90+ Appreciating Prose Solved MCQs


Which of the following is not given as the purpose of study by Bacon in “Of Studies”?

A. pleasure
B. ornament
C. economic gain
D. ability
Answer» C. economic gain

At the time of receiving the Nobel Prize, it was a time of misery for Camus birthplace says Camus himself. Which was his birthplace?

A. algeria
B. nigeria
C. tunisia
D. libya
Answer» A. algeria

According to Bacon which of the following men use studies most effectively and wisely by combining it with observation?

A. crafty men
B. wise men
C. rich men
D. simple men
Answer» B. wise men

Art was a means to connect himself with his fellow men and it allowed him to live at the same level with them. Who is this statement talking about?

A. marcel junod
B. arundhati roy
C. pico iyer
D. albert camus
Answer» D. albert camus

Bacon believes that the study of ____ makes one witty.

A. history
B. poetry
C. literature
D. sociology
Answer» B. poetry

The study of Mathematics makes one ______.

A. subtle
B. deep
C. contend
D. grave
Answer» A. subtle

What according to Bacon is the true purpose of study?

A. to contradict and confute
B. to believe and take for granted
C. to weigh and consider
D. to find talk and discourse
Answer» C. to weigh and consider

Bacon wrote that “To spend too much time in studies is sloth”. What is the meaning ‘sloth’ here ?

A. laziness
B. animal
C. productive
D. clever
Answer» A. laziness

Elia is the pen name of which of the following authors?

A. bacon
B. charles lamb
C. addison
D. thomas hardy
Answer» B. charles lamb

In the Dream Children: A Reverie, Mrs. Field is James Elia’s ____________.

A. grandmother
B. great grandmother
C. neighbour
D. landlad
Answer» B. great grandmother

In the Dream Children: A Reverie , Mrs. Field was not a ______ person.

A. religious
B. graceful
C. sadistic
D. noble and kind
Answer» C. sadistic

In the Dream Children: A Reverie, John L. is Elia’s _______.

A. brother
B. grandfather
C. house owner
D. friend
Answer» A. brother

The subtitle of “Dream Children” means ______.

A. nightmare
B. dream
C. day-dream
D. river
Answer» C. day-dream

According to Chesterton, to run after one’s hat is as worthy an act as _____.

A. it is ridiculous
B. the act of making love
C. it is funny
D. it seems like a game
Answer» B. the act of making love

What according to Chesterton can turn everyday nuisances and irritations into a joyful act?

A. physical strength
B. rebellion
C. anger
D. sense of humour
Answer» D. sense of humour

Chesterton urges his readers to remain _______.

A. optimistic and imaginative
B. impatient and negative
C. angry and frustrated
D. ambitious and happy
Answer» A. optimistic and imaginative

Pico Iyer compares a comma to _____.

A. devils
B. god
C. angels
D. friends
Answer» B. god

What has the power to reveal the culture of the age according to Pico Iyer?

A. punctuation
B. alignment
C. apostrophe
D. emotions
Answer» A. punctuation

In his “Nobel Acceptance Speech”, Camus expresses his ______ over the state of his generation.

A. doubts and concerns
B. hatred
C. pride
D. anger
Answer» A. doubts and concerns

The essay “In Praise of the Humble Comma” was published in the Times magazine on ______.

A. june 24, 2002
B. june 23,2001
C. june 24, 2001
D. june 23, 2002
Answer» C. june 24, 2001

What kind of writing does Roy believe she can easily write?

A. non fiction
B. poetry
C. fiction
D. drama
Answer» C. fiction

According to Pico Iyer, which type of punctuation is often overlooked, underestimated and considered as a trivial?

A. comma
B. full-stop
C. parentheses
D. question mark
Answer» A. comma

___________ has the power to transform ordinary sentences by lending it beauty and subtlety according to Pico Iyer.

A. comma
B. punctuation
C. exclamation mark
D. words
Answer» B. punctuation

In “The Education of a British Protected Child”, who describes himself as a ‘British Protected Person’?

A. igbo people
B. king leopond ii
C. mr. kurtz
D. chinua achebe
Answer» D. chinua achebe

Achebe mentions that his ______ had to work as domestic help at her Principal’s house in return for her education.

