Chapter: Autobiographical Writings and Memories

………………. Is Pablo Neruda’s nationality

A. argentina
B. chile
C. brazil
D. france
Answer» B. chile

The people who are worshipping idols are called

A. mammalians
B. believers
C. idolatries
D. barbarians
Answer» C. idolatries

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is written by …………..

A. annie dillard
B. abraham lincoln
C. jenette armstrong
D. pablo neruda
Answer» A. annie dillard

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is an exciting meditation on……..

A. life
B. literature
C. nature
D. books
Answer» A. life

“God is subtle, but not malicious” whose made this statement?

A. newton
B. einstein
C. socrates
D. aristotle
Answer» B. einstein

What had attacked the frog?

A. snake
B. tortoise
C. water bug
D. duck
Answer» C. water bug

Annie Dillard won the Pulitzer Prize for literature for her work………….

A. the may trees
B. an american childhood
C. prayer wheel
D. pilgrim at tinker creek
Answer» D. pilgrim at tinker creek

What is described as a ‘schematic diagram’?

A. green frog
B. water bug
C. yellow frog
D. snake
Answer» A. green frog

………is a North American game of cards

A. squash
B. billiards
C. pinochle
D. rummy
Answer» C. pinochle

The first Native woman novelist from Canada

A. jane austin
B. jeanette armstrong
C. annie dillard
D. velma wallis
Answer» B. jeanette armstrong

Jeanette Armstrong belongs to………… tribe

A. alabama
B. apache
C. ak chin
D. okanagan
Answer» D. okanagan

Jeanette Armstrong began her literary career by writing a poem on…………….

A. john f kennedy
B. abraham lincoln
C. george washington
D. robert frost
Answer» A. john f kennedy

Jeanette Armstrong’s first novel

A. whispering shadows
B. slash
C. american childhood
D. the trail
Answer» B. slash

Jeanette Armstrong’s father’s people are ………

A. fishermen
B. slaves
C. hunters
D. wood cutters
Answer» C. hunters

Name the river that flows through Okanagan

A. columbia
B. mississippi
C. themes
D. volga
Answer» A. columbia

Okanagn teach that the body is ……………..

A. nature
B. water
C. earth
D. wind
Answer» C. earth

……… the closest word that approximates the Okanagan

A. earth
B. memory
C. water
D. dream
Answer» D. dream

In Okanagan language , ‘our one skin’ refers to ………..

A. love
B. birth
C. relationship
D. family
Answer» C. relationship

Which tribe is in charge of the fisheries?

A. okanagan
B. river indian
C. apache
D. red indian
Answer» A. okanagan

‘When I was Growing’ was written by

A. kamala das
B. nellie wong
C. emily dickinson
D. jeanette armstrong
Answer» B. nellie wong

The poem ‘ When I was Growing Up written in the ………..tense

A. past
B. present
C. future
D. present perfect
Answer» A. past

……… Nellie Wong’s nationality

A. american
B. chinese american
C. japanese
D. indian
Answer» B. chinese american

“ When I was growing up, I felt ashamed of some …………”

A. white
B. black
C. yellow
D. pale
Answer» C. yellow

The poem ‘When I was Growing Up’ highlights the identity crisis experienced by the …………..

A. Afro Americans
B. Red Indians
C. Asian Americans
D. Native Americans
Answer» C. Asian Americans
Chapter: Speeches and Testimonies

Which year did Harold Pinter win the Nobel Prize for literature?

A. 2005
B. 2010
C. 1998
D. 2001
Answer» A. 2005

Who was the leader of US body at the meeting in London

A. George Bush
B. Raymond Seitz
C. Philip Lader
D. John F Kennedy
Answer» B. Raymond Seitz

US foreign policy is termed as___________

A. High intensity Conflict
B. Guerilla warfare
C. Low intensity conflict
D. Foreign Policy
Answer» C. Low intensity conflict

After 1979 uprising, who led the Government in Nicaragua?

