90+ Introducing to Literature Solved MCQs


Does English and Malayalam have the same sentence structure?

A. yes
B. no
C. cannot be compared
D. none of the above
Answer» B. no

Look at the statements given below and choose the right option. English has no infections. In English, positions of words are what determine meaning.

A. first statement is right, second is wrong
B. first statement is wrong and second is right
C. both statements are right
D. both statements are wrong.
Answer» C. both statements are right

Does the position of words affect meaning in English sentences?

A. yes
B. no
C. not sure
D. none of the above
Answer» A. yes

Complete the expression using word or words that suit the expression. Once upon a

A. photo
B. water
C. time
D. to be
Answer» C. time

Find the correct sentence.

A. the cat chased a to be.
B. the cat chased a bring.
C. the cat chased an intelligent
D. the cat chased a rat.
Answer» D. the cat chased a rat.

Find the odd one out.

A. mary ate a biscuit
B. john wrote a letter
C. she slept well
D. i saw him
Answer» C. she slept well

Find the odd one out.

A. he did his chores
B. he walked home
C. she slept well
D. my father reached late
Answer» A. he did his chores

He ____ his hat.

A. put off
B. bring on
C. put on
D. put up with
Answer» C. put on

Who is the author of the story Eyes of the Cat?

A. o henry
B. r k narayan
C. ruskin bond
D. ted hughes
Answer» C. ruskin bond

We ____ ____ the trash for pick up.

A. gave up
B. left out
C. left over
D. put up with
Answer» B. left out

I am having some trouble ____ ____ the solution for this problem.

A. working out
B. putting out
C. going on
D. going away
Answer» A. working out

What will she _____ _____ next?

A. keep on
B. smile on
C. think up
D. drink away
Answer» C. think up

I ____ ____ my friend on my way to work.

A. think up
B. came across
C. went over
D. put away
Answer» B. came across

She ____ _____ the tree.

A. fell on
B. put out
C. put away
D. climbed up
Answer» D. climbed up

I will ____ _____ the matter.

A. put up with
B. slide past
C. look away
D. look into
Answer» D. look into

We are _____ ____ his sudden whims.

A. put up
B. carry across
C. used to
D. put on
Answer» C. used to

It's time to _____ _____ the plane.

A. put out
B. put on
C. get out
D. get on
Answer» D. get on

The car ____ ____ on the way.

A. broke down
B. caught out
C. carried away
D. went across
Answer» A. broke down

Did you ____ _____ the customer's complaint?

A. get on
B. deal with
C. put on
D. break out
Answer» B. deal with

Who is the author of the story The Death of a Clerk?

A. leo tolstoy
B. ruskin bond
C. anton chekhov
D. victor hugo
Answer» C. anton chekhov

Identify the figure of speech in the given lines. Because I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me

A. simile
B. metaphor
C. personification
D. hyperbole
Answer» C. personification

Identify the figure of speech in the text given below. To follow her thought was like following a voice which speaks too quickly

A. metaphor
B. personification
C. hyperbole
D. simile
Answer» D. simile

Identify the figure of speech in the given text. I have told you to clean your room a million times.

A. hyperbole
B. simile
C. metaphor
D. personification
Answer» A. hyperbole

Identify the figure of speech in the given text. The assignment was a breeze

A. simile
B. metaphor
C. personification
D. hyperbole
Answer» B. metaphor

Who is the narrator in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?

A. sancho panza
B. sherlock holmes
C. dr watson
D. omniscient narrator
Answer» C. dr watson

Who wrote The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?

A. george orwell
B. arthur conan doyle
C. henry james
D. william faulkner
Answer» B. arthur conan doyle

Who is the protagonist of the novel 1984?

A. george orwell
B. tom jones
C. tom tulliver
D. winston smith
Answer» D. winston smith

Identify the popular novel in which the character Charles Bingley appears?

A. 1984
B. hard times
C. things fall apart
D. pride and prejudice
Answer» D. pride and prejudice

Who wrote the novel Pride and Prejudice?

A. jane austen
B. mary ann evans
C. agatha christie
D. charlotte bronte
Answer» A. jane austen

Who wrote the novel 1984?

A. william faulkner
B. james joyce
C. george orwell
D. john osborne
Answer» C. george orwell

Identify the novel in which the characters Isma, Eamonn, Parvaiz, Aneeka and Karamat appear?

A. 1984
B. midnight's children
C. pride and prejudice
D. home fire
Answer» D. home fire

Who wrote the novel Things Fall Apart?

A. saul bellow
B. chinua achebe
C. ngugi wa thiong'o
D. chimamanda ngozi adichie
Answer» B. chinua achebe

Who wrote the novel Home Fire?

A. langston hughes
B. saul bellow
C. kamila shamsie
D. alice walker
Answer» C. kamila shamsie

Which society is portrayed in the novel Things Fall Apart?

A. fulani
B. yoruba
C. negrito
D. igbo
Answer» D. igbo

Who wrote the essay Shakespeare in the Bush?