A. sister
B. grandmother
C. friend
D. mother
Answer» D. mother

Achebe mentions in “The Education of a British Protected Child” that the Empire Day was celebrated on __________.

A. may 23rd
B. may 24th
C. may 22nd
D. july 27th
Answer» B. may 24th

In the essay, Achebe met Dr. J.M. Stuart Young on his trip alone to ____ on the Empire day.

A. igbo
B. onitsha
C. river niger
D. nwafor
Answer» B. onitsha

Who was the person who brought about the ‘Textbook Act’ in Achebe’s “The Education of a British Protected Child”?

A. bishop adjai crowther
B. stuart young
C. william simpson
D. james welch
Answer» C. william simpson

What was the motto that accompanied the logo of the Government College at Umuahia in which Achebe was educated in?

A. il unuu unum
B. in unum luceant
C. unum in lucee
D. luceant il unuu
Answer» B. in unum luceant

In Achebe’s “The Education of a British Protected Child”, who was Joseph Garba?

A. us foreign relations minister
B. the principal
C. a scholar
D. nigerian foreign minister
Answer» D. nigerian foreign minister

Who is the Japanese interpreter who intimates Marcel Junod on the previous glory of Hiroshima in “The First Atom Bomb”?

A. a japanese journalist
B. miss ito
C. colonel marcus
D. general fitch
Answer» B. miss ito

Roy recounts that it was on _______ that the US backed General Pinochet overthrew the democratically elected government.

A. september 11, 1977
B. september 11, 1976
C. november 11, 1977
D. september 11, 1973
Answer» D. september 11, 1973

In “The First Atom Bomb”, how many American planes were said to be spotted in the sky on the day that Hiroshima was hit by the atom bomb?

A. two
B. three
C. four
D. six
Answer» C. four

Professor Tsusuki in “The First Atom Bomb” was one of the best _____ in Japan.

A. surgeons
B. army officers
C. journalists
D. interpreters
Answer» A. surgeons

Who received the delegation of the International Red Cross at his office in the essay “The First Atom Bomb”?

A. marcel junod
B. general macarthur
C. colonel webster
D. general fitch
Answer» B. general macarthur

“That’s what an atomic bomb does…”Who said this statement in “The First Atom Bomb”?

A. general macarthur
B. professor tsusuki
C. miss ito
D. general finch
Answer» B. professor tsusuki

The essay “The First Atom Bomb” which emphasizes the urgent need for saving mankind from itself was written by ___________.

A. pico iyer
B. marshall juno
C. marcel junod
D. addison
Answer» C. marcel junod

In “Justice Vs Mercy”, who was sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread for his sister and her children?

A. javert
B. jean valjean
C. victor hugo
D. john valjeen
Answer» B. jean valjean

When was Albert Camus awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?

A. 1955
B. 1956
C. 1957
D. 1958
Answer» C. 1957

In “Justice Vs Mercy”, Jean Valjean stole one of the following things. Which one was it?

A. a slice of cake
B. a loaf of bread
C. a candle
D. silver cutlery
Answer» B. a loaf of bread

Who wrote the essay “Come September”?

A. william wordsworth
B. arundhati roy
C. mary roy
D. usha jesudasan
Answer» B. arundhati roy

Who taught the important lesson of mercy to Jean Valjean in “Justice Vs Mercy”?

A. javert
B. the narrator
C. the bishop
D. the mayor
Answer» C. the bishop

Camus and the people of his generation feel hopelessly lost due to the impact of ______.

A. industrialization
B. world wars
C. religion
D. nihilism
Answer» B. world wars

Which two countries does Roy state are gifts of imperialism and British colonialism to the modern world?

A. pakistan and afghanistan
B. israel and canada
C. palestine and kashmir
D. kashmir and pakistan
Answer» C. palestine and kashmir

The devastating situation in Palestine is ________ according to Roy, as she mentions in “Come September”.

A. better
B. positive
C. same
D. good
Answer» C. same

In which year did Saddam Hussain invade Kuwait, according to Roy?