A. The Sandinistas
B. Somoza regime
C. National Opposition Union
D. Nationalist party
Answer» A. The Sandinistas

Which among the following is Harold Pinter’s well known play?

A. The Birthday Party
B. Waiting for Godot
C. Look Back in Anger
D. Doll’s House
Answer» A. The Birthday Party

In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Harold Pinter criticizes——————

A. The foreign policy of US Government
B. War crimes of World War II
C. Use of Nuclear Energy
D. U S Military hegemony
Answer» A. The foreign policy of US Government

According to Pinter,————-has to be avoided at all cost in political theatre

A. Sermonising
B. Sympathy
C. Repetition
D. Adaptation
Answer» A. Sermonising

Charlie Chaplin plays the role of —————— in the speech from the film, “The Great Dictator”.

A. Jewish Barber
B. Doctor
C. Fireman
D. Major
Answer» A. Jewish Barber

Which is the first non-silent film of Chaplin?

A. Modern Times
B. The Great Dictator
C. City Lights
D. The Kid
Answer» B. The Great Dictator

________________, poisoned men’s souls.

A. Greed
B. Kindness
C. Love
D. Ego
Answer» A. Greed

In the 17th Chapter of St. ———————-it is written, “the Kingdom of God is within man”

A. Luke
B. Mark
C. Matthew
D. Paulo
Answer» A. Luke

“The Great Dictator” is a political satire condemning mainly ______

A. Hitler
B. Bush
C. Churchill
D. Mussolini
Answer» A. Hitler

What is Chaplin’s vision of a New World?

A. Democratic
B. Totalitarian
C. Autocratic
D. Communist
Answer» A. Democratic

Chaplin says, “Let us fight for a world of _____________

A. Greed
B. Hatred
C. Reason
D. Intolerance
Answer» C. Reason

Name the power that will unite the world, according to Chaplin?

A. Democracy
B. Reason
C. Love
D. Unity
Answer» A. Democracy

Svetalna Alexievich won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year——————-

A. 2008
B. 2015
C. 2000
D. 2002
Answer» B. 2015

The given excerpt “A Solitary Human Voice” is from the book———?

A. Voices from Chernobyl
B. Pride and prejudice
C. The Great Dictator
D. Last Witnesses
Answer» A. Voices from Chernobyl

Whose voice is recorded in the excerpt from the book Voices from Chernobyl?

A. Lyudimilla Ignatenko
B. Svetalan Alexievich
C. Janice Miri Kitani
D. Judith Butler
Answer» A. Lyudimilla Ignatenko

What was Vasily Ignatenko’s job?

A. Fireman
B. Doctor
C. Radiologist
D. Soldier
Answer» A. Fireman

What did Lyudimilla name her baby?

A. Natashenka
B. Vasya
C. Lyudimilla
D. Chekov
Answer» A. Natashenka

Which year did Chernobyl accident happen?

A. 1986
B. 1991
C. 1980
D. 1987
Answer» A. 1986

Who has translated the book “Voices from Chernobyl”?

A. Keith Gessen
B. Svetlana Alexievich
C. Janice Miri Kitani
D. Charlie Chaplin
Answer» A. Keith Gessen

The book, “Voices from Chernobyl” gives the account of the effect of nuclear explosion in_______________________

A. Byelorussia
B. Berlin
C. Japan
D. China
Answer» A. Byelorussia

In which form did Svetlna Alexievich present the voices of the victims in the book “Voices of Chernobyl”?

A. Speeches
B. Letters
C. Monologues
D. memoirs
Answer» C. Monologues

Who is testifying against the war crimes in the poem, “Breaking the Silence”?

A. Her mother
B. Her grandmother
C. The poet
D. Her fiend
Answer» A. Her mother

“ Breaking the Silence” focuses on the experiences of————————when they were put into internment during World War II

A. Jews
B. Japanese Americans
C. Americans
D. Germans
Answer» B. Japanese Americans

Whom is she giving the testimony to?

A. Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Japanese American Civilians.
B. Citizens Commission of Inquiry
C. The United Nations War Crimes Commission
D. The U N
Answer» A. Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Japanese American Civilians.

In what form did Janice Miri Kitani presented her mother’s testimony against war crimes when they were put into internment during World War II

A. Poem
B. Interview
C. Short story
D. Letter
Answer» A. Poem

Which among the following is not the book of Janice Miri Kitani?

A. Awake in the River
B. We, the Dangerous
C. Voices from Chernobyl
D. Love Works
Answer» C. Voices from Chernobyl

___________________was appointed as Poet Laureate of the city of San Francisco.

A. Svetlana Alexievich
B. Harold Pinter
C. Janice Miri Kitani
D. Charlie Chplin
Answer» C. Janice Miri Kitani
Chapter: Diary Entries and Letters

Anne Frank received her diary as gift on her _________ birthday.

A. Thirteen
B. Fourteen
C. Fifteen
D. Sixteen
Answer» A. Thirteen

Which country does Anne Frank consider as her fatherland?

A. Germany
B. Italy
C. Scotland
D. Holland
Answer» D. Holland

Anne's diary begins on ___________________.

A. 12 June 1941
B. 14 June 1941
C. 12 June 1942
D. 14 June 1942
Answer» C. 12 June 1942

Initial publication of the diary was in the year___________

A. 1942
B. 1944
C. 1946
D. 1947
Answer» D. 1947

Who published Anne's diary?

A. Edith Frank
B. Otto Frank
C. Mary Frank
D. Margot Frank
Answer» B. Otto Frank

NSB means__________________________

A. National Socialist German Workers' Party
B. National Social German Workers' Party
C. Neutral Society of German Workers' Programme
D. National Secret German Workers' Police
Answer» A. National Socialist German Workers' Party

Name the fictitious friend Anne Frank addresses in her diary

A. Dear Kathy
B. Dear Mary
C. Dear Kitty
D. Dear Katty
Answer» C. Dear Kitty

Why was the vegetable man picked up?

A. For eating potatoes
B. For supporting Anne Frank and her family
C. For selling vegetables
D. For helping two Jews to hide
Answer» D. For helping two Jews to hide

On ________________, eight people including Anne Frank and her family hiding in the Secret Annex were arrested.

A. 1August 1942
B. 1 August 1944
C. 4 August 1942
D. 4 August 1944
Answer» D. 4 August 1944

________________ is a day-to-day record of events in one's life, written for personal satisfaction, with little or no thought of publication.

A. Memoir
B. Autobiography
C. Letter
D. Diary
Answer» D. Diary

Sue Townsend is best known for her Adrian Mole books, a series of _______books

A. 6
B. 4
C. 8
D. 9
Answer» D. 9

Which is Sue Townsend's first play?

A. Womberang
B. Ten Tiny Fingers
C. You, Me and Will
D. The Great Celestial Cow
Answer» A. Womberang

Townsend's _______________ established her as a bestselling novelist.

A. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole 13 3/4
B. The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole
C. Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years
D. The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole
Answer» B. The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole

Who addressed the book The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole 13 3/4 as "a genuine phenomenon"?

A. John Williams
B. Crystal Williams
C. David Williams
D. Sue Townsend
Answer» C. David Williams

Which is the book that Adrian Mole did not take from the library?

A. Sense and Sensibility
B. Pride and prejudice
C. Origin of Species
D. Care of the Skin
Answer» A. Sense and Sensibility

Who is the doctor whom Mole consults for skin?

A. Dr. Arthur
B. Dr. Taylor
C. Dr. Richard
D. Dr. Sam
Answer» B. Dr. Taylor

Who was the President of Britain while Mole was writing the diaries?

A. President Franklin
B. President Reagan
C. President Brooke
D. President Charles
Answer» B. President Reagan

Who is Adrian Mole's girl friend?

A. Panda Box
B. Pan Box
C. Pandora Box
D. Pando Box
Answer» C. Pandora Box

Adrian's mother attended ______________ training.

