90+ Fundamentals of Communication and Media Solved MCQs


Who among the following considered communication as a sharing process?

A. dhama and bhatnagar
B. wilbur schramm
C. joseph a devito
D. ban and hawkins
Answer» B. wilbur schramm

Information that is sent back to the source is known as ….

A. context
B. feedback
C. encoding
D. decoding
Answer» B. feedback

Howling and hooting by the audience during a public speech is an example of….

A. positive feedback
B. neutral feedback
C. complementary feedback
D. negative feedback
Answer» D. negative feedback

Communicating within oneself is known as….

A. group communication
B. transpersonal communication
C. intrapersonal communication
D. interpersonal communication
Answer» C. intrapersonal communication

Which of the following is not a characteristic of face to face communication?

A. direct
B. personal
C. mediated
D. intimate
Answer» C. mediated

Who was a champion of massline communication?

A. mao zedong
B. b r ambedkar
C. mother teresa
D. marshall tito
Answer» A. mao zedong

The act of producing a message is known as….

A. decoding
B. messaging
C. noise
D. encoding
Answer» D. encoding

Which of the following is an example of new media?

A. newspaper
B. fm radio
C. online media
D. television
Answer» C. online media

Which of the following is an example of social media network?

A. orkoot
B. google
C. mozila
D. skype
Answer» A. orkoot

The chronological evolution of mass media is

A. radio. film newspaper, television
B. newspaper, film, radio, television
C. newspaper, radio, film, television
D. film, newspapers, radio, television
Answer» B. newspaper, film, radio, television

Which of the following is not an advantage of written communication over oral communication?

A. it is a permanent record
B. provides tangible legal evidence
C. accessible to the illiterate
D. more accurate than oral communication
Answer» C. accessible to the illiterate

Who coined the term kinesics?

A. robert frost
B. wilbur schramm
C. daniel lerner
D. ray birdwhistell
Answer» D. ray birdwhistell

What is haptics?

A. study of facial expression
B. study of eye behavior
C. study of touching
D. study of body movements
Answer» C. study of touching

What is proxemics?

A. study of space in communication
B. study of eye behavior
C. study of touching
D. study of body movements
Answer» A. study of space in communication

Anything that interferes with a message in communication is known as…

A. context
B. noise
C. decoding
D. feedback
Answer» B. noise

Who among the following is a gatekeeper?

A. reader
B. viewer
C. listener
D. editor
Answer» D. editor

How many of the sensory channels can be applied while viewing a television programme?

A. one
B. two
C. three
D. four
Answer» B. two

Which of the following is not a characteristic of mass communication?

A. instant feedback
B. impersonal
C. universal access
D. presence of gatekeeper
Answer» A. instant feedback

Undesirable consequences of mass communication is known as ….

A. functions of mass communication
B. dysfunctions of mass communication
C. ethicizing functions of mass communication
D. socialising functions of mass communication
Answer» B. dysfunctions of mass communication

Who explained the dysfunctional effects of mass media?

A. robert merton
B. denis mcqail
C. marshall mcluhan
D. melvin defleur
Answer» A. robert merton

The first printed work using movable types by Gutenberg took place in ….

A. england
B. germany
C. italy
D. portugal
Answer» B. germany

The first printed work was by Johannes Gutenberg was

A. bible
B. aeropagitica
C. catechism text
D. way of the cross
Answer» A. bible

Which of the following is not an example of print media?

A. brochures
B. posters
C. websites
D. handbills
Answer» C. websites

Who invented kinetoscope?

A. william dickson
B. thomas alva edison
C. lumeier brothers
D. john baird
Answer» B. thomas alva edison

Where was Lumier Brothers’ first screening of the films held?

A. london
B. hollywood
C. paris
D. napoli
Answer» C. paris

When was the first screening of Lumier Brothers’ film held in India?

A. 1895
B. 1896
C. 1897
D. 1898
Answer» B. 1896

Which of the following is not a film screened by Lumeir brothers?

A. arrival of a train
B. waterer watered
C. train robbery
D. baby dinner
Answer» C. train robbery

Name the first talkie in Malayalam?

A. vigatha kumaran
B. jeevithanouka
C. balan
D. newspaper boy
Answer» C. balan

Kolliwood refers to the films industry based in …

A. chennai
B. kolkatha
C. hyderabad
D. maratha
Answer» A. chennai

Who is described as the father of Indian film?

A. k a abbas
B. phalke
C. r g torney
D. satyajit ray
Answer» B. phalke

Name the first Indian film.

A. pather panjali
B. life of christ
C. raja harischandra
D. chiranjeevi
Answer» C. raja harischandra

Name the first talkie in India.

