90+ Movements and Revivalism in Islam- Political Movements in the Middle East Solved MCQs


Muhammedali was ruled by Egypt from AD.1805 to

A. ad.1810
B. ad.1848
C. ad.1835
D. ad.1825
Answer» B. ad.1848

Muhammad Ali's chief aim was to establish a military in the form of

A. ottoman
B. arabian
C. european
D. central asian
Answer» C. european

The Young Turk Revolution began in the……..Province

A. deccan
B. mediterranean
C. arabian
D. balkan
Answer» D. balkan

The founder of Wafd Party

A. saad zaghlool
B. muhammedali
C. jamal abdul nasser
D. yassar arafath
Answer» A. saad zaghlool

The Treaty of Lausanne was signed in the year:

A. 1923
B. 1921
C. 1927
D. 1931
Answer» A. 1923

Who was the Chairman of P.L.O to sign the Oslo Accord?

A. saad zaghlool
B. muhammedali
C. jamal abdul nasser
D. yassar arafath
Answer» D. yassar arafath

Who was the founder of Turkish Republic?

A. bayezidii
B. muhammedali
C. sulaiman
D. musthafa kamal ata turk
Answer» D. musthafa kamal ata turk

Which is the capital of Modern Lebanon?

A. beirut
B. damascus
C. aleppo
D. cairo
Answer» A. beirut

The Arabi Pasha revolt was led by

A. nasser
B. muhammedali
C. ahammed urabi
D. anvar sadath
Answer» C. ahammed urabi

The Suez Canal is connecting between Red Sea and……….

A. pacific sea
B. mediterranean sea
C. arabian sea
D. indian ocean
Answer» B. mediterranean sea

Who propounded the idea of Pan-Islamism in modern time?

A. jamaludheen al afgani
B. hasanul banna
C. muhammad abdu
D. muhammed iqbal
Answer» A. jamaludheen al afgani

Which Iranian Major General, killed by US force on 3 January 2020 ?.

A. qasim sulaimani
B. ahmad yaseen
C. ahmed nejad
D. hassan roohani
Answer» A. qasim sulaimani

Who was the founder of modern Zionist movement?

A. yassar arafath
B. arial sharon
C. nethenyahu
D. theodor herzel
Answer» D. theodor herzel

The Nationalization of Suez Canal was declared by the Egyptian President:

A. gamal abdul naser
B. anver sadath
C. muhammedali
D. hosni mubarak
Answer» A. gamal abdul naser

The founder of Islamic Republic of Iran was

A. ali shareeathi
B. hasanul banna
C. ayathullah khumaini
D. hassan roohani
Answer» C. ayathullah khumaini

The first Chairman of P.L.O was

A. ahammed sukeiri
B. ahamed yaseen
C. yaser arafat
D. rantheezi
Answer» A. ahammed sukeiri

Which Arab Country is situated between the rivers of Euphrates and Tigris?

A. iran
B. iraq
C. saudi arabia
D. qatar
Answer» B. iraq

The Treaty of Lausanne was signed between the allied Powers and

A. ottoman empire
B. turkish republic
C. egypt
D. iran
Answer» A. ottoman empire

The capital of Jordan is.

A. istanbul
B. amman
C. aleppo
D. damascus
Answer» B. amman

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by

A. imam khumaini
B. ibn saud
C. sulaiman saud
D. king khalid
Answer» B. ibn saud

Who is the Present President of Iran?

A. imam khumaini
B. ahmed nejad
C. qasim sulaimani
D. hassan rouhani
Answer» D. hassan rouhani

Hamaz was founded in the year

A. 1977
B. 1956
C. 1997
D. 1987
Answer» D. 1987

Camp David Accords was signed on 17 September

A. 1977
B. 1956
C. 1978
D. 1982
Answer» C. 1978

Camp David Accords was signed between Isrel PM Menachem and Egyptian President

A. gamal abdul naser
B. muhammedali
C. anver sadat
D. hosni mubarak
Answer» C. anver sadat

The Suez Canal was nationalized by

A. muhammedali
B. musthafa kamal
C. anver sadat
D. gamal abdul naser
Answer» D. gamal abdul naser

The Suez Canal was opened on 17 November

A. 1869
B. 1866
C. 1769
D. 1800
Answer» A. 1869

The Arab League was formed at

A. jeddah
B. cairo
C. aleppo
D. tehran
Answer» B. cairo

The Arab League was formed in the Year

A. 1948
B. 1952
C. 1947
D. 1945
Answer» D. 1945

The Third Arab Israeli war is known as

A. sixteen day war
B. six day war
C. sixty day war
D. seven day war
Answer» B. six day war

The Revolutionary movement against abdul hamid II is known as

A. young turk revolution
B. urabi revolt
C. ottoman revolt
D. egyptian revolt
Answer» A. young turk revolution

Muammer Gaddafi was the President of

A. jordan
B. syria
C. tunisia
D. libiya
Answer» D. libiya

Gaddafi was killed on 20th October 2011 in connection with the

A. arab israeli war
B. young turk revolution
C. jasmine revolution
D. none of these
Answer» C. jasmine revolution

Who was the first expelled ruler following the Jasmine Revolution.

