90+ Ways with Words Solved MCQs


Alexander of Abonutichus lived during the reign of the Roman Emperor ________.

A. Marcus Aureliu
B. Publius Helvius Pertinax
C. Augustus
D. Lucius Aurelius Verus
Answer» A. Marcus Aureliu

The serpent of Alexander of Abonutichus was bought from ________.

A. Greece
B. Macedonia
C. France
D. Tampa
Answer» B. Macedonia

Who wrote the book Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds.

A. Alexander of Abonutichu
B. Lamar Keene
C. Charles Markay
D. Harry Houdini
Answer» C. Charles Markay

One of the most striking apparent instances of extrasensory perception is the _______.

A. precognitive experience
B. post-judice
C. prejudice
D. none of these
Answer» A. precognitive experience

Universal spiritualist association, an association of spiritualist churches and clergy founded in 1956 by ____________.

A. Clifford Bia
B. Lamar Keene
C. Charles Markay
D. Carl Sagan
Answer» A. Clifford Bia

The preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

A. precognitive experience
B. post-judice
C. prejudice
D. none of these
Answer» C. prejudice

scientists are, of course, ___________

A. superheroe
B. human
C. holy man
D. none of these
Answer» B. human

Who wrote Worlds in collision

A. Spiro T Agnew
B. Immanuel Velikovsky
C. Robert Fulton
D. Charles Markay
Answer» B. Immanuel Velikovsky

The rising or lifting of a person or thing in the air by supernatural means is called ____________

A. Levitation
B. Bamboozles
C. Seances
D. Arcane
Answer» A. Levitation

SETI means

A. space educational technology information
B. search for extra - terrestrial intelligence
C. stock exchange technology information
D. search engine tech intelligence
Answer» B. search for extra - terrestrial intelligence

Cosmos :A personal voyage is written by __________

A. Dilip Chitre
B. EV Lucas
C. Roald Dahl
D. Carl Sagan
Answer» D. Carl Sagan

Harry Houdini was an American ______________

A. Scientist
B. Doctor
C. spiritualist
D. Magician
Answer» D. Magician

Dilip Chitre, bilingual writer, who wrote in ____________

A. Marathi and english
B. english and Bengali
C. english and Gujarati
D. english and Punjabi
Answer» A. Marathi and english

Dilip Chitre 's most famous translation is of the celebrated 17th century Marathi Bhakti poet ____________

A. Tukaram
B. Tulsidas
C. Kabirdas
D. Guru Nanak
Answer» D. Guru Nanak

Who left the elderly infant to explore the rooms of age in the poem "The house of my childhood "

A. family member
B. Grandmother
C. season
D. sons and daughters
Answer» C. season

The figurines of grandmother's gods are made up with_______

A. Gold
B. Silver
C. Brass
D. Iron
Answer» C. Brass

Whose voice shivers on a bare branch in the poem " The house of my childhood "?

A. Poet'
B. Grandmother's
C. Families
D. Birds'
Answer» B. Grandmother's

Who toddled around the empty house in the poem "The house of my childhood "?

A. Poet
B. Grandmother
C. child
D. father
Answer» A. Poet

________ distribute their silence Among intricately clustered glyphs

A. song
B. gifts
C. symbols
D. words
Answer» D. words

Find the figure of speech in the expression 'colourless cracks '?

A. Metaphor
B. Alliteration
C. Oxymoron
D. Hyperbole
Answer» B. Alliteration

Who was the first black woman poet to read her poem at the inauguration of President Bill Clinton?

A. Toni Morrison
B. Alice walker
C. Maya Angelou
D. None of them
Answer» C. Maya Angelou

The poem "Still I Rise" is written by _____________

A. John Keat
B. Gabriel Okara
C. Maya Angelou
D. Dilip Chitre
Answer» C. Maya Angelou

How many autobiographies were written by Maya Angelou?

A. Seven
B. One
C. Three
D. none of these
Answer» A. Seven

Which of the poem was read by Maya Angelou on the inauguration of President Bill Clinton in 1993?

