180+ Methodology of Literature Solved MCQs


The study of signs is called_

A. linguistics
B. semiotics
C. scientology
D. stylistics
Answer» B. semiotics

Who coined the word netspeak to denote the language used in internet communication?

A. roland bartthes
B. michel foucault
C. david crystal
D. david lodge
Answer» C. david crystal

Who is the author of A House for Mr. Biswas?

A. shiv naipaul
B. kushwant singh
C. dom moraes
D. vs naipaul
Answer» D. vs naipaul

Who wrote Things fall Apart?

A. chinua achebe
B. wole soyinka
C. ismuth chugthai
D. yeats
Answer» A. chinua achebe

Train to Pakistan is a famous novel by Kushwant Singh based on

A. partition
B. untouchables
C. prostitution
D. famine
Answer» A. partition

Who wrote Summer in Calcutta ?

A. kamla das
B. mahasweta devi
C. mihir sen
D. satyajit ray
Answer» A. kamla das

Which of the following is not a novel by Chinua Achebe?

A. no longer at ease
B. arrow of god
C. a man of people
D. shame
Answer» D. shame

Achebe belongs to_

A. nigeria
B. sudan
C. south africa
D. ethiopia
Answer» A. nigeria

The poem which lends the title of Things fall Apart by Achebe is

A. easter 1916
B. byzantium
C. second coming
D. daffodils
Answer» C. second coming

An Area of Darkness by VS Naipaul is a

A. travelogue
B. novel
C. shortstory
D. drama
Answer» A. travelogue

is a novel by Patrick White, the Australian novelist.

A. snake
B. voss
C. cosmos
D. raj quartet
Answer» B. voss

The Stone Angel is a novel written by Margaret Lawrence, a native Neepawa in

A. africa
B. england
C. australia
D. u s a
Answer» A. africa

The Guide is a novel written by

A. rk narayan
B. kr narayanan
C. anita desai
D. kirandesai
Answer» A. rk narayan

Mukta Dhara is a play by

A. tagore
B. r k narayanan
C. anita desai
D. manjula padmanaban
Answer» A. tagore

The term “Gitanjali” of the poem of the same name by Tagore means

A. god songs
B. good songs
C. verses
D. song offerings
Answer» D. song offerings

Who wrote the introduction to Gitanjali?

A. wb yeats
B. tagore
C. eliot
D. louis fischer
Answer» A. wb yeats

Douglas Steward who wrote many verse plays like Kelly, Shipwreck, The Golden Lover and Fischer’s Ghost originally belonged to

A. australia
B. new zealand
C. trinidad
D. china
Answer» B. new zealand

Who wrote the book The Western Canon?

A. harold bloom
B. david lodge
C. william wordsworth
D. f r leavis
Answer» A. harold bloom

Literary Theory: An Introduction is a book written by

A. harold bloom
B. terry eagleton
C. f.r.leavis
D. northrop frye
Answer» B. terry eagleton

Who wrote the book The Common Pursuit?

A. harold bloom
B. terry eagleton
C. f.r leavis
D. coleridge
Answer» C. f.r leavis

“Of the standard of Taste” is an essay by

A. david hume
B. harold bloom
C. david lodge
D. plato
Answer» A. david hume

The term canon originaly meanin g a measuring rod, is of

A. hebrew
B. arab
C. chinese
D. greek
Answer» D. greek

The famous book on culture wars in USA, Illiberal Education : The politics of Sex and Race on Campus is written by

A. dinesh d’souza
B. amartya sen
C. arundhadi roy
D. noam chomsky
Answer» A. dinesh d’souza

Macaulay’s “Minutes on Indian Education” dates back to

A. 1835
B. 1935
C. 1845
D. 1925
Answer» A. 1835

What does the acronym DWEM stands for ?

A. dear white european males
B. dead white english man
C. dead white european male
D. dear white english man
Answer» C. dead white european male

Who made a distinction between implied reader and actual reader?