A. gaddafi
B. hoosni mubarak
C. zainul abideen bin ali
D. muhammed moorsi
Answer» C. zainul abideen bin ali

The Jasmine Revolution was started in the year

A. 2000
B. 2010
C. 2012
D. 2014
Answer» B. 2010

Which is the main canter of Jasmine Revolution in Egypt?

A. ankara
B. nail delta
C. thahrir square
D. tehran
Answer» C. thahrir square

Which among the following is not a City of Saudi Arabia?

A. jedha
B. makkah
C. riyadh
D. abu dhabi
Answer» D. abu dhabi

The Mappila Leader, who appointed as the political advisor of Sulthan Abdul hamid II

A. mampuram alawi thangal
B. mampuram fazal thangal
C. muhammad abdurahman
D. sulthan ali raja
Answer» B. mampuram fazal thangal

Tel Aviv is the capital of

A. israel
B. palestine
C. jordan
D. libya
Answer» A. israel

The formation of the state of Israel is in the year

A. 1947
B. 1948
C. 1942
D. 1967
Answer» B. 1948

Iran Islamic revolution was in the year:

A. 1975
B. 1979
C. 1879
D. 1989
Answer» B. 1979

Sadham Hussain was the President of

A. iraq
B. kuwait
C. iran
D. saudi
Answer» A. iraq

The execution of Saddam Hussein was on 30 December

A. 2016
B. 1996
C. 2000
D. 2006
Answer» D. 2006

Sadham Husain was the leader of

A. baath party
B. wafd party
C. communist party
D. capitalist party
Answer» A. baath party

PLO is founded for the Liberation of

A. libya
B. israel
C. palestine
D. egypt
Answer» C. palestine

The present chairman of PLO is

A. yasser arafat
B. mahmood abbas
C. ahmed yaseen
D. gamal moosa
Answer» B. mahmood abbas

Which country is not a member of GCC

A. saudi arabia
B. qatar
C. iraq
D. quwait
Answer» C. iraq

The Charter of the GCC was signed on 25 May

A. 1991
B. 1971
C. 1981
D. 1998
Answer» C. 1981

The OPEC was founded on 14 September 1960 at

A. tehran
B. jeddah
C. bagdad
D. istanbul
Answer» C. bagdad

The Present Headquarter of OPEC is

A. vienna
B. bagdad
C. jeddah
D. abu dhabi
Answer» A. vienna

‘National sovereignty over natural resources’ is the main objective of

A. opec
B. gcc
C. arab league
D. un
Answer» A. opec

‘Masjid al Haram’ is situated in

A. turkey
B. iran
C. saudi arabia
D. iraq
Answer» C. saudi arabia

The History of the Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire is written by

A. toynbee
B. hitti
C. edward gibbon
D. hegel
Answer» C. edward gibbon

Who was the President of Egypt from 1981to 2011

A. hosni mubarak
B. muhammed moorsi
C. anver sadat
D. gamal abdul nasser
Answer» A. hosni mubarak

Hosni Mubarak was the ……..President of Egypt

A. sixth
B. fourth
C. fifth
D. seventh
Answer» B. fourth

Mampuram Fazal pasha is the descendant of

A. hazrat umar
B. hazrat aboobacker
C. prophet muhammad
D. none of the above
Answer» C. prophet muhammad

Ayathullah Qumaini was the leader of

A. young turk revolution
B. iran revolution
C. ottoman revolt
D. egyptian revolt
Answer» B. iran revolution

Who was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1481 to 1512 ?.

A. orham i
B. bayazid ii
C. umar ii
D. muhammad ii
Answer» B. bayazid ii

Who was the 9th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

A. orham i
B. bayazid ii
C. salim i
D. muhammad ii
Answer» C. salim i

Yavuz Selim Mosque is situated in

A. istanbul
B. aleppo
C. tehran
D. cairo
Answer» A. istanbul

Which is the transcontinental city in Eurasia?

A. amasya
B. cairo
C. beirut
D. istanbul
Answer» D. istanbul

Zainul abideen bin Ali was the President of

A. egypt
B. syria
C. tunisia
D. jordan
Answer» C. tunisia

Yassar Arafath was died in the Year

A. 2000
B. 1990
C. 2004
D. 2008
Answer» C. 2004

The full name of imam Qumaini is:

A. aboobacker abdullah
B. muhammad abdullah
C. abu hamid al-khumaini
D. ayathullah roohullah khumaini
Answer» D. ayathullah roohullah khumaini