A. raja harishchandra
B. jhansi ki rani
C. alam ara
D. pundalik
Answer» C. alam ara

The highest film award in India is…

A. dada saheb phalke award
B. j c daniel award
C. satyajit ray award
D. raja harischandra
Answer» A. dada saheb phalke award

The highest film award in Kerala is …

A. prem nazir award
B. thikkurussi award
C. j c daniel award
D. john abraham award
Answer» C. j c daniel award

The first colour film in India is…

A. jhansi ki rani
B. mother india
C. satya
D. lakshmipooja
Answer» A. jhansi ki rani

The headquarters of the Central Board of Film Certification is at…

A. new delhi
B. chennai
C. mumbai
D. hyderabad
Answer» C. mumbai

Which of the following is the certificates issued to films by the Central Board of Film Certification?

A. u, a, ua, s
B. u, a, ua, pg
C. u, a, ua, x
D. u, ua, x, xx
Answer» A. u, a, ua, s

When was radio renamed as All India Radio?

A. 1935
B. 1936
C. 1937
D. 1938
Answer» B. 1936

Who launched the first public service broadcasting in world?

A. abc
B. nbc
C. bbc
D. nippon
Answer» C. bbc

What is SITE ?

A. television experiment
B. indian satellite
C. radio experiment
D. entertainment experiment
Answer» A. television experiment

Which was the second Indian city to get television broadcasting service?

A. new delhi
B. kolkata
C. madras
D. mumbai
Answer» D. mumbai

When did Doordarshan switch over to colour transmission?

A. 1980
B. 1981
C. 1982
D. 1983
Answer» C. 1982

Internet was first developed in ….

A. uk
B. japan
C. us
D. germany
Answer» C. us

What was the first Internet service in India?

A. arpanet
B. ernet
C. indnet
D. hindnet
Answer» B. ernet

Which newspaper first launched an internet edition in Malayalam?

A. malayala manorama
B. mathrubhumi
C. deepika
D. kerala kaumudi
Answer» C. deepika

Which newspaper first launched an internet edition in India?

A. times of india
B. the hindu
C. the telegraph
D. hindustan times
Answer» B. the hindu

PR is referred to as

A. hard sell
B. soft sell
C. publicity
D. propaganda
Answer» B. soft sell

…… is an example of external tool of PR?

A. radio
B. bill board
C. annual reports
D. direct mail
Answer» A. radio

Name the journal published by PRSI

A. public relations
B. public opinion
C. relations matter
D. effective public relations
Answer» A. public relations

The code of ethics for Public Relations practitioners is known as…..

A. code of greece
B. code of egypt
C. code of athens
D. code of madrid
Answer» C. code of athens

Which of the following is not a primitive form of advertising?

A. signs
B. town criers
C. trademarks
D. merchandisers
Answer» D. merchandisers

Name the newspaper that did not publish the news of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi on its front page.

A. the times of india
B. the hindustan times
C. the hindu
D. the statesman
Answer» C. the hindu

The newspaper to publish an advertisement in India is……

A. the bengal gazette
B. the friend of india
C. the times of india
D. the calcutta journal
Answer» A. the bengal gazette

The monitoring body of advertisement in India is known as….

A. asci
B. pci
C. aaai
D. abc
Answer» A. asci

Advertising is basically a …….

A. paid form
B. propaganda
C. publicity
D. personal selling
Answer» A. paid form

Which body was instrumental in establishing Audit Bureau of circulation?

A. press council of india
B. registrars of newspapers of india
C. advertising society of india
D. indian newspaper society
Answer» D. indian newspaper society

AIDA approach is usually applied for

A. public relations
B. reporting
C. editing
D. advertisement
Answer» D. advertisement

AIDS awareness advertisement by the Govt. of India is an example of ….

A. classifieds
B. corporate ads
C. public service ads
D. institutional ads
Answer» C. public service ads

Matter of fact information such as matrimonial, automobiles etc are known as ……. Advertisement.

A. institutional ads
B. classified
C. professional
D. direct marketing
Answer» B. classified

Which of the following is a leading advertising agency based in Kerala?

A. hta
B. lintas
C. clarion
D. valappila
Answer» D. valappila

Name the ad agency of the Central government.

A. i & b
B. davp
C. pib
D. iprd
Answer» B. davp

Kingfisher advertisement of mineral water is an example of :

A. endorsement ad
B. advertorial
C. surrogate ad
D. essential ad
Answer» C. surrogate ad

Ethics means

A. code of rules
B. code of conduct
C. set of moral principles
D. code of behavior
Answer» C. set of moral principles

Media audience is a ……….. group.

A. homogenous
B. heterogeneous
C. monolithic
D. uniform
Answer» B. heterogeneous

A given group responding to media messages more or less in a uniform manner is described as………. theory.