A. wolf gang iser
B. kamla das
C. mahasweta devi
D. terry eagleton
Answer» A. wolf gang iser

Who translated Rubaiyat of the Persian poet Omar Khayyam into English?

A. homer
B. edward fitzgerald
C. harold bloom
D. terry eagleton
Answer» B. edward fitzgerald

Who wrote the book Loose Canons: Notes on the Culture Wars (1992)?

A. henry louis gates
B. harold bloom
C. dinesh d’souza
D. milton
Answer» A. henry louis gates

Who spoke about the concept of value in literature?

A. t s eliot
B. coleridge
C. frank kermode
D. wordsworth
Answer» C. frank kermode

The word for copying another person’s ideas, words, or work and using as if they are yours is called

A. plagiarism
B. theft
C. robbery
D. copyright
Answer» A. plagiarism

“Piers Plowman” is a poem by

A. cervantes,
B. wycliffe
C. william langland
D. tyndale
Answer» C. william langland

means intended to give instruction, is applied to a work with an educational value

A. didacticism
B. structure
C. textual criticism
D. sensualism
Answer» A. didacticism

Aestheticism means intended for_

A. learning
B. pleasure
C. teaching
D. spirituality
Answer» B. pleasure

My story is a fictional autobiography of

A. kamala das
B. a k ramanujam
C. indira nooyi
D. nissim ezikial
Answer» A. kamala das

Autobiography of an Unknown Indian is of

A. nirad chaudhri
B. kamaladas
C. kushwant singh
D. dom moraes
Answer» A. nirad chaudhri

Who wrote the famous essay “What is an Author?” 1969?

A. roland bartthes
B. michel foucault
C. david crystal
D. david lodge
Answer» B. michel foucault

Which of the following is a novel by Mulk Raj Anand?

A. a fine balance
B. untouchables
C. bye bye black bird
D. maneater of malgudi
Answer» B. untouchables

Who wrote Poetics?

A. plato
B. aristotle
C. longinus
D. horace
Answer» B. aristotle

What does the idea of “catharsis” by Aristotle mean?

A. emotion
B. fear
C. pity
D. purgation of pity and fear
Answer» D. purgation of pity and fear

In which century did Shakespeare live?

A. eighteenth
B. nineteenth
C. twentieth
D. sixteenth
Answer» D. sixteenth

Who wrote the essay “From work to Text”?

A. roman jakobson
B. roland barthes
C. todorov
D. david cristal
Answer» B. roland barthes

The comparison between two different things by using like or as as in “O my love’s like a red red rose” is called a

A. metaphor
B. simile
C. epic simile
D. conceit
Answer» B. simile

The comparison between two different things by not using like or as as in “O my love’s a red red rose” is called a_

A. metaphor
B. simile
C. epic simile
D. conceit
Answer» A. metaphor

Who used the word social construction for the first time in the book The Social Construction of Reality ?

A. david crystal
B. peter berger& tomas luckman
C. tomas luckman
D. eagleton
Answer» B. peter berger& tomas luckman

A brand of criticism that argues that writing in English continues colonialism is called

A. neocolonialism
B. nativism
C. regionalism
D. practicalism
Answer» B. nativism

Whose book is Imaginary Home lands?

A. salman rushdie
B. naipaul
C. vikram seth
D. bilkram chandra
Answer» A. salman rushdie

Who is considered as the father of sociology?

A. bipin chandra
B. romila thapar
C. emile durkheim
D. d d kosambi
Answer» C. emile durkheim

A book of synonyms is called

A. dictionary
B. reverse dictionary
C. thesaurus
D. oxymoron
Answer» C. thesaurus

Who is the only writer who has won the Booker of Booker prize?

A. rushdie
B. hanif kureishi
C. arundhadi roy
D. david lodge
Answer» A. rushdie

Slavoj Zizek is a native of

A. iran
B. america
C. slovenia
D. italy
Answer» C. slovenia

O f the following

A. in defence of lost causes
B. the fragile absolute
C. the ticklish subject
D. the cultural turn
Answer» B. the fragile absolute

What is the subtitle of The Fragile Absolute by Slavoj Zizek?.