The Fathah Party was formed by

A. saad zaghlool
B. muhammedali
C. jamal abdul nasser
D. yasser arafath
Answer» D. yasser arafath

The Cairo city is situated in the river bank of

A. euphrates
B. tigris
C. nile
D. wadi al hamd
Answer» C. nile

Intifada is a rebellion movement that started in

A. iran
B. iraq
C. palestine
D. none of the above
Answer» C. palestine

The Headquarter of Arab league is at

A. cairo
B. jeddah
C. madina
D. dubai
Answer» A. cairo

Ahmed Nejad was the:

A. president of iran
B. president of iraq
C. secretary of arab league
D. prime minister of libiya
Answer» A. president of iran

The present ruler of Saudi Arabia

A. salman
B. fahad
C. khalid
D. abdullah
Answer» C. khalid

"The people want to bring down the regime" is the major slogan of:

A. young turk revolution
B. urabi revolt
C. ottoman revolt
D. jasmine revolution
Answer» D. jasmine revolution

Who was the ruler of Iran from 1925 to 1941

A. riza shah pahlavi
B. the ahammed urabi
C. imam khumaini
D. ali shareeati
Answer» A. riza shah pahlavi

After the deportation from Malabar, Mampuram Fazal thangal served as the Governor of:

A. jeddha
B. zofar
C. egypt
D. istanbul
Answer» B. zofar

Rejuvenation and political unity in the Arab World is known as:

A. arab spring
B. tanzimat
C. young turks
D. arab nationalism
Answer» D. arab nationalism

The present President of Israel is:

A. olmert
B. nethaniahu
C. arial sharon
D. ishaq rabin
Answer» B. nethaniahu

Janissaries were the military wing of

A. ottomans
B. egypt
C. modern turkey
D. iraq
Answer» A. ottomans

The revolution 0f 1952 in Egypt is initially aimed at overthrowing the King:

A. najeeb
B. salman
C. farouk
D. nasser
Answer» C. farouk

The Tanzimant means:

A. to destroy
B. revolutionary
C. war
D. re-organization
Answer» D. re-organization

Operation Desert Storm was a war led by the United States against

A. saudi arabia
B. iraq
C. kuwait
D. iran
Answer» B. iraq

The present President of Turkey is

A. rejeb tayyib urdugan
B. abdullah gul
C. umar khlidi
D. sulaiman demirel
Answer» A. rejeb tayyib urdugan

The Capital of Saudi Arabia is.

A. madeena
B. kufa
C. riyadh
D. jeddah
Answer» C. riyadh

The Arab-Israeli conflict in 1956 is known as

A. first intifada
B. second intifada
C. zionism
D. suez crisis
Answer» D. suez crisis

Suez canal is a:

A. sea-level waterway
B. big river
C. delta
D. small sea
Answer» A. sea-level waterway

Qanat al Suways is the Arabic name of

A. suez canal
B. red sea
C. nile delta
D. arabian sea
Answer» A. suez canal

Hamas is founded in the year:

A. 1987
B. 1991
C. 1998
D. 2000
Answer» A. 1987

Alexandria is the city of

A. egypt
B. spain
C. italy
D. turkey
Answer» A. egypt

The administrative centre of the State of Palestine is

A. west bank
B. gaza
C. ramallah
D. jerusalem
Answer» C. ramallah

The ‘Operation Desert Shield’ was started on- 2 August

A. 1992
B. 1982
C. 1980
D. 1990
Answer» D. 1990

Yasser Arafat was born in

A. amman
B. cairo
C. gaza
D. istanbul
Answer» B. cairo

Muhamad Morsi was died on 17 June

A. 2018
B. 2019
C. 2011
D. 2012
Answer» B. 2019

The Political Party of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is.

A. freedom and justice party
B. ikhvaanul muslimoon
C. new independent party
D. modern egypt party
Answer» A. freedom and justice party

At present the Arab League has ……member States

A. 22
B. 16
C. 12
D. 18
Answer» A. 22

The full name of Gadhafi is

A. muammar mohammed abu minyar gaddafi
B. mohammed mansoor gaddafi
C. muammar mansoor gaddafi
D. muammar abdullah gaddafi
Answer» A. muammar mohammed abu minyar gaddafi

Al-Aqsa Mosque is located in the old city of:

A. cairo
B. istanbul
C. jerusalem
D. bagdad
Answer» C. jerusalem

Which of the following is a transcontinental country?

A. egypt
B. oman
C. iran
D. iraq
Answer» A. egypt

The capital of Libya is:

A. tripoli
B. ankara
C. benghazi
D. beirut
Answer» A. tripoli

The present President of Egypt is:

A. adly mansoor
B. abdel fathah alsisi
C. urdugan
D. hassan ruhani
Answer» B. abdel fathah alsisi

The founder of Ba’athist ideology:

A. ameer ali
B. muhammad asad
C. p.k.hitti
D. michel aflaq
Answer» D. michel aflaq

The official language of Egypt is

A. arabic
B. persian
C. english
D. hebrew
Answer» A. arabic

Dome of the rock is situated in

A. cairo
B. tel aviv
C. jerusalem
D. bethlehem
Answer» C. jerusalem
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