100+ History of Mass Media Solved MCQs


Who was a champion of massline communication?

A. mao zedong
B. b r ambedkar
C. mother teresa
D. marshall tito
Answer» A. mao zedong

Which of the following is an example of new media?

A. newspaper
B. fm radio
C. blog
D. television
Answer» C. blog

The chronological evolution of mass media is

A. radio, film, newspaper, television
B. newspaper, film, radio, television
C. newspaper, radio, film, television
D. film, newspapers, radio, television
Answer» B. newspaper, film, radio, television

Who is described as the father of Indian film?

A. k a abbas
B. phalke
C. r g torney
D. satyajit ray
Answer» B. phalke

Name the first talkie in India.

A. raja harishchandra
B. jhansi ki rani
C. alam ara
D. pundalik
Answer» B. jhansi ki rani

The highest film award in India is…

A. dada saheb phalke award
B. j c daniel award
C. satyajit ray award
D. raja harischandra award
Answer» A. dada saheb phalke award

The highest film award instituted by the Government of Kerala is …

A. prem nazir award
B. thikkurussi award
C. j c daniel award
D. john abraham award
Answer» C. j c daniel award

What is SITE ?

A. television experiment
B. indian satellite
C. radio experiment
D. entertainment experiment
Answer» A. television experiment

Democratic –participant theory was put forward by

A. fred siebert
B. theodore peterson
C. denis mcquail
D. wilbur schramm
Answer» C. denis mcquail

Internet was first developed in ….

A. uk
B. japan
C. us
D. germany
Answer» C. us

Name the person who is most associated with WikiLeaks is ……….

A. julian assange
B. tim bernet
C. bill gates
D. richard stallman
Answer» A. julian assange

Name the first Indian film.

A. pather panjali
B. life of christ
C. raja harischandra
D. mother india
Answer» C. raja harischandra

Jasmine revolution that triggered political unrest in North African and West Asian countries actually began in

A. egypt
B. libya
C. tunisia
D. yemen
Answer» C. tunisia

Which of the following is an example of social media network?

A. chrome
B. google
C. mozila
D. linked-in
Answer» D. linked-in

Global village concept was put forward by…..

A. robert merton
B. seon mcbride
C. marshall mcluhan
D. wilbur scramm
Answer» C. marshall mcluhan

J. Gopikrishnan who unearthed the 2G spectrum scandal was a reporter of ……

A. the times of india
B. the pioneer
C. the telegraph
D. dna
Answer» B. the pioneer

What was the first Internet service in India?

A. arpanet
B. ernet
C. indnet
D. hindnet
Answer» B. ernet

Which newspaper first launched an internet edition in Malayalam?

A. malayala manorama
B. mathrubhumi
C. deepika
D. kerala kaumudi
Answer» C. deepika

Name the educational channel of Doordarshan

A. bharati
B. gyan darshan
C. vidya bharati
D. etv
Answer» B. gyan darshan

Which was the first 24 hours news channel in Malayalam?

A. asianet news
B. india vision
C. surya
D. kairali
Answer» B. india vision

The Gutenberg Galaxy was authored by

A. johannes gutenberg
B. marshall mcluhan
C. george gerbner
D. kurt lewin
Answer» B. marshall mcluhan

The term fourth estate refers to?

A. legislature
B. commons
C. media
D. judiciary
Answer» C. media

International Commission to study communication in the world by UNESCO was known as…

A. mcluhan commission
B. hutchins commission
C. macbride commission
D. mcquail commission
Answer» C. macbride commission

Who coined the term fourth estate?

A. lord william bentick
B. edmund burke
C. winston churchill
D. clement atlee
Answer» B. edmund burke

Pulitzer prices are given to journalists for their outstanding contribution to journalism in ….

A. uk
B. us
C. germany
D. australia
Answer» B. us

Which newspaper first launched an internet edition in India?

A. times of india
B. the hindu
C. the telegraph
D. hindustan times
Answer» B. the hindu

Which of the following media group has a newspaper, television news channel and FM radio station?

A. the hindu group
B. the kerala kaumudi group
C. the malayala manorama group
D. the indian express group
Answer» C. the malayala manorama group

Club FM radio station is promoted by …………….

A. malayala manorama
B. asianet
C. mathrubhumi
D. madhyamam
Answer» C. mathrubhumi

Who among the following was a chief editor of Mathrubhumi?

A. a balakrishna pillai
B. p k balakrishnan
C. k p kesava menon
D. vengayil kunhiraman nayanar
Answer» C. k p kesava menon

The oldest surviving newspaper in Malayalam is ….

A. malayala manorama
B. kerala kaumudi
C. mathrubhumi
D. deepika
Answer» D. deepika

Which of the following English newspaper is not published Kerala?

A. deccan chronicle
B. the times of india
C. deccan herald
D. the new indian express
Answer» A. deccan chronicle

Fourth estate refers to ……………………..?

A. internet
B. press
C. whistle blowers
D. private media
Answer» B. press

Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio was invented by?