A. why is the christian legacy worth fighting for?
B. is the christian legacy worth fighting for?
C. christian legacy
D. none of these
Answer» A. why is the christian legacy worth fighting for?

Zizek’s favourite philosopher who influences his works most is

A. jacques lacan
B. lyotard
C. foucault
D. habermas
Answer» A. jacques lacan

Who is called “the French Freud”?

A. c j yung
B. jacques lacan.
C. lyotard
D. foucault
Answer» B. jacques lacan.

Jacques lacan’s formulation of the concept of psycho‐sexual development has the following three stages of symbolic, imagination and the

A. object
B. subject
C. self
D. mirror stage
Answer» D. mirror stage

“The Insistence of the Letter in the Unconscious” is a celebrated essay by

A. jacques lacan
B. bakhtin
C. derrida
D. foucault
Answer» A. jacques lacan

Ferdinand de Saussure who played an important part in the development of structuralism is a _ linguist.

A. german
B. italian
C. british
D. swiss
Answer» D. swiss

Course in General linguistics published in 1975 is written by

A. barthes
B. derrida
C. saussure
D. lacan
Answer» C. saussure

The figure of speech in which a part of something is used to signify the whole as in “ten hands” for “ten workers” is called

A. simile
B. metaphor
C. personification
D. synecdoche
Answer» D. synecdoche

“Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human sciences” is an essay by

A. saussure
B. lacan
C. jacques derrida
D. julia kristeva
Answer» C. jacques derrida

Which of the following books is not of Jacques Derrida?

A. of grammatology
B. dissemination
C. writing and dif erence
D. waste land
Answer» D. waste land

Who coined the new word “difference” to mean “to differ” and “to defer” at the same time?

A. lacan
B. derrida
C. barthes
D. tudor
Answer» B. derrida

Who is the proponent of affective stylistics?

A. harold bloom
B. derrida
C. lacan
D. stanley fish
Answer» D. stanley fish

Who says that all “reading is …….misreading”?

A. harold bloom
B. foucault
C. m h abrams
D. todorov
Answer» A. harold bloom

Which critical school has its ideal the establishment of an authentic text?

A. new criticism
B. aesthetic criticism
C. textual criticism
D. structuralism
Answer» C. textual criticism

wrote the text Principles of Textual Criticism .

A. james thorpe
B. vladimir propp
C. eliot
D. eagleton
Answer» A. james thorpe

Who wrote the famous essay “The Death of the Author”?

A. roland barthes
B. lacan
C. foucault
D. derrida
Answer» A. roland barthes

Whose book is The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis?

A. jacques lacan
B. siigmund freud
C. earnest jones
D. jung
Answer» A. jacques lacan

“The Philosophy of Composition” is by

A. keats
B. edgar allan poe
C. coleridge
D. tennison
Answer» B. edgar allan poe

Which critic made a revaluation of Metaphysical poets and praised them for blending states of mind and feeling

A. t s eliot
B. f r leavis
C. samuel jonson
D. shelley
Answer» A. t s eliot

wrote After the New Criticism(1980)

A. f r leavis
B. samuel jonson
C. frank lentricchia
D. shelley
Answer» C. frank lentricchia

wrote Defence of poetry

A. shelley
B. keats
C. longinus
D. shakespeare
Answer» A. shelley

The title of the book The Well Wrought Urn (1947) by Cleanth Brooks is taken from the poem by John Donne.

A. the flee
B. valediction
C. the canonization
D. the anniversary
Answer» C. the canonization

The term is suggestive of carefully worked out images that were elaborated over a number of lines.

A. well wrought
B. simile
C. humour
D. zeitgeist
Answer» A. well wrought

According to Freud all human behavior is motivated by or Sexual energy.

