130+ Social Research Methods Solved MCQs


__________ indicates a plan of action to be carried out in connection with a proposed research work.

A. research proposal
B. research abstract
C. research methodology
D. research design
Answer» C. research methodology

__________ study which wants to determine the frequency of occurrence of an event of its association with something.

A. descriptive
B. formulate
C. explorative
D. diagnostic
Answer» B. formulate

This is an intensive and searching interview aiming at studying the
respondent’s opinion, emotions or convictions on the habits of an interview

A. clinical interview
B. depth interview
C. focused interview
D. directive interview
Answer» A. clinical interview

_________ as a method of collecting primary data in which a number of individuals with a common interest interact with each other.

A. group interview
B. depth interview
C. direct interview
D. focused interview
Answer» C. direct interview

__________ involve presentation of ambiguous stimuli to the respondents for interpretation.

A. psychological test
B. socio metric test
C. projective techniques
D. case study
Answer» A. psychological test

___________ leaves as a suggestive reference or prompter during interview.

A. interview guide
B. diary
C. field note
D. interview schedule
Answer» C. field note

A __________question can be answered in one of the two responses

A. open type
B. closed type
C. dichotomous
D. multiple choice
Answer» A. open type

__________ are those which are collected fresh and are original in character

A. primary data
B. secondary data
C. qualitative data
D. quantitative data
Answer» A. primary data

_________ observation, the observer have been old specifically what is to be observed

A. structured
B. controlled
C. discussed
D. participated
Answer» C. discussed

it enable the researcher to relate logically known facts to intelligent guesses about unknown conditions.

A. research design
B. pre-test
C. hypothesis
D. pilot study
Answer» B. pre-test

It enables the researcher to acquaint himself with current knowledge in the field in which he is going to conduct his research.

A. social survey
B. review of literature
C. research proposal
D. research design
Answer» B. review of literature

The _________ type of questionnaire calls for a free response in the respondent’s own words.

A. closed
B. open
C. structured
D. unstructured
Answer» A. closed

_________ refers to a scale with a set of points which describes varying degrees of the dimensions of an attribute observed.

A. rating scale
B. check list
C. score card
D. observation
Answer» B. check list

A ________ refers to any collection of specified group of human beings

A. sampling
B. population
C. random sampling
D. non probability sampling
Answer» C. random sampling

_________ data are verbal or other symbolic materials

A. quantitative
B. primary
C. qualitative
D. secondary
Answer» A. quantitative

_________ is directed towards the solution of a problem.

A. research
B. data collection
C. hypothesis
D. survey
Answer» C. hypothesis

_________ research is directed towards the solution of immediate, specific and practical problem.

A. basic
B. diagnostic
C. applied
D. descriptive
Answer» C. applied

Control is the essential ingredient of _________ method.

A. descriptive
B. diagnostic
C. experimental
D. explorative
Answer» B. diagnostic

_________ method can be applied only where a high degree of precision is not necessary.

A. case study
B. local correspondents
C. simple random questionnaire
D. mailed
Answer» A. case study

A meeting of persons face to face especially for the purpose of formal conference on some point.

A. interview
B. observation
C. participant observation
D. projective techniques/ survey
Answer» C. participant observation

Information that is represented usually as words, not numbers.

A. qualitative data
B. primary data
C. quantitative data
D. scientific data
Answer» B. primary data

__________ research focuses primarly on the meaning of subjective attributes of individuals or groups.

A. quantitative
B. qualitative
C. social science
D. descriptive
Answer» A. quantitative

It is a quantity that expresses a quantity in numbers to allow in numbers to allow more praise measurement.

A. variable
B. attribute
C. concept
D. definition
Answer» C. concept

_________ are the most complete type of survey.

A. social survey
B. sampling
C. censuses
D. data collection
Answer» A. social survey

A proposition which can be put to test to determine validity.

A. hypothesis
B. operational definition
C. data collection tool
D. research design
Answer» B. operational definition

Information collected by the researcher for the purposes of the project immediately.

A. secondary data
B. primary data
C. qualitative data
D. quantitative data
Answer» B. primary data

It is the collection of data concerning the living and working conditionals of the people in a given community

A. sampling
B. social survey
C. case study
D. data collection
Answer» B. social survey

It takes place with persons known to have been involved in particular concrete situations.

A. personal interview
B. focused interview
C. depth interview
D. repeated interview
Answer» A. personal interview

It is a verbal method of securing data in the field surveys.

A. interview
B. participant observation
C. questionnaire method
D. projective technique.
Answer» C. questionnaire method

________ implies a smaller representation of a larger whole.

A. survey
B. population
C. sample
D. census
Answer» B. population

________ as the conceptual structure with in which the research is conducted.

A. research proposal
B. research design
C. hypothesis
D. pilot study
Answer» A. research proposal

A concept which can take on different quantitative values is called a _________.

A. variables
B. values
C. control groups
D. paradigm
Answer» B. values

_________ method in the application of valid and reliable research methods.

A. experimental
B. scientific
C. survey
D. case-study
Answer» A. experimental

________ is a organised enquiry

A. research
B. investigation
C. survey
D. experiment
Answer» B. investigation

A set of systematically related propositions specifying causal relationships among variables.

A. research
B. theory
C. concept
D. hypothesis
Answer» B. theory

__________ means basing conclusions on facts without any bias and value judgement.

A. subjectivity
B. objectivity
C. research
D. theory
Answer» B. objectivity

Rorschach test comes under __________ projective techniques.

A. verbal
B. visual
C. expressive
D. audio
Answer» B. visual
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