Perspective on Literature Solved MCQs


According to Martin Luther King Jr. what is the highest expression of non-injury?

A. avoiding external injury
B. love
C. avoiding internal injury
D. suffering
Answer» B. love

‘The Philosophy of Non-Violence’ states that the focus of the non-violent resister is on ________

A. the evil system
B. the enemy
C. the evil-doer
D. the self
Answer» A. the evil system

Martin Luther King Jr. considers publicity for a non-violent resister as________

A. a blessing
B. a pitfall
C. a misunderstanding
D. a curse
Answer» B. a pitfall

The essay ‘On the Rule of the Road’ by A. G. Gardiner is about the judicial use of ___________

A. roads
B. footpaths
C. liberty
D. prisons
Answer» C. liberty

The fat old lady, in the beginning of the essay ‘On the Rule of the Road’, is walking down a busy road in ___________

A. spain
B. britain
C. moscow
D. petrograd
Answer» D. petrograd

A. G. Gardiner says that people are liberty-drunk these days. What does the author mean by ‘liberty-drunk’?

A. people are over-using individual liberty.
B. the public is drinking too much.
C. there is no liberty for the common man.
D. liberty is a luxury.
Answer» A. people are over-using individual liberty.

The essay ‘On the Rule of the Road’ argues that in order that the liberties of all may be preserved, the liberties of everyone must be ___________

A. granted
B. set free
C. banned
D. curtailed
Answer» D. curtailed

What is the pen-name of A. G. Gardiner under which he wrote his essays?

A. bassett horn
B. bozzo
C. alpha of the plough
D. a. g. g.
Answer» C. alpha of the plough

What would be the result if liberty enabled everyone to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to?

A. peace
B. universal chaos
C. complete freedom
D. individual freedom
Answer» B. universal chaos

Vanka was apprenticed to Alaykhin to become ___________

A. a cook
B. a shoe-maker
C. a night-watchman
D. a teacher
Answer» B. a shoe-maker

What time of the year is the story ‘Vanka’ set?

A. on christmas day
B. on easter
C. on christmas eve
D. on vanka’s birthday.
Answer» C. on christmas eve

Konstantin Makarich, Vanka’s grandfather, works as _____________

A. a cook
B. a shoe-maker
C. a night-watchman
D. a teacher
Answer» C. a night-watchman

What do the other apprentices make Vanka steal?

A. master’s work tools
B. fish
C. vodka
D. master’s cucumbers
Answer» D. master’s cucumbers

What did Vanka’s diet consist of at the master’s?

A. bread and gruel
B. tea and bread
C. tea and cabbage soup
D. potato and soup
Answer» A. bread and gruel

Who taught Vanka to read and write?

A. konstantin makarich
B. his mother
C. the maids
D. olga
Answer» D. olga

Why was Vanka beaten by the master the previous day?

A. for stealing his cucumbers
B. for falling asleep while rocking their brat
C. for cleaning the fish the wrong way
D. for disobedience
Answer» B. for falling asleep while rocking their brat

What was Schatz’s initial symptom?

A. fever
B. headache
C. stomach pain
D. influenza
Answer» B. headache

When the doctor examined Schatz, his temperature was___________

A. 40 degree farenheit
B. 102 degree farenheit
C. 50 degree farenheit
D. 79 degree farenheit
Answer» B. 102 degree farenheit

What was Schatz’s real disease?

A. cancer
B. tuberculosis
C. influenza
D. pneumonia
Answer» C. influenza

What did the father in A Day’s Wait do in order to cheer the boy up?

A. went hunting
B. went fishing
C. read to him
D. left him alone
Answer» C. read to him

In which season did the story A Day’s Wait take place?

A. summer
B. winter
C. spring
D. autumn
Answer» B. winter

What did the father in A Day’s Wait catch when he went out hunting?

A. fish
B. quail
C. chicken
D. deer
Answer» B. quail

What kind of a hero is Schatz?

A. romantic hero
B. anti-romantic hero
C. antagonist hero
D. fatalistic hero
Answer» D. fatalistic hero

What is the central theme of the story ‘Marriage is a Private Affair’?