A. edwin. h. armstrong
B. jacques diouf
C. andy zeollick
D. mckarthy wolf
Answer» A. edwin. h. armstrong

Kandathil Varghese Mappilla is the founder editor of ………

A. deepika
B. mathrubhumi
C. malayala manorama
D. kerala kaumudi
Answer» C. malayala manorama

Who was the Indian representative to the MacBride Commission?

A. b g varghese
B. chalapathi rao
C. kushwant singh
D. nihil singh
Answer» A. b g varghese

Which among the following is not a characteristics of Mass Media?

A. transient
B. universal access
C. narrow scope
D. gatekeeping
Answer» C. narrow scope

Right to Information ACT (RTI) applies to all the states and UT’s of India except

A. kerala
B. jammu & kashmir
C. goa
D. nagaland
Answer» B. jammu & kashmir

Television broadcasting was launched in

A. 1958
B. 1959
C. 1960
D. 1961
Answer» B. 1959

The study on the manner in which people approach others or keep their distance from others in communication contexts.

A. kinesics
B. proxemics
C. chronemics
D. ocullesics
Answer» B. proxemics

Who is the Web Inventor?

A. tim berners-lee
B. bill gates
C. stallman
D. charles babbage
Answer» A. tim berners-lee

Which of the following is the idea generating component of communication?

A. sender
B. message
C. channel
D. receiver
Answer» A. sender

Who is considered as the inventor of television?

A. charles babbage
B. john logie baird
C. thomas alva edison
D. none of the above
Answer» B. john logie baird

Who is well known for his comment on communication : ‘Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) What Channel (with) What Effect’

A. frank f x dance
B. harold lasswell
C. marshall mcluhan
D. joseph a devito
Answer» B. harold lasswell

Who introduced the concept of global village?

A. marshal mcluhan
B. wilbur schramm
C. noam chomsky
D. henry luce
Answer» A. marshal mcluhan

The first Malayalee actor to win the best actor award in the national film awards

A. premji
B. p j antony
C. gopi
D. balan k nair
Answer» B. p j antony

The film “Balan” was directed by

A. p ramdas
B. j c daniel
C. ramu kariatt
D. p bhaskaran
Answer» A. p ramdas

Who is considered the proponent of cultivation analysis ?

A. sean mcbride
B. wilbur schramm
C. marshall mcluhan
D. george gerbner
Answer» D. george gerbner

Name the scholar who coined the expressions: ‘the Medium is the Message” and “Global Village”.

A. albert bandura
B. marshall mcluhan
C. leode genero
D. wilbur schram
Answer» B. marshall mcluhan

What is the science of signs known as?

A. semiotics
B. communicology
C. ethnography
D. anthropology
Answer» B. communicology

Who is director of Appu Trilogy?

A. mahesh bhatt
B. adoor gopalakrishnan
C. satyajit ray
D. ritwik ghatak
Answer» C. satyajit ray

Who developed the SMCR model of communication?

A. marshall mcluhan
B. harold d lasswell
C. frank e x dance
D. david berlo
Answer» D. david berlo

Name the news agency that was closely associated with India even before the independence.

A. afp
B. associated press
C. upi
D. reuters
Answer» D. reuters

Name the pioneer who started an Indian news agency in the country.

A. k c roy
B. paul julius reuter
C. bidhu bhushan sengupta
D. rajaram mohan roy
Answer» A. k c roy

Name the news agency associated with S Sadanand.

A. associated press of india
B. orient press of india
C. united press of india
D. free press of india
Answer» D. free press of india

TASS- Itar is a news agency of

A. uk
B. us
C. germany
D. russia
Answer» D. russia

PTI started functioning in ……

A. 1947
B. 1948
C. 1949
D. 1950
Answer» C. 1949

The Hindi news agency of PTI is known as….

A. pti hindi
B. pti hindustani
C. pti bhasha
D. pti rashtra
Answer» C. pti bhasha

The Hindi wire service of UNI is known as….

A. unisamachar
B. unihindustan
C. unibhasha
D. univartha
Answer» D. univartha

Which of the following is the first news agency in the world?

A. ap
B. afp
C. upi
D. reuters
Answer» B. afp

Kyodo is a news agency of …..

A. germany
B. s. korea
C. n. korea
D. japan
Answer» D. japan

The concept of Press Council first emerged in …..

A. sweden
B. uk
C. us
D. netherlands
Answer» A. sweden

DPA is a news agency of ……

A. pakistan
B. south africa
C. germany
D. argentina
Answer» C. germany

Who among the following is not a chairperson of the Press Council of India?

A. justice markandy katju
B. justice r jayachandra reddy
C. justice p b sawant
D. justice k k mathew
Answer» D. justice k k mathew

Press Council of India is a … body including the chairperson

A. 26
B. 27
C. 28
D. 29
Answer» D. 29

Self regulatory body of the television news channels in India is….