A. laura bohannan
B. chinua achebe
C. harold bloom
D. dr johnson
Answer» A. laura bohannan

Who is the director of the film Rashomon?

A. kim ki-duk
B. akira kurosawa
C. yasujiro ozu
D. satyajit ray
Answer» B. akira kurosawa

As I Grew Older is a poem by ____.

A. emily dickinson
B. walt whitman
C. langston hughes
D. thomas hardy
Answer» C. langston hughes

Who wrote the poem Everyone Sang?

A. wilfred owen
B. thomas hardy
C. siegfried sassoon
D. walt whitman
Answer» C. siegfried sassoon

Who wrote the poem Because I could not stop for Death?

A. emily dickinson
B. elizabeth barret browning
C. rabindranath tagore
D. t s eliot
Answer» A. emily dickinson

Who wrote the poem The Oak?

A. matthew arnold
B. p b shelley
C. william wordsworth
D. alfred lord tennyson
Answer» D. alfred lord tennyson

Who wrote the poem, The Destruction of Sennacherib?

A. william wordsworth
B. lord byron
C. william blake
D. thomas gray
Answer» B. lord byron

Who wrote the poem, The Daffodils?

A. p b shelley
B. william wordsworth
C. lord byron
D. s t coleridge
Answer» B. william wordsworth

Identify the poem from which the following line is taken. I wandered lonely as a cloud

A. the destruction of sennacherib
B. the oak
C. rime of the ancient mariner
D. the daffodils
Answer» D. the daffodils

Identify the poet who wrote the following lines. The Carriage held but just Ourselves - And Immortality

A. siegfried sassoon
B. william wordsworth
C. emily dickinson
D. alfred lord tennyson
Answer» C. emily dickinson

Who wrote the poem The Voice?

A. thomas hardy
B. robert frost
C. emily dickinson
D. alfred lord tennyson
Answer» A. thomas hardy

Who wrote the sonnet Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

A. thomas wyatt
B. earl of surrey
C. william shakespeare
D. philip sidney
Answer» C. william shakespeare

Who authored the collection of poetry, A Shropshire Lad?

A. robert frost
B. earl of surrey
C. thomas hardy
D. a e housman
Answer» D. a e housman

Who wrote the poem Birches?

A. robert frost
B. walt whitman
C. emily dickinson
D. t s eliot
Answer» A. robert frost

Who wrote the book Politically Correct Bedtime Stories?

A. italo calvino
B. james finn garner
C. marcel proust
D. julian barnes
Answer» B. james finn garner

Polonius and Ophelia are characters in which famous Shakespeare play?

A. king lear
B. othello
C. hamlet
D. macbeth
Answer» C. hamlet

“A Hanging” is written by……………………………..

A. arundhati roy b) antonio gramsci
C. george orwell
D. anton chekov
Answer» C. george orwell

…………….is the process through which the dominant class propagate their beliefs and ideas and rule over the subordinate groups.

A. ideology
B. interpellation
C. hegemony
D. power
Answer» C. hegemony

The process of voluntarily assimilating consent into the mainstream thinking is………………….

A. ideology
B. interpellation
C. subjugation
D. hegemony
Answer» B. interpellation

The leading Marxist philosopher ……………………….used the term ideology to refer to these dominant beliefs, ideas and representations which legitimize existing power relations.

A. louis althusser
B. antonio gramsci
C. terry eagleton
D. engels
Answer» A. louis althusser

The term …………………to refer to the dominant beliefs, ideas and representations which legitimize existing power relations

A. interpellation
B. hegemony
C. ideology
D. monopoly
Answer» C. ideology

Jane Eyre is the famous novel written by……………….

A. emily bronte
B. charlotte bronte
C. virginia woolf
D. george eliot
Answer» B. charlotte bronte

Maya Angelou is an …………….poet

A. british
B. indian
C. american
D. italian
Answer» C. american

Who used the term ‘discourse’ to denote a historically contingent social system that produces knowledge and meaning

A. michel foucault
B. raymond williams
C. marx
D. antonio gramsci
Answer» A. michel foucault

The term …………………….to denote a historically contingent social system that produces knowledge and meaning

A. interpellation
B. hegemony
C. discourse
D. ideology
Answer» C. discourse

The story ‘A Hanging’ is set in……………………….

A. nepal
B. india
C. china
D. burma
Answer» D. burma

‘The Adivasi will not Dance’ is written by ……………………..

A. h s shekhar b) mulkraj anand
C. limbale
D. narayan
Answer» A. h s shekhar b) mulkraj anand

The dictionary defines …………..as a ‘social organization marked by the supremacy of the father in the clan or family in both domestic and religious functions.

A. gender
B. patriarchy
C. matriarchy
D. anarchism
Answer» B. patriarchy

…………..is an ideology people use in modern societies to imagine the existence of differences between men and women on the basis of their sex.

A. feminism
B. gender
C. patriarchy
D. marxism
Answer» B. gender

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts is the autobiography of …….