A. 1990
B. 1991
C. 1992
D. 1993
Answer» A. 1990

In 1597, _________________ applied the word ‘essay’ to the genre for the first time in English

A. montaigne
B. francis bacon
C. huxley
D. samuel johnson
Answer» B. francis bacon

The word autobiography was first used by _________ in 1797

A. william taylor
B. w h longfellow
C. dr. johnson
D. john bryson
Answer» A. william taylor

A film, book, or illustrated lecture about the places visited by or experiences of a traveler is_________

A. journal
B. article
C. travelogue
D. memoir
Answer» C. travelogue

Lamb use to write under the pen-name of ______

A. charles
B. anne
C. elia
D. dyer
Answer» C. elia

Who is the author of the book ‘Utopia’?

A. francis bacon
B. charles lamb
C. chaucer
D. sir thomas more
Answer» D. sir thomas more

Morte’d Arthur was written by______________

A. sir thomas malory
B. wilson
C. robert greene
D. charles lamb
Answer» A. sir thomas malory

John Lyly’s first prose work was_____________

A. euphues and his england
B. euphues, the anatomy of wit
C. principal navigation
D. the lyfe of john picus
Answer» B. euphues, the anatomy of wit

In which year The Advancement of Learning was published?

A. 1600
B. 1607
C. 1605
D. 1700
Answer» C. 1605

The Anatomy of Melancholy was written by_________

A. robert burton
B. thomas browne
C. francis bacon
D. john milton
Answer» A. robert burton

Milton’s greatest prose work is__________

A. comus
B. lycidas
C. paradise lost
D. areopagitica
Answer» D. areopagitica

_________is the representative writer of the Restoration age.

A. john bunyan
B. john locke
C. john dryden
D. daniel defoe
Answer» C. john dryden

The Pilgrim’s Progress is the masterpiece of ______

A. john bunyan
B. john dryden
C. daniel defoe
D. thomas hobbes
Answer» A. john bunyan

Who wrote the Essay of Dramatic Poesie ?

A. hobbes
B. john dryden
C. john bunyan
D. sir william temple
Answer» B. john dryden

The best known prose work of Daniel Defoe was_______

A. the shortest way
B. the true born english man
C. dissenters
D. robinson crusoe
Answer» B. the true born english man

Who was the founder of the journal ‘The Tatler’?

A. richard steele
B. joseph addison
C. jonathan swift
D. jonathan arbthnot
Answer» A. richard steele

Modern Painters is the work of ______________

A. william morris
B. thomas carlyle
C. john ruskin
D. r l stevenson
Answer» C. john ruskin

_____________was a representative of the school of aesthetic criticism.

A. walter pater
B. r l stevenson
C. mathew arnold
D. thomas carlyle
Answer» A. walter pater

Essays in Criticism was written by ___________

A. walter pater
B. r l stevenson
C. mathew arnold
D. macaulay
Answer» C. mathew arnold

Who are the authors of Lyrical Ballads?

A. shelly and coleridge
B. byron and wordsworth
C. wordsworth and coleridge
D. coleridge and keats
Answer» C. wordsworth and coleridge

_______________is known as the bible of Feminist Movements

A. gender trouble
B. mad woman in the attic
C. a room of one’s own
D. a vindication of the rights of woman
Answer» D. a vindication of the rights of woman

___________Biographia Literaria is one of the most valuable Prose Works.

A. shelly’s
B. coleridge’s
C. wordsworth’s
D. walter scott’s
Answer» B. coleridge’s

Shelly’s ___________is a strong exposition of the Romantic point of view.

A. biographia literaria
B. the essays of elia
C. a defence of poetry
D. the english poets
Answer» C. a defence of poetry

The Spirit of the Age (1825) was written by______

A. william hazlitt
B. william wordsworth
C. charles lamb
D. shelly
Answer» A. william hazlitt

____________is known as the writer of ‘impassioned prose’.

A. william hazlitt
B. thomas de quincey
C. charles lamb
D. shelly
Answer» B. thomas de quincey

Confessions of an English Opium – Eater is an autobiographical work of _____________

A. thomas de quincey
B. coleridge
C. shelly
D. keats
Answer» A. thomas de quincey

‘Alpha of the Plough’ is the pen name of __________

A. hilaire belloc
B. e v lukas
C. g k chesterton
D. a g gardiner
Answer» D. a g gardiner

One of the most elevated scientist of the century who was engaged in the debate between science and religion

A. goerge eliot
B. hilaire belloc
C. thomas henry huxley
D. g h lewes
Answer» C. thomas henry huxley

A G Ward describes _____________ as “a philosophic jester bursting bubbles of snobbery and pretence with wit and satire”

A. hilaire belloc
B. max beerbohm
C. e v lucas
D. g k chesterton
Answer» B. max beerbohm

Who has been referred as ‘ the prince of paradox’?