A. stubborn sons
B. duty towards grandchildren
C. unconditional love of fathers
D. clash of cultures
Answer» D. clash of cultures

Name the tribe to which Nene belonged.

A. ibo
B. ibibo
C. yoruba
D. morua
Answer» B. ibibo

Where do Nene and Nnaemeka live their married life?

A. in lagos
B. in ibibo village
C. in ibo village
D. in america
Answer» A. in lagos

What was the suggestion of the villagers when they heard of Nnaemeka’s plan to marry from another tribe?

A. to kill him
B. to make him an outcaste
C. to treat him with herbs
D. to forcefully marry him to another girl
Answer» C. to treat him with herbs

Whose picture was cut out of the wedding photo by Okeke?

A. nnaemka
B. nene
C. okeke
D. nene’s parents
Answer» B. nene

Compared to other playwrights of the time what was different about Shaw’s stage directions?

A. there were no stage directions
B. romantic stage directions
C. short stage directions
D. lengthy stage directions
Answer» D. lengthy stage directions

What did Raina call Captain Bluntschli?

A. king
B. chocolate-cream soldier
C. portrait soldier
D. brave
Answer» B. chocolate-cream soldier

The interior of Raina’s room is a mixture of Bulgarian and __________ furniture.

A. viennese
B. serbian
C. swiss
D. american
Answer» A. viennese

What is Catherine Petkoff’s preferred clothing?

A. evening dresses
B. kimonos
C. fashionable tea gowns
D. fur coats
Answer» C. fashionable tea gowns

Through what did Captain Bluntschli make his first entrance?

A. the front door
B. raina’s bedroom door
C. the back door
D. the window
Answer» D. the window

What is the military rank of Raina’s father?

A. colonel
B. captain
C. major
D. lieutenant
Answer» C. major

Name the famous literary character to whom Sergius Saranoff is compared by Captain Bluntschli while describing the cavalry charge to Raina?

A. othello
B. don quixote
C. hamlet
D. gulliver
Answer» B. don quixote

In which season does Act II of ‘Arms and the Man’ take place?

A. spring
B. summer
C. winter
D. autumn
Answer» A. spring

What is Saranoff’s military rank?

A. colonel
B. captain
C. major
D. lieutenant
Answer» C. major

What did Bluntschli do after running away from home?

A. began a hotel business
B. joined the army
C. got married
D. got arrested by the police
Answer» B. joined the army

What had Raina put into the pocket of the old coat in which she and her mother had sent off captain Bluntschli?

A. chocolates
B. a necklace
C. a signed portrait
D. a cake
Answer» C. a signed portrait

Where was the old coat of Major Petkoff found at last?

A. in the battle field
B. in the kitchen
C. in the blue closet
D. in the garden
Answer» C. in the blue closet

‘Arms and the Man’ takes its title from_____________

A. farewell to arms
B. the old man and the sea
C. illiad
D. aeineid
Answer» D. aeineid

Captain Bluntschli is a professional soldier in the Serbian Army. What is his nationality?

A. british
B. italian
C. swiss
D. german
Answer» C. swiss

In Bluntschli’s famous dialogue to Raina he calls nine out of ten soldiers to be __________

A. brave
B. coward
C. fools
D. selfish
Answer» C. fools

Who calls Nicola ‘the ablest man in Bulgaria’?

A. major petkoff
B. sergius saranoff
C. capt. bluntschli
D. raina petkoff
Answer» C. capt. bluntschli

Bluntschli mistook Raina’s age and called her a ‘school girl of 17’. What was her real age?

A. 20
B. 23
C. 15
D. 33
Answer» B. 23

Louka accuses Nicola of having the soul of a servant. Who accuses Louka of having the same?

A. catherine petkoff
B. capt. bluntschli
C. sergius saranoff
D. nicola
Answer» C. sergius saranoff

How old is Bluntschli?

A. 28
B. 34
C. 40
D. 60
Answer» B. 34
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