Radio and Television (Electronic Media) Solved MCQs


A visual rhyme between two successive shots is called

A. graphic match
B. short match
C. scene match
D. composition
Answer» A. graphic match

A rapid, jerky transition from one frame to the next, either disrupting the flow of time or movement within a scene or making an abrupt transition from one scene to another is termed as

A. clear cut
B. jump cut
C. fade
D. smog
Answer» B. jump cut

The first licensed radio operator in India.

A. the radio club of kolkatta
B. the radio club of bombay
C. the radio club of madras
D. the radio club of delhi
Answer» A. the radio club of kolkatta

A shot that is allowed to continue for longer than usual without editing

A. short shot
B. long shot
C. medium shot
D. live shot
Answer» B. long shot

The telling of a story and the information supplied to the audience by a voice coming from off screen who may or may not be a character in the story.

A. voice over
B. narration
C. characterization
D. casting
Answer» B. narration

A local reporter is also called

A. stringer
B. correspondent
C. special correspondent
D. none of the above
Answer» A. stringer

"Bahujana Hitaya Bahujan Sukhasya" is the slogan of

A. doordarshan
B. air
C. mathrubhumi daily
D. harijan started by mahatma gandhi
Answer» B. air

The study of distance among the objects in relation to its communication effect is called

A. proximics
B. kinesics
C. communicology
D. communique
Answer» A. proximics

Pather Panchali is directed by

A. girish karnad
B. girish kasaravally
C. satyajit ray
D. mrinal sen
Answer» C. satyajit ray

Expand VOD

A. voice over decision
B. voice of dialogue
C. video on demand
D. none of the above
Answer» C. video on demand

Transition from one shot to another, where a moving line or pattern reveals the new shot.

A. wipe
B. transformation
C. transliteration
D. fade
Answer» A. wipe

Electronic adjustment of camera to retain the truest colours of a recorded image by making white objects in the scene appear white in the camera.

A. white balance
B. focusing
C. keying
D. none of the above
Answer» A. white balance

Audio from an unseen narrator accompanying video, heard above background sound or music.

A. dialogue
B. voice over
C. sound effects
D. none of the above
Answer» B. voice over

Expand VHS

A. voice hightening system
B. variety home studio
C. video home system
D. video home studio
Answer» B. variety home studio

. Synchronization system, like a clock recorded on your videotape, assigning a corresponding hours, minutes, seconds, and frame‐number designation to each frame.

A. time code
B. film clock
C. camera clock
D. bios
Answer» A. time code

device that projects and advances text on mirror directly in front of camera's lens, allowing talent to read their lines while appearing to maintain eye contact with viewers.

A. prompter
B. teleprompter
C. telereader
D. machine reader
Answer» B. teleprompter

Text or graphics, usually special announcements that move across the screen horizontally, typically from right to left across the bottom of the screen.

A. roll
B. crawl
C. ride
D. flash
Answer» A. roll

Method of electronically inserting an image from one video source into the image of another through areas designated as its "key color.

A. animation
B. chromakey
C. cueing
D. none of the above
Answer» B. chromakey

Expand VOA

A. voice of australia
B. voice of america
C. voice of argentina
D. voice of atlanta
Answer» B. voice of america

Distortion of sound created by inappropriate speed is termed as

A. mow
B. wow
C. vow
D. slow
Answer» B. wow

Roster of music for airing

A. bulletin
B. playlist
C. muster
D. play roster
Answer» B. playlist

Recording sound-on-sound

A. single tracking
B. multi‐tracking
C. embedding
D. sound engraving
Answer» B. multi‐tracking

Music commercial or promo

A. jingle
B. mingle
C. single
D. none of the above
Answer» A. jingle

Material read over air

A. air copy
B. live copy
C. online copy
D. auto copy
Answer» B. live copy

Host of radio music program

A. radio jockey
B. radio selector
C. radiator
D. radio director
Answer» A. radio jockey

Signal for the start of action is termed as

A. cue
B. clue
C. key
D. sign
Answer» A. cue

Audience statistical data pertaining to age, sex, race, income, etc.

A. psychographics
B. demographics
C. samples
D. census
Answer» B. demographics

Gradual fade of bed music at conclusion of spot.

A. cool out
B. hot cut
C. snow out
D. smog out
Answer» A. cool out

Paid advertising announcement in Radio is generally called

A. advertorial
B. commercial
C. copy
D. none of the above
Answer» B. commercial

Playing sound or video in real time as it is downloaded over the internet as opposed to storing it in a local file first.

A. downloading
B. streaming
C. filtering
D. none of the above
Answer» B. streaming

Series of cartoon‐like sketches illustrating key visual stages (shots, scenes) of planned production, accompanied by corresponding audio information.

A. comics
B. cartoon
C. animation
D. story board
Answer» D. story board

Sound emanating from two isolated sources, intended to simulate pattern of natural human hearing.

A. stereo
B. fm
C. am
D. none of the above
Answer» A. stereo

Expand SEG

A. single entertainment group
B. special effects generator
C. special emotion generator
D. none of the above
Answer» B. special effects generator

SFX means

A. cinematic effects
B. visual effects
C. sound effects
D. synchronized effects
Answer» C. sound effects

Brassy antique colour effect characteristic of old photographs.

A. sapia
B. negative
C. grey
D. rgb
Answer» A. sapia

Text specifying content of a production or performance, used as a guide

A. one‐line
B. synopsis
C. script
D. shoot schedule
Answer» C. script

The recommended area that will produce legible titles on most TV screens

A. simple title area
B. safe title area
C. secure title area
D. none of the above
Answer» B. safe title area

Composition technique that places important subjects or objects on the lines, or at the cross points, in a tic‐tac‐toe pattern imagined over the viewfinder.

A. rule of first
B. rule of second
C. rule of third
D. none of the above
Answer» C. rule of third

Preliminary editing of footage in the approximate sequence, length and content of finished program.

A. rough cut
B. rush cut
C. raw cut
D. real cut
Answer» A. rough cut

Audio mixer consisting of inputs, outputs, toggles, meters, sliders and/or pots is called

A. conceal
B. console
C. consolation
D. convergence
Answer» B. console

Recap of preceding music selections

A. back announce
B. renouncement
C. front announcement
D. middle announce
Answer» A. back announce

A summary of a station's assets and liabilities

A. balance sheet
B. audit report
C. account
D. book keeping
Answer» A. balance sheet

Electronically increasing the power of a signal.

A. modulation
B. amplification
C. synchronization
D. dubbing
Answer» B. amplification

Amount of picture detail reproduced by a video system, influenced by a camera's pickup, lens, internal optics, recording medium and playback monitor.

A. memory
B. binary
C. resolution
D. aspect ratio
Answer» C. resolution

. The processing a computer undertakes when creating an applied effect, transition or composite.

A. streaming
B. filtering
C. rendering
D. none of the above:
Answer» C. rendering
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