A. Still I Rise
B. Phenomenal Women
C. Old flocks laugh
D. On the Pulse of Morning
Answer» D. On the Pulse of Morning

Maya Angelou's most famous autobiography, _____________.

A. Still I Rise
B. phenomenal Women
C. I know why the caged birds sing
D. The heart of a woman
Answer» C. I know why the caged birds sing

Old folks laugh is compared to which musical instrument?

A. Drum
B. Flute
C. Violin
D. Tambourine
Answer» D. Tambourine

The laps of the Old folks are filled with _______

A. Memorie
B. Money
C. Sweets
D. none of these
Answer» A. Memorie

What glistens in the corners of the Old folk’s mouth?

A. Teeth
B. Saliva
C. sweets
D. none of these
Answer» B. Saliva

When Old folks laugh, what are they actually doing?

A. They free the world
B. They make fun of the world
C. They enjoy the world
D. None of these
Answer» A. They free the world

The poem "old folks laugh” is in___________

A. blank verse
B. free verse
C. Cinquains
D. none of these
Answer» B. free verse

In the poem "Old folks laugh" Large parts of the poem are written in short lines using __________.

A. enjambment
B. Caesura
C. Epigram
D. Villanelle
Answer» A. enjambment

Which landscape did Robert frost frequently employ as setting of his poems?

A. New France
B. New Atlantis
C. New Africa
D. New England
Answer» D. New England

Which among the following is Frost's volume of poetry?

A. Further Range
B. Phenomenal Woman
C. Mountain Interval
D. The Power and Glory
Answer» C. Mountain Interval

The figure of speech in which we use a part for the whole is termed..

A. Simile
B. transferred epithet
C. oxymoron
D. synecdoche
Answer» D. synecdoche

Whose poems "begin in delight and end in wisdom"

A. Robert Frost
B. Graham Greene
C. John Keats
D. Gabriel Okara
Answer» A. Robert Frost

' The polished traffic passed with a mind ahead'.The figure of speech employed here is

A. oxymoron
B. transferred epithet
C. synecdoche
D. metaphor
Answer» B. transferred epithet

The voice of the farmer in A Roadside Stand is rendered in which form

A. Interior monologue
B. monologue
C. dialogue
D. dramatic monologue
Answer» D. dramatic monologue

Which among the following is the first published work of Roald Dahl?

A. Kiss Kis
B. Going Solo
C. James and the Giant Peach
D. A Piece of Cake
Answer» D. A Piece of Cake

Lamb to the Slaughter means

A. In a fierce manner
B. in an unconcerned manner
C. in an awful manner
D. in a disgusting manner
Answer» B. in an unconcerned manner

Lamb to the Slaughter was published in

A. Daily mirror
B. Holinshed's magazine
C. Monthly gazette
D. Harper's magazine
Answer» D. Harper's magazine

Who is Charlie?

A. Mr.Maloney
B. The doctor
C. The brother of Mrs. Maloney
D. Policeman
Answer» D. Policeman

What favour did Mrs. Maloney ask the policemen?

A. Eating the lamb
B. Helping her to get up
C. Finish the investigation
D. Leaving her alone
Answer» A. Eating the lamb

Who killed Mr. Maloney?

A. Betty Maloney
B. Beatrice Maloney
C. Mary Maloney
D. Maureen Maloney
Answer» C. Mary Maloney

The day mentioned in the chapter Lamb to the Slaughter is

A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Thursday
Answer» D. Thursday

The weapon used for killing Mr.Maloney was

A. the fried leg of lamb
B. the frozen leg of the lamb
C. the boiled leg of the lamb
D. the dried leg of the lamb
Answer» B. the frozen leg of the lamb

Who supported the view that Mrs.Maloney was not at home when Mr.Maloney was killed

A. The watchman
B. The house keeper
C. The grocer
D. The maid
Answer» C. The grocer

Which among the following is an autobiographical work of Roald Dahl?

A. Someone Like You
B. Fantastic Mr fox
C. Going Solo
Answer» C. Going Solo

Who discovered a small patch of congealed blood on the dead man's head?