A. maxine hong kingston
B. maya angelou
C. george orwell
D. althusser
Answer» A. maxine hong kingston

The short story ‘Prelude’ written by………

A. emily dickenson
B. virginia woolf
C. maxine hong kingston
D. katherine mansfield
Answer» D. katherine mansfield

The word………. refers to any person or group of inferior rank or station, whether because of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion.

A. subaltern
B. dalit
C. adivasi
D. transgender
Answer» A. subaltern

Who is the author of Images of Women in Literature?

A. judith butler
B. virginia wolf
C. mary anne ferguson
D. elaine showalter.
Answer» C. mary anne ferguson

The second Sex is written by…………………

A. simon de beauvoir
B. virginia wolf
C. judith butler
D. elaine showalter
Answer» A. simon de beauvoir

The typical, fixed gender images are called ……………

A. masculinity
B. feminine
C. stereotypes
D. third gender
Answer» C. stereotypes

“ Which Language Should I Speak; is a poem of …………..

A. f m shinde
B. raghavan atholi
C. arun kamble
D. m dasan
Answer» C. arun kamble

‘ Oxford India Anthology of Malayalam Dalit Writing is edited by………

A. arun kumble
B. sachidanandan
C. sunny m kapikkad
D. dr. m dasan
Answer» D. dr. m dasan

F M Shinde is a……………..poet

A. bengali
B. marathi
C. hindi
D. tamil
Answer» B. marathi

The poem ‘Habit’ is written by……………

A. arun camble
B. s joseph
C. priya adarker
D. f m shinde
Answer» D. f m shinde

Which among the poems is written by S Joseph?

A. identity card
B. habit
C. which language should i speak
D. black dance
Answer» A. identity card

The poem ‘Identity Card’ is translated from Malayalam to English by

A. anand
B. valsan thampu
C. devika
D. k sachidanandan
Answer» D. k sachidanandan

Who is the author of the novel Lord Of Flies?

A. william golding
B. amitav ghosh
C. tolstoy
D. william faulkner
Answer» A. william golding

A person’s gender identity may differ from the sex they were assigned at birth. Such subjects are called ……………

A. masculine
B. feminine
C. lesbian
D. transgender.
Answer» D. transgender.

‘I Remember I Remembe’r is a poem of………..

A. thomas hood
B. ogden nash
C. robert frost
D. john keats
Answer» A. thomas hood

Calvin and Hobbes , a daily comic strip by the American Cartoonist ……..

A. dr. seuss
B. shel silverstein
C. bill watterson
D. grey larson
Answer» C. bill watterson

“ Norms are not static entities, but incorporated and interpreted features of existence” Who says?

A. elaine showalter
B. judith butler
C. betty friedan
D. virginia woolf
Answer» C. betty friedan

People who use the term …………..may use it to mean lesbian, gay, bisexual, or pansexual, or they may use it because other terms don’t quite describe their experiences.

A. queer
B. transgender
C. gender
D. hetero sexual
Answer» A. queer

People who identify their sexual orientation as ……………..typically feel attracted to people of a different gender

A. bi sexual
B. pansexual
C. hetero sexual
D. ho*mo sexual
Answer» C. hetero sexual

………….is about a gay man from rural Karnataka

A. habit
B. mohanaswamy
C. the letter q,
D. identity card
Answer» B. mohanaswamy

Vasudhendra is a………….writer

A. tamil
B. hindi
C. bengali
D. kannada
Answer» D. kannada

Vasudhendra is a …………………………writer

A. gay
B. lesbian
C. transgender
D. dalit
Answer» A. gay

“I am large. I contain multitudes” is a line from…………

A. habit
B. identity
C. songs of myself
D. mohanaswamy
Answer» C. songs of myself

“Songs of Life” is the work of………

A. s joseph.
B. emerson
C. f m shinde
D. walt whitman
Answer» D. walt whitman

People who identify as ……………..typically feel attracted to more than one gender, such as being attracted to both women and men.

A. bi sexual
B. ho*mo sexual
C. hetero sexual
D. pan sexual
Answer» A. bi sexual

……………, one of the earliest Dalit writers, defines Dalit literature as “Literature which artistically portrays the sorrows, tribulations, slavery, degradation, ridicule and poverty endured by Dalits”

A. sharankumar limbale
B. arjun dangle
C. abedkar
D. valmiki
Answer» A. sharankumar limbale

‘The Letter Q’ is a letter written by…………

A. ely shipley
B. vasudhendra
C. walt whitman
D. emerson
Answer» A. ely shipley

“Naught may endure but “mutability”is the line from the poem “ Mutability” by

A. john keats
B. p b shelly
C. william wordsworth
D. coleridge
Answer» B. p b shelly

“Don’t cry, Darling, It’s Blood All right” is the poem of………..

A. ogden nash
B. thomas hood
C. robert frost
D. walt whitman
Answer» A. ogden nash
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