Sociology of Gender solved MCQs

chapter:   Status of Women in India

151. The Indian Reforms Association was started with the efforts of Keshav Chandra Sen on:

a. September, 1870

B. October, 1870

c. November, 1870

d. December, 1870

152. The minimum marriageable age for a girl since 1978 in India is

a. 18

B. 16

c. 15

d. 12

153. Through the enactment of the Age of Consent Act, the minimum marriageable age fora girl was raised from 10 years to 12 years in:

a. 1890

B. 1891

c. 1892

d. 1898

154. Through the Sharda Act, the minimum marriageable age for a girl was raised to :

a. 12

B. 14

c. 15

d. 18

155. The National Commission for Women (NCW) was set up in:

a. January, 1992

B. February, 1992

c. March, 1992

d. April, 1992

156. Who was the firstwoman to become President of the Indian National Congress?

a. Sarojini Naidu

B. Annie Besant

c. Vijayalakshmi Pandit

d. Aruna Asaf Ali

157. Who was the first Indian woman to become the governor of a state in India?

a. Sarojini Naidu

B. Aruna Asaf Ali

c. Vijayalakshmi Pandit

d. Annie Besant

158. In which year did Indira Gandhi become the first woman Prime Minister of India?

a. 1965

B. 1966

c. 1967

d. 1968

159. The National Policy for the empowerment of women was passed in :

a. 2000

B. 2001

c. 2002

d. 2003

chapter:   Gender and Women Problems

160. Which of the following umbrella scheme provides a range of services to women affected by violence in 2015?

a. Women Helpline

B. Mahila Police Station

c. One stop centre

d. Women protection centre

161. Which of the following North-East states has emerged as the hub of sex-trafficking in India?

a. Assam

B. Manipur

c. Nagaland

d. Tripura

162. Within how many hours after unprotected sexual intercourse, emergency contraception can be taken to prevent pregnancy?

a. 52 hours

B. 24 hours

c. 72 hours

d. 48 hours

163. Which of the following are duties of the Protection Officer in the protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005?

a. To ensure that the assumed person is provided legal aid under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987

B. To get the aggrieved person medically examined, if she has sustained bodily injuries

c. To maintain a list of all service providers providing legal aid or counselling, shelter houses and medical facilities in a local area

d. All of the above

164. Under sub-section (5) of 12 of the Domestic Violence Act, 2005, the magistrate is mandated to dispose of every application received under sub-section (1) within a period of ____ days from the date of first hearing.

a. 30 days

B. 45 days

c. 60 days

d. 90 days

165. The ‘aggrieved person’ in the Protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 means any woman :

a. Who is or has been in a domestic relationship with the respondent

B. Who alleges to have been subjected to any act of domestic violence by the respondent

c. Who alleges harassment by the respondent

d. All of the above

166. Which of the following schemes was launched by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2002 for rehabilitation of women in difficult circumstances?

a. Swadhar Greh

B. Nari Shakti Puruskars

c. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

d. Mahila E-haat

167. A social campaign aimed at eradication of female feticide and raising awareness on welfare services intended for young Indian girls is called

a. Mahila E-haat

B. Swadhar Greh

c. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

d. Nari Shakti Puruskars

168. Nari Shakti Puruskars are national level awards given to women and institutions who are rendering distinguished services for the cause of:

a. Women especially vulnerable and marginalized women

B. People excelling in the field of sports

c. Old-age people

d. Scheduled Tribes

169. Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides men and women to have equal rights and opportunities in the political, economic and social spheres?

a. Article 14

B. Article 15(1)

c. Article 15(3)

d. Article 42

170. The Child Marriage Restraint Act of 1976 raises the age for marriage of a girl from15 years to :

a. 16

B. 17

c. 18

d. 21

171. Which of the following Act has declared online pornography a punishable offence?

a. The Indian Information Technology Act, 2000

B. The Media Technology Act, 2001

c. The Cyber Technology Act, 2000

d. The Indecent Representation of Women Act, 2001

172. Which scheme help in the prevention of trafficking and provide support for rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and repatriation of women?

a. STEP scheme

B. DWCRA scheme

c. Ujjawala scheme

d. Priyadarshini scheme

173. Which section of the criminal law provides death penalty to the repeated offender ofgang rape?

a. 376 B

B. 376 E

c. 276 E

d. 374 B

174. Priyadarshini scheme provides:

a. Women empowerment

B. To address women legal, political and health problems

c. Livelihood in Mid-Gangetic Plains

d. All of the above

175. What are the provisions given under Section 354 (A) of IPC related to sexual harassment?

a. A demand or request for sexual favours

B. Forcibly showing pornography

c. Making sexually coloured remarks

d. All of the above


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