A. libido
B. thanatos
C. eros
D. oedipus complex
Answer» A. libido

Oedipus Complex is a hypothesis developed by

A. adler
B. freud
C. jung
D. piaget
Answer» B. freud

Ernest Jones Hamlet and Oedipus originally published in 1910in the first full scale study of major work

A. formalist
B. psychoanalytic
C. structuralist
D. textual
Answer» B. psychoanalytic

Hamlet is a

A. tragedy
B. comedy
C. farce
D. novel
Answer» A. tragedy

Which critic spoke about four kinds of meaning?

A. ia richards
B. t.s.eliot
C. f rleavis
D. coleridge freud
Answer» A. ia richards

Who defined a good work as one which successfully communicates a valuable experience?

A. coleridge
B. t.s.eliot
C. f.r.leavis
D. ia richards
Answer» D. ia richards

Gusto is a concept of the Romantic critic

A. hazlitt
B. coleridge
C. wordsworth
D. f.r.leavis
Answer» A. hazlitt

“Horizon of expectation “ is a term used in the reception theory of

A. hans robert gauss
B. george gardener
C. robert c holub
D. j p stern
Answer» A. hans robert gauss

Ecriture the French word is used for

A. speaking
B. reading
C. writing
D. note making
Answer» C. writing

Writing Degree Zero is a book written by

A. geoffrey hartman
B. roland barthes
C. derrida
D. barthes
Answer» B. roland barthes

“Writerly books” and “Readerly books” are a distinction made by

A. samuel johnson
B. umberto eco
C. derrida
D. roland barthes
Answer» B. umberto eco

The book The New Criticism 1941 is written by

A. john crowe ranson
B. ia richards
C. t.s.eliot
D. milton
Answer» A. john crowe ranson

Which group of critics relied on “explication” or “close reading”?

A. structuralist
B. new critics
C. romantics
D. neo classical critics
Answer» A. structuralist

Who wrote the book Seven Types of Ambiguity (1930)?

A. ts eliot
B. william empson
C. fr leavis
D. ia richards
Answer» B. william empson

According to Allan Tate the meaning of good poetry is its _

A. tension
B. irony
C. paradox
D. extension
Answer» A. tension

Rene Wellek, American critic and Austin warren coauthored the book_ in 1949

A. principles of literary criticism
B. theory of literature
C. language of fiction
D. on the sublime
Answer» B. theory of literature

Who used the phrase “the heresy of paraphrase”?

A. cleanth brooks
B. austin warren
C. rene wellek
D. william empson
Answer» A. cleanth brooks

Who wrote the works Practical criticism (1929) and Principles of Literacy Criticism (1924)

A. ia richards
B. austin warren
C. rene wellek
D. william empson
Answer» A. ia richards

Which important writer other than George Eliot and Henry James according to FR Leavis formed The Great Tradition in English novel?

A. d h lawrence
B. emilebronte
C. joseph conrad
D. golding
Answer» C. joseph conrad

Multiple meaning and plurisignation are alternative terms for the word

A. ambiguity
B. paradox
C. simile
D. metaphor
Answer» A. ambiguity

The Myth of Sisyphus (1942) by Albert Camus is an important work on

A. expressionism
B. impressionism
C. ambiguity
D. existentialism
Answer» D. existentialism

Who criticizes William Empson’s theory of ambiguity in “William Empson, Contemporary criticism and poetic diction”?

A. ezra pound
B. elder olson
C. allan tate
D. r s crane
Answer» B. elder olson

The idea of “depth psychology” an important antecedent of archetypal criticism is of

A. freud
B. adler
C. cg jung
D. piaget
Answer» C. cg jung

Allan Tate’s “Tension in poetry” appears in the book

A. one the limits of poetry
B. tensions in poetry
C. the limits of poetry
D. poetry
Answer» A. one the limits of poetry

denotes recurrent narrative designs, patterns of action, character types, themes and images which are identifiable in literature, myths, dreams and even social rituals.

A. image
B. motif
C. archetype
D. mythology
Answer» C. archetype

The slogan of the cultural movement launched by clack students in Paris in 1932 is

A. negritude
B. black art movement
C. black aesthetics
D. black movement
Answer» A. negritude
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