A. robert lynd
B. j b s haldane
C. g k chesterton
D. e v lucas
Answer» C. g k chesterton

“Y.Y” was the pen name of__________

A. robert lynd
B. j b s haldane
C. walter pater
D. carl jung
Answer» A. robert lynd

_______________is regarded as a great modern biographer

A. peter ackroyd
B. lytton strachey
C. robert lynd
D. michel faber
Answer» B. lytton strachey

Who is the author of Eminent Victorians?

A. lytton strachey
B. robert lynd
C. virginia woolf
D. peter ackroyd
Answer» A. lytton strachey

Peter Ackroyd’s biography of ________is regarded as one of the best biographies in English language.

A. t s eliot
B. thomas more
C. charlie chaplin
D. charles dickens
Answer» D. charles dickens

_____________is particularly noted for his biography of Charles Lamb

A. hilaire belloc
B. e v lucas
C. a g gardiner
D. g k chesterton
Answer» B. e v lucas

_____________was an eminent Victorian prose writer

A. ruskin bond
B. coleridge
C. e v lucas
D. g k chesterton
Answer» A. ruskin bond

___________ developed further Ruskin’s approach to social and economic problems through art to active propaganda for socialism.

A. thomas carlyle
B. mathew arnold
C. walter pater
D. william morris
Answer» D. william morris

An Inland Voyage is the collection of essays of _______

A. walter pater
B. r l stevenson
C. mathew arnold
D. thomas carlyle
Answer» B. r l stevenson

Who contributed five biographies for Encyclopaedia of Britannica?

A. walter pater
B. john ruskin
C. macaulay
D. thomas carlyle
Answer» C. macaulay

Who contributed the literary term ‘pathetic fallacy’?

A. john ruskin
B. walter pater
C. mathew arnold
D. t s eliot
Answer» A. john ruskin

Who was the author of ‘A Vindication of the Right of Woman?

A. virginia woolf
B. mary wollstonecraft
C. judith butler
D. george eliot
Answer» B. mary wollstonecraft

The Lives of the Poets was written by_______

A. dr. johnson
B. samuel johnson
C. edward gibbon
D. coleridge
Answer» B. samuel johnson

Oliver Goldsmith’s ___________is a series of imaginary letters from a Chinese traveller

A. the citizen of the world
B. the hermit
C. the deserted village
D. the traveller
Answer» A. the citizen of the world

Name of the imaginary character in the essays of Joseph Addison

A. elia
B. sir roger de coverley
C. robinson
D. mathew
Answer» B. sir roger de coverley

Who is the author of Robinson Crusoe?

A. robert green
B. charles dickens
C. daniel defoe
D. george orwell
Answer» C. daniel defoe

The Pilgrim’s Progress is the masterpiece of ______

A. john dryden
B. daniel defoe
C. thomas hardy
D. john bunyan
Answer» D. john bunyan

The _____century was doubtlessly an age of prose.

A. 16th
B. 18th
C. 19th
D. 17th
Answer» B. 18th

__________ had a powerful effect on early Stuart prose

A. puritanism
B. communism
C. humanism
D. egalitarianism
Answer» A. puritanism

Who wrote Apology for Poetrie?

A. philip sidney
B. thomas lodge
C. milton
D. robert greene
Answer» A. philip sidney

Novum Organum is the work of _________

A. milton
B. johnson
C. bacon
D. robert greene
Answer» C. bacon

_________was a strong believer of the theory of art for art’s sake.

A. r l stevenson
B. thomas carlyle
C. william morris
D. walter pater
Answer» D. walter pater
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