A. Accent training
B. Stress Management training
C. Assertive training
D. Fitness training
Answer» C. Assertive training

According to Adrian, who looks like a dead haggard?

A. His mother
B. His father
C. His doctor
D. His grandma
Answer» B. His father

M A Rahman is awarded with the Odakuzhal Award for his ______________

A. Kumaranellurile Kulangal
B. Oro Jeevanum Vilappettatanu
C. Basheer Bhoopadangal
D. Letters from Mothers
Answer» B. Oro Jeevanum Vilappettatanu

________________ is a telling narrative on the dreadful effects of the use of Endosulfan.

A. Letters to the Mothers
B. Letters from the Mothers
C. Letter from Supreme Court
D. Letter from the Fathers
Answer» B. Letters from the Mothers

EPA stands for _______________________

A. Ecological Protection Act
B. Environmental Protection Agency
C. Environmental Protection Act
D. Eco-friendly Planning Act
Answer» B. Environmental Protection Agency

Letters from Mothers is translated by _____________

A. A M Rahman
B. M A Rahman
C. B V Lasitha
D. P V Lalitha
Answer» C. B V Lasitha

Which is the documentary that depicts the endosulfan issue at Nenjamparambu?

A. A Paradise for the Dying
B. The Killer Fiend
C. Heaven on Earth
D. The Nenjamparambu Debacle
Answer» A. A Paradise for the Dying

MTP means_______________________

A. Medium Transmission Programme
B. Medical Termination of Pregnancy
C. Medical Treatment Programme
D. Medical Trust Plan
Answer» B. Medical Termination of Pregnancy

The life span of Alpha Endosulfan is ______________ days.

A. 82days
B. 84 days
C. 86 days
D. 88days
Answer» D. 88days

Nenjamparambu lies at the heart of _________________ mountain in Adhur.

A. Kasargod
B. Kaithodu
C. Minjipadavu
D. Blathur
Answer» C. Minjipadavu

_______________ is the journalist who photographed the corpse of the eyeless child.

A. M A Rahman
B. Shafi Theruvath
C. Mamath
D. Nithin
Answer» B. Shafi Theruvath

The life span of Beta Endosulfan is _____________ days.

A. 40
B. 42
C. 44
D. 46
Answer» A. 40

Gandhi's _______________ method of resistance won him international attention.

A. Swaraj
B. Non -cooperaton
C. non-violence
D. violence
Answer» C. non-violence

Gandhi earned the title 'Mahatma' which in Sanskrit means ____________

A. Great spirit
B. Great mind
C. Great person
D. Great soul
Answer» D. Great soul

Who is synonymous with brutality and violence?

A. Pinter
B. Gandhi
C. Hitler
D. Achebe
Answer» C. Hitler

The epithet mahatma was first applied to Gandhi in _______ in South Africa.

A. 1913
B. 1914
C. 1915
D. 1916
Answer» B. 1914

Mein Kamph is the autobiography of ______________

A. Gandhi
B. Pinter
C. Hitler
D. Chaplin
Answer» C. Hitler

Letter to Adolf Hitler was written on ___________________

A. 22 December 1940
B. 24 December 1940
C. 26 December 1940
D. 28 December 1940
Answer» B. 24 December 1940

What suggestion does Gandhi make to end the clash with Britain?

A. To refer to America
B. To fight and win
C. To refer to an international tribunal
D. To launch a non-violent agitation
Answer» D. To launch a non-violent agitation

Non -violent cooperation is a method in its nature___________

A. Inviolable
B. Indefensible
C. Powerful
D. Contradictory
Answer» B. Indefensible

Gandhi's autobiography is ____________________

A. Mein Kamph
B. My Experiments With Truth
C. My Story
D. My Life Story
Answer» B. My Experiments With Truth

Gandhi compares British imperialism with ____________

A. Indianism
B. anti-semanticism
C. Nazism
D. Pan Germanism
Answer» C. Nazism
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