A. O'Malley
B. Charlie
C. Jack Noonan
D. Mrs Maloney
Answer» C. Jack Noonan

The contrast between what is said and meant,thought and known and what happens in contrast to what is expected is known as

A. oxymoron
B. simile
C. metaphor
D. irony
Answer» D. irony

E.V Lucas was associated with the humour magazine called

A. Phantom Journal
B. Punch
C. The Globe
D. The Academy
Answer» B. Punch

E.V Lucas is recognized as the editor and biographer of which writer

A. John Keat
B. Shelley
C. Charles Lamb
D. Bernard Barto
Answer» C. Charles Lamb

The style of E.V Lucas is described as

A. harsh
B. witty
C. ironical.
D. satirical
Answer» B. witty

The most repellant specimen of all the bores is

A. buttonholing bore
B. humourous bore
C. funny bore
D. eccentric bore
Answer» A. buttonholing bore

A true bore is unconscious of his

A. attitude
B. love
C. borishness
D. emotions
Answer» C. borishness

E.v lucas was commissioned to write the biography of

A. Bernard bertha
B. Bernard Beatle
C. Bernard Barton
D. Bernard Pater
Answer» C. Bernard Barton

'A Wanderer in Venice' is one of the notable woks of E.V Lucas. It belongs to the category of

A. novel
B. shortstory
C. travelogue
D. fiction
Answer» C. travelogue

What does the poet mean the waters around you have grown?

A. Flood around.
B. growing injustice
C. people must go in search of water
D. rain
Answer» B. growing injustice

To whom does he say ‘keep your eyes wide’

A. People
B. parents
C. students
D. writers and critic
Answer» D. writers and critic

What is meant by ‘the wheel’s still in spin’

A. Time is not constant
B. porters wheel
C. a wheel is in motion
D. the world is spinning.
Answer» A. Time is not constant

“the times they are a changing was first performed in the year ______

A. 1964
B. 2016
C. 1988
D. 1957
Answer» A. 1964

Bob Dylan wrote the song as an attempt to bring a ______.

A. Change
B. fun
C. inspire
D. both a & c
Answer» D. both a & c

What is Bob Dylan’s nationality?

A. American
B. British
C. Canadian
D. Asian
Answer» A. American

Bob Dylan got his inspiration to write the song from ______

A. Beat writer
B. ballads
C. folk songs
D. all of the above.
Answer» D. all of the above.

Who is the author of the story ‘It Used to be Green Once’.

A. Raymond William
B. Pat Gloria
C. Patricia Grace
D. E.V Lucas
Answer» C. Patricia Grace

Patricia Grace is a _______writer in English.

A. Indian
B. Australian
C. African
D. Maori
Answer» D. Maori

Pakeha is the Maori term for ___________

A. Rice
B. White bread
C. European white settler
D. hospitality
Answer» C. European white settler

The story is about _______.

A. The girl’s school
B. Dad’s tractor
C. Mum’s Car
D. None of the above
Answer» C. Mum’s Car

The colour of the car which Uncle Raz gave to Dad was_______.

A. Red
B. green
C. blue
D. white
Answer» A. Red

What was the peculiarity of Mum’s Car?

A. It had no brake
B. It had no top
C. It was a convertible once
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

Mum’s new car was a _________

A. Packard
B. Chevrolet
C. Buick
D. De soto
Answer» B. Chevrolet

Dad won a lottery of ________

A. ten thousand dollar
B. fifty thousand dollars
C. ten pounds
D. ten thousand pounds
Answer» B. fifty thousand dollars

The only accident that Mum’s car met was

A. she hit a tree
B. the car got into the shop
C. Uncle Peta was knocked down when shew threw a mutton side.
D. shopping items used to fell off from the car.
Answer» C. Uncle Peta was knocked down when shew threw a mutton side.

What were some of the posh lunches children used to carry?

A. apple sauce and cream pudding
B. holey fruits
C. sandwiches cut in triangle and yellow bananas
D. potatoes and white bread
Answer» C. sandwiches cut in triangle and yellow bananas

Who is Mr.Hadley?