A. press council of india
B. television council of india
C. news broadcasting standards authority
D. broadcast authority of india
Answer» C. news broadcasting standards authority

Which of the following is body that represents newspapers publishers?

A. abc
B. ins
C. rni
D. ifwj
Answer» B. ins

Who among the following was not a chief editor of Malayala Manorama?

A. kandathil varghese mappilai
B. mamman mappilai
C. k m george
D. k m mathew
Answer» C. k m george

Who is generally described as the unsung hero of a newspaper?

A. reporter
B. sub editor
C. news editor
D. chief editor
Answer» B. sub editor

Ramnath Goenka is associated with ….

A. the indian express
B. the hindustan times
C. the times of india
D. the deccan herald
Answer» A. the indian express

Who among the following was a noted cartoonist?

A. bal thackeray
B. jug suraiyya
C. tjs george
D. pothan joseph
Answer» A. bal thackeray

K Sukumaran was the editor of

A. kerala kaumudi
B. mathrubhumi
C. malayala manorama
D. malayali
Answer» A. kerala kaumudi

First private TV channel in Malayalam was

A. surya
B. asianet
C. kairali
D. india vision
Answer» B. asianet

Inverted pyramid style of reporting emerged during…..

A. american civil war
B. falkland war
C. russian revolution
D. french revolution
Answer» A. american civil war

Dateline in a report tells….

A. date of the story
B. date and place
C. date, place, country of the story
D. date, place reporter of the story
Answer» B. date and place

A face to face interaction with media persons is generally known as …….

A. interview
B. press conference
C. press release
D. handouts
Answer» B. press conference

When a press club or forum invites a celebrity to interact with the media person, it is known as….

A. press conference
B. press briefing
C. press meet
D. meet the press
Answer» D. meet the press

The press release of the central Government is distributed to the media organisations by….

A. prd
B. i & b ministry
C. pib
D. davp
Answer» C. pib

Which of the following is a news agency?

A. abc
B. ins
C. kyodo
D. ipra
Answer» C. kyodo

Name the newspaper that unearthed the Watergate Scandal.

A. new york times
B. washington post
C. wall street journal
D. washington journal
Answer» B. washington post

Monotype was a typesetting machine for….

A. hand composing
B. photocomposing
C. mechanical composing
D. dtp
Answer» C. mechanical composing

A Balakrishna Pilla was associated with…

A. kesari
B. swaseshabimani
C. keralan
D. mathrubhumi
Answer» A. kesari

Operation West End, a sting operation, was carried out by…

A. tehelka. com
B. ohmynews.com
C. news.com
D. probity.com
Answer» A. tehelka. com

Which of the following English newspaper is not published Kerala?

A. deccan chronicle
B. the times of india
C. deccan herald
D. the new indian express
Answer» C. deccan herald

The recognized union of working journalist in Kerala is …

A. kuwj
B. ifwjk
C. kuj
D. kunwj
Answer» A. kuwj

Which of the following is considered the first newspaper in Malayalam?

A. paschimodayam
B. jnana nikshepam
C. keralopakari
D. rajyasamacharam
Answer» D. rajyasamacharam

Name of the newspaper on the front page is called…

A. masthead
B. skyline
C. nameplate
D. name board
Answer» A. masthead

An early edition of a newspaper is called…

A. city edition
B. bulldog
C. mofussil edition
D. midnight edition
Answer» B. bulldog

Which of the following is an example of social media network?

A. google
B. mozila
C. twitter
D. rediff
Answer» C. twitter

How many of the sensory channels can be applied while reading a news story?

A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
Answer» A. one

The first printed work by Johannes Gutenberg using movable types was

A. aeropagitica
B. catechism text
C. way of the cross
D. bible
Answer» D. bible

Name the newspaper that did not publish the news of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on its front page.

A. the times of india
B. the hindustan times
C. the hindu
D. the statesman
Answer» C. the hindu

Malayala Manorama was established in

A. 1888
B. 1889
C. 1890
D. 1891
Answer» A. 1888

J.C. Bose demonstrated Radio transmission in

A. bombay
B. nagpure
C. madras
D. calcutta
Answer» D. calcutta

Marconi was born in

A. germany
B. france
C. britain
D. italy
Answer» D. italy

First controller of broadcasting in India

A. j c bose
B. gopal swami
C. john reith
D. lionel fielden
Answer» D. lionel fielden

Which of the following magazine is published from Kerala?

A. the frontline
B. the week
C. the outlook
D. stardust
Answer» B. the week

The word ‘tele’ means ………………

A. to see
B. far
C. screen
D. moving
Answer» B. far

What does the Latin word “communis” mean?

A. commute
B. communication
C. common
D. none of these
Answer» C. common

Areopagatica, a pamphlet supporting the freedom of expression was written by the famous English poet ……….

A. john keats
B. john milton
C. p. b. shelley
D. j s mill
Answer» B. john milton

Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pilla was exiled from Travancore in …………..

A. 1910
B. 1911
C. 1912
D. 1913
Answer» A. 1910
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