education is tolerance
C. a round peg in a round hole-
D. there is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread
Answer» C. a round peg in a round hole-

High flyers are not only fly too high but also too soon leaving behind high         of personnel.

A. earnings
B. revenue
C. income
D. turnover
Answer» D. turnover

          are intended to give human resource manager enough information about the job.

A. job requisitions
B. demands
C. hassels
D. employment
Answer» A. job requisitions

          play a major role in bringing faster cultural bonding .

A. approval
B. recommendation
C. referral programmes
D. support
Answer» C. referral programmes

            is an onboarding and knowledge sharing method used to orient new employees.

A. friend
B. play mate
C. companion
D. a buddy system
Answer» D. a buddy system

HR manager should avoid employing             .

A. in height
B. high flyers
C. extraordinary
D. promotion
Answer» B. high flyers

High Flyers are prone to                

A. companion
B. partner
C. locarus syndrome
D. mate
Answer» C. locarus syndrome

Employment interview-Can be divided into 4 parts

A. warm-up stage
B. drawing-out stage
C. all the three
D. forming - an opinion stage
Answer» C. all the three

Various kinds of Pre-employment tests are used for assessing professional competence of the candidates. These tests can broadly divided into 4 types

A. tests of general ability
B. tests of specific abilities
C. tests of achievement
D. all the three
Answer» D. all the three

            provided by the applicant should be cross checked to ascertain his past performance.

A. situations
B. locations
C. states
D. references
Answer» D. references

Multinational industries and giant organizations spend huge sums on             programmes.

A. preparation
B. training
C. teaching
D. drill
Answer» B. training

          may be defined as systematized tailor-made exercise to suit the needs of a particular organization for developing certain attitudes, skills and abilities .

A. exercise
B. teaching
C. training
D. workout
Answer» C. training

Evidence for training needs may be gathered from

A. exit interviews
B. complaints from supervisors and managers
C. staff turnover rate
D. all the three
Answer» D. all the three

Autocratic, democratic, Paternalistic,Laissez-Faire

A. management theory
B. leadership style
C. motivational theory
D. leadership traits
Answer» B. leadership style

A person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal.

A. lead
B. forerunner
C. leader
D. front runner
Answer» C. leader

          in 1962 gave birth to the official title of “Accident and Emergency Service”.

A. the platt report
B. bang theory
C. din report
D. crash report
Answer» A. the platt report

          is removing feeling from the body while analgesia will typically remove or decrease the level of pain.

A. painlessness
B. anaesthesia
C. benumb
D. sedation
Answer» B. anaesthesia

Scans of the             in the neck to determine risks of stroke

A. stenosis
B. jugular vein
C. carotid artery
D. radial artery
Answer» C. carotid artery

Coronary           to see if there are any blocks in the arteries

A. myology
B. tectology
C. angiography
D. arteriogram
Answer» C. angiography

             is a specialty that focuses on health care of elderly people

A. nostology
B. senior citizens
C. gerontology
D. geriatrics
Answer» D. geriatrics

Doctors also carry out tumour removal procedures which are then sent for         to confirm whether the tumour is malignant or not.

A. sample
B. tissue sample
C. vivisection
D. biopsy
Answer» D. biopsy

        the occupation of measuring eyesight, prescribing corrective lenses, and detecting eye disease.

A. science of spectacles
B. eye examination
C. optometry
D. optometric
Answer» C. optometry

          the study or treatment of irregularities of the eyes, especially those of the eye muscles that prevent normal binocular vision.

A. prosthetics
B. gaze tracking
C. orthotics
D. gerontechnology
Answer» C. orthotics

          services which is commonly called a "glass eye " or "fake eye.“

A. prosthetic eye
B. ocular prosthesis
C. anophthalmos
D. phthisical eyes
Answer» A. prosthetic eye

          imaging explains and demonstrates the complete technology involved with imaging

A. oculus
B. ophthalmic
C. sight
D. bird’s eye view
Answer» B. ophthalmic

A case history of the patient will be taken and the patient will have a case sheet in which his progress will be recorded.

A. patient
B. casualty
C. inpatient
D. outpatient
Answer» C. inpatient

A change for better prospects from one job to another job is deemed by the employee as a

A. upgrade
B. promotion
C. elevation
D. advancement
Answer» B. promotion

        is synonymous with wisdom and maturity.