A. the European teacher
B. neighbour
C. uncle
D. relative.
Answer» A. the European teacher

John Keats was an ______________ before he turned to writing.

A. teacher
B. soldier
C. pardoner
D. apothecary
Answer» D. apothecary

Keats belong to the ___________period in English Literature.

A. romantic
B. modern
C. Victorian
D. Shakespearean
Answer» A. romantic

One of the common themes found in Keats’ poems are

A. art versus life
B. innocence versus experience
C. God versus Man
D. comedy versus tragedy
Answer» A. art versus life

Why do the bees “ think warm days will never cease”.

A. bees are tired
B. bees are hungry
C. the flowers are blooming even in autumn
D. the flowers smell sweet
Answer» C. the flowers are blooming even in autumn

Autumn is compared to a

A. gleaner
B. winnower
C. reaper
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

In the third stanza of “Ode to Autumn” the poet is being nostalgic about

A. rain
B. snow
C. spring
D. warm days
Answer» C. spring

What is rosy hue?

A. the autumnal sun casts its light on the clouds turning it rosy.
B. autumn is the season of colours
C. it is the end of the day
D. the reaper’s cheeks are rosy
Answer» A. the autumnal sun casts its light on the clouds turning it rosy.

Who said “as close to perfect as any shorter poem in the English Language” about ‘ Ode to Autumn’

A. F.R Leavi
B. Harold Bloom
C. Matthew Arnold
D. Leigh Hunt
Answer» B. Harold Bloom

“ripeness to the core” shows

A. growth and maturity
B. richness and abundance
C. the seed
D. both a and b
Answer» D. both a and b

Who is the ‘bosom friend of the maturing sun’

A. Summer
B. Winter
C. Spring
D. Autumn
Answer» C. Spring

‘Ode to Autumn’ was written on

A. 19 September 1819
B. 19 September 1795
C. 17 October 1820
D. 17 October 1819
Answer» A. 19 September 1819

Who is the author of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’

A. Maya Angelou
B. Tennessee Williams
C. G.B Shaw
D. Gabriel Okara
Answer» B. Tennessee Williams

How many years did Grace work for Miss Cornelia?

A. 18 year
B. 20 years
C. 15 years
D. 5 years
Answer» C. 15 years

What gift does Cornelia present to her secretary?

A. a pack of chocolate
B. roses
C. a diamond ring
D. a portrait
Answer» B. roses

The gifting of roses in ‘Something Unspoken’ indicates Cornelia’s attempt to

A. break the wall of silence
B. show her pomposity
C. show her affection
D. celebrate her birthday
Answer» A. break the wall of silence

What is the name of the society club in ‘Something Unspoken’

A. Confederation of Women
B. Daughters of the Confederation
C. Society of daughters
D. Confederation Club
Answer» B. Daughters of the Confederation

What is Miss Grace Scott’s profession

A. Nurse
B. Governess
C. Attender
D. Secretary
Answer» D. Secretary

Miss Cornelia wants to become the ______of the Society Club

A. Regent
B. Member
C. manager
D. Secretary
Answer» A. Regent

“They shake their hands without ………..”

A. Eye
B. Hearts
C. Mouth
D. Brain
Answer» B. Hearts

Which of the following is a work by Okara?

A. Othello
B. A Further Range
C. The Fisherman’s Invocation
D. Waiariki
Answer» C. The Fisherman’s Invocation

“ I want to unlearn all those ………… things”

A. Meaningles
B. Muting
C. Learned
D. Unwanted
Answer» B. Muting

Which of the following is not a tragedy by Shakespeare?

A. Hamlet
B. Macbeth
C. Othello
D. Merchant of Venice
Answer» D. Merchant of Venice

How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?

A. 152
B. 154
C. 150
D. 156
Answer» B. 154

“Outcaste state” is a reference to which fellow playwright?

A. Robert Greene
B. Marlowe
C. Thomas Kyd
D. George Peele
Answer» A. Robert Greene

Who is called the Nigerian Negritudist?

A. Soyinka
B. Achebe
C. Okara
D. Fanon
Answer» C. Okara
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