A. selective retention
B. social categories
C. individual difference
D. social relations
Answer» B. social categories

Media is omnipotent is a concept implied in

A. magic bullet theory
B. agenda setting theory
C. catharsis theory
D. two step theory
Answer» A. magic bullet theory

Which of the following is not a selective theory of media?

A. selective retention
B. selective exposure
C. selective perception
D. selective aggression
Answer» D. selective aggression

Democratic –participant theory was put forward by

A. fred siebert
B. theodore peterson
C. denis mcquail
D. wilbur schramm
Answer» C. denis mcquail

Media act as a servant of the State in

A. libertarian theory
B. democratic participant theory
C. authoritarian theory
D. development theory
Answer» C. authoritarian theory

Who is author of Aeropagitica?

A. js mill
B. adam smith
C. raja ram mohan roy
D. john milton
Answer» D. john milton

Which is the first private television channel in Kerala?

A. surya
B. india vision
C. asianet
D. kairali
Answer» C. asianet

Freedom of the press is specifically stated in the constitution of ……

A. uk
B. france
C. india
D. us
Answer» D. us

Freedom of speech expression is stated in Article ……….. of the Indian constitution.

A. 17
B. 18
C. 19
D. 20
Answer» C. 19

Which Commission report forms the basis of social responsibility theory?

A. marshall mcluhan
B. mcbride
C. robert hutchins
D. harold lasswell
Answer» C. robert hutchins

Global village concept is put forward by…..

A. robert merton
B. seon mcbride
C. marshall mcluhan
D. wilbur schramm
Answer» C. marshall mcluhan

The Gutenberg Galaxy was authored by

A. johannes gutenberg
B. marshall mcluhan
C. george gerbner
D. kurt lewin
Answer» B. marshall mcluhan

AFP is …………. news agency

A. french
B. american
C. pakistani
D. palestine
Answer» A. french

Embedded journalism as a concept emerged during

A. 9/11 trials
B. american aggression of afghanistan
C. american aggression of iraq
D. american –iran stand off
Answer» C. american aggression of iraq

Censorship began in

A. rome
B. greece
C. babylonia
D. alexandria
Answer» A. rome

Self censorship in media is mainly exercised by

A. government
B. readers
C. editors
D. political parties
Answer» C. editors

Jasmine revolution that triggered political unrest in North African and West Asian countries actually began in

A. egypt
B. libya
C. tunisia
D. yemen
Answer» C. tunisia

The name that is most associated with WikiLeaks is ……….

A. julian assange
B. tim bernet
C. bill gates
D. richard stallman
Answer» A. julian assange

The normal period in which information is handed over to the applicant is

A. 20 -25days
B. 25-30 days
C. 30-35 days
D. 35-40 days
Answer» C. 30-35 days

RTI Act has jurisdiction all over India except

A. nagaland
B. arunachal pradesh
C. mizoram
D. jammu & kashmir
Answer» D. jammu & kashmir

P. Sainath is

A. fashion reporter
B. war photographer
C. environment reporter
D. rural affairs reporter
Answer» D. rural affairs reporter

Press Council first emerged in

A. italy
B. uk
C. us
D. sweden
Answer» D. sweden

Paid news syndrome was first reported during the assembly elections in 2009 in

A. maharashtra
B. madhya pradesh
C. uttaranchal
D. rajasthan
Answer» A. maharashtra

J. Gopikrishnan who unearthed the 2G spectrum scandal was a reporter of ……

A. the times of india
B. the pioneer
C. the telegraph
D. dna
Answer» B. the pioneer

Which was the first 24 hours news channel in Malayalam?

A. asianet news
B. india vision
C. surya
D. kairali
Answer» B. india vision

Who defined communication as social interaction through messages?

A. theodorson and theodorson
B. george gerbner
C. daniel lerner
D. joseph devito
Answer» B. george gerbner

Kinesics is the study of

A. facial expression
B. personal appearance
C. body language
D. clothing
Answer» C. body language

R Shankar was

A. photographer
B. cartoonist
C. advertising guru
D. radio commentator
Answer» B. cartoonist

Who invented Kinetograph?

A. thomas alva edison
B. william dickson
C. lumier brothers
D. john baird
Answer» B. william dickson

Piravi is a film directed by

A. adoor gopalakrishnan
B. shaji n karun
C. shyamaprasad
D. g aravindan
Answer» B. shaji n karun

Anand Patwardan is a noted

A. film director
B. radio jockey
C. film producer
D. documentary director
Answer» D. documentary director

Radio broadcast in India began in

A. calcutta
B. shimla
C. new delhi
D. bombay
Answer» D. bombay

Name the educational channel of Doordarshan

A. bharati
B. gyan darshan
C. vidya bharati
D. etv
Answer» B. gyan darshan

A new window which opens in from the current one displaying an advisement is known as

A. pop under ad
B. pop up ad
C. map ad
D. interstitial ad
Answer» B. pop up ad
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