A. aged
B. ancient
C. grey hair
D. older
Answer» C. grey hair

          Employees feel that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

A. assignment
B. transfer
C. allocation
D. relocation
Answer» B. transfer

Transfer implies a         of an employee in the hierarchy of positions of the same or similar status, from 1 dept to another.

A. adjacent movement
B. horizontal movement
C. lateral movement
D. parallel movement
Answer» C. lateral movement

Employees are made to move from one job to another to gain varied and broader experience of work.

A. versatility transfer
B. changeability
C. flexibility
D. adaptability
Answer» A. versatility transfer

A special type of autoclave that has a very short sterilization cycle of about 3 - 5 minutes because of its ability to raise the temperature to 132 degree centigrade.

A. ppe
B. flash sterilizer
C. gravity prevacum
D. latex hypersensitivity
Answer» B. flash sterilizer

ETO is a colorless gas that is flammable and explosive. The four essential parameters

A. gas concentration
B. temperature
C. relative humidity
D. all the three
Answer» D. all the three

Sealing machine is used for the sealing the           in which instruments are packed.

A. synthetic bags
B. non corrosive
C. plastic bags
D. non toxic
Answer» C. plastic bags

      is an important sterilization method that manufacturers widely use to keep medical devices safe.

A. polyglycols
B. ethylene oxide
C. amines
D. organic acids
Answer» B. ethylene oxide

           also called a continuous batch washer, is an industrial laundry machine designed specifically to handle heavy loads.

A. digester
B. cut away illustration
C. a tunnel washer
D. cylindrical chamber
Answer» C. a tunnel washer

          are used in medical applications to perform sterilization and in the chemical industry to cure coatings and vulcanize rubber and for hydrothermal synthesis.

A. steam sterilizer
B. autoclaves
C. filtration technology
D. negative pressure
Answer» B. autoclaves

Hospitals make 3 locations in the CSSD

A. soiled area
B. clean area
C. all the three
D. sterile area
Answer» C. all the three

Terminal-digit-numeric systems is also known as the

A. reverse numeric filing system
B. straight file system
C. chronological system
D. hashing
Answer» A. reverse numeric filing system

          index files by year, month and day.

A. alpha- numeric system
B. chronological- numeric systems
C. ascending order
D. numeric systems
Answer» B. chronological- numeric systems

          have two or more number sets, separated by dashes, commas or spaces.

A. middle digit filing
B. alpha numeric system
C. duplex-numeric files
D. block numeric
Answer» C. duplex-numeric files

The most common method of filing

A. index filing
B. terminal digital filing
C. hash filing
D. sequential filing
Answer» B. terminal digital filing

A          that reviews the appropriateness of all surgical procedures performed in the institution correlating pre- and post- operative surgical diagnosis with pathological Findings.

A. adhoc committee
B. hospital tissue committee
C. operating room committee
D. ethical committee
Answer» B. hospital tissue committee

        codes ensure that you get proper treatment and are charged appropriately for any medical services you receive.

A. icd-da
B. international classification of diseases (icd)
C. icat international centre for automotive technology
D. icda
Answer» B. international classification of diseases (icd)

The ICD is maintained by the     and distributed in countries across the globe.

A. hipaa
B. nchs
C. who
D. wha
Answer» C. who

ICD-10 Codes for       is type 1 diabetes and         is type 2 diabetes.

A. e10.9 e11.9
B. k21.9 b97.89
C. x98.6 0x98.60
D. 250.0 530.81
Answer» A. e10.9 e11.9

         is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food.

A. usda
B. capp
C. haccp
D. nacmcf
Answer» C. haccp

How many Principles of a HACCP system?

A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4
Answer» A. 7

The       maintains a scheme to benchmark food safety standards for manufacturers as well as farm assurance standards.

A. nabh
B. iphs
C. gfsi
D. hai
Answer» C. gfsi

Filing, Indexing and Retrieving records is work carried in          

A. therapeutic
B. medical records department
C. administration department
D. maintenance department
Answer» B. medical records department

The Food Safety Modernization Act of     (FSMA) is the most fundamental change to food safety regulations in over 70 years.

A. 2009
B. 2010
C. 2011
D. 2015
Answer» C. 2011

The first pharmacy council of india constituted by     in the year 1949.

A. civic body
B. central govt
C. municipal committee
D. state government
Answer» B. central govt
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