180+ Methodology in Humanities Solved MCQs


Autodiegetic narrator is

A. homodiegetic
B. heterodiegetic
C. author
D. reader
Answer» A. homodiegetic

When narrator is a character in the story he/she is known as

A. protagonist
B. antagonist
C. view point character
D. chorus
Answer» C. view point character

Fabula and Sjuzet are introduced in literary narratives by

A. structuralist
B. formalist
C. new criticism
D. russian formalist
Answer» D. russian formalist

Who studied and analysed the plot structures of folktales?

A. victor shaklovsky
B. vladimir propp
C. frantz fanen
D. frantz kafka
Answer» B. vladimir propp

Who is the French critic who argued that literary narratives consist of signs?

A. homi k. baba
B. roland barthes
C. ben okri
D. gerard genette
Answer» B. roland barthes

According to Gerard Genette narration in all literary narrative include

A. historic
B. recit
C. narrating
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

The image of new country dreamt by Francis Bacon

A. utopia
B. new atlantic
C. brave new world
D. caligula
Answer» B. new atlantic

The human rights philosopher who argued that the victims of atrocity and opposition tell their stories in the form of testimonies and autobiographies.

A. michad ontage
B. saul bellow
C. julia kristeva
D. michael ignatieff
Answer» C. julia kristeva

Who is the founder of deconstruction?

A. roland barthes
B. jacques derrida
C. kent
D. saussure
Answer» B. jacques derrida

A work in the physical, printed book the narrative inside it is known as

A. text
B. sign
C. narration
D. story
Answer» A. text

_____ is the relationship of one text to others

A. textuality
B. inner text
C. fluid text
D. comparative literature
Answer» A. textuality

_____ is the relationship of a text to other text in the genre/type

A. intertextuality
B. architextuality
C. metatextuality
D. hypertextuality
Answer» B. architextuality

Epigraphs, prefaces, forwards, etc. that have some connection to the main narrative is known as

A. hypertextuality
B. para text
C. architextuality
D. metatextuality
Answer» B. para text

_____ is a construction and it is implied is the work known as implied reader.

A. author
B. characters
C. narrator
D. reader
Answer» D. reader

Text on computer screen which can alter their appearance is called

A. solid text
B. liquid text
C. fluid text
D. screen play
Answer» C. fluid text

Foe is a novel by

A. ben okri
B. ama ata aidoo
C. j.m. coetzee
D. jean rhys
Answer» C. j.m. coetzee

______ is a best example for intertextuality

A. wide sargarso sea
B. waste land
C. new atlantis
D. foe
Answer» B. waste land

W.H. Auden has an architextual connection with satires of

A. sheridan
B. alexander pope
C. jonathan swift
D. ben johnson.
Answer» B. alexander pope

Who among the following outlined the four periods of the development of Indian Philosophy.

A. aurabindo
B. dr. s. radhakrishnan
C. j. krishnamurthy
D. swami vivekananda
Answer» B. dr. s. radhakrishnan

Vaisesika School of Philosophy was founded by

A. mahavira
B. kanada
C. dharmakriti
D. yaska
Answer» B. kanada

Through which pramana do we get the knowledge of non-existence

A. anitya
B. anupalabdhi
C. abhini bodha
D. bhavana
Answer» B. anupalabdhi

Which school of philosophy deals with the ritualistic aspects of Vedas

A. vedanta
B. mimamsa
C. sankhya
D. charvaka
Answer» B. mimamsa

Which school of philosophy was founded by Gotama?

A. budhism
B. nyaya
C. vaisesika
D. jainism
Answer» B. nyaya

Astika Schools accepted the authority of

A. upanishads
B. epics
C. vedas
D. vedantas
Answer» C. vedas

Yoga school of philosophy was found by

A. yogananda
B. nagarjuna
C. patanjali
D. nimbaraka
Answer» C. patanjali

Name of Adi Sankara’s guru

A. yogananda
B. gaudapada
C. namdev
D. ramanuja
Answer» B. gaudapada

The Indian word for philosophy is

A. vedanta
B. darsana
C. sastra
D. mokshamarga
Answer» B. darsana

_____ is an essential characteristic of valid knowledge

A. truth
B. avadhi
C. apprehension
D. smriti
Answer» A. truth

Nyaya school with its science of reasoning is also known as

A. dharma sastra
B. tarkasastra
C. yoga sutras
D. all of the above
Answer» B. tarkasastra

The dialectic method propounded by Nagarjuna is known as the

A. direct method
B. prasanga method
C. tharka method
D. none of these
Answer» B. prasanga method

Thomas Luckmann is a follower of _____ school of sociology.

A. naturalistic
B. pragmatist
C. phenomenological
D. existentialist
Answer» C. phenomenological

God or Brahman cannot be the cause of world is suggested by

A. naiyayikas
B. yoga school
C. sankhya school
D. sankara
Answer» C. sankhya school

Lack of mutual intelligibility between two language is known as

A. mutual intelligibility
B. language barrier
C. language boundary
D. language island
Answer» C. language boundary

The Gate keeper was book written by

A. terry eagleton
B. e.h. carr
C. peter widdowson
D. raymon williams
Answer» A. terry eagleton

_____ revolutionized historiography in the 19th century

A. voltaire
B. leopold von ranke
C. hegd and marx
D. michel foucault
Answer» B. leopold von ranke

Group of South Asian scholars interested in the post-colonial and post-imperial societies of South Asia in particular and the developing world in general.

A. common wealth
B. post colonial
C. post modern
D. subaltern
Answer» D. subaltern

_____ is relatively new field of history

A. cultural history
B. economic history
C. environmental history
D. ethnohistory
Answer» C. environmental history

_____ in the study of families and the tracing of their lineages and history.

A. paleography
B. genealogy
C. numismatics
D. family history
Answer» B. genealogy

_____ is a school of Budhism which accepted plurality of realities.

A. mahayana
B. hinayana
C. sautranikas
D. vaibhasikas
Answer» B. hinayana

_____ is a quantitative philosophy

A. nyaya
B. vaisesika
C. vedanta
D. sankhya
Answer» D. sankhya

______ composed Sankhya Aphorisms

A. gotama
B. kapila
C. patanjali
D. sankara
Answer» B. kapila

______ philosophy says that control over Citta gives the power of control over everything.

A. nyaya
B. sankya
C. yoga
D. vedanta
Answer» C. yoga

Sociolinguistics can be defined as

A. study of language in relation to society
B. study of society in relation to language
C. interaction of society and linguistics
D. study of language and literature
Answer» A. study of language in relation to society

Linguistics competence is a notion proposed by

A. bloom field
B. chomsky
C. saussure
D. derrida
Answer» B. chomsky

According to J. Derrida

A. test in an entity
B. text is a gas
C. test is a non existing
D. text is discourse
Answer» B. text is a gas

Who proposed seven standards of Textuality

A. de beangrande and dressler
B. chomsky and bloom field
C. derrida and saussure
D. none of these
Answer» A. de beangrande and dressler

Language of literature is

A. cryptic
B. delphic
C. accurate
D. ornamental
Answer» B. delphic

Theory of ______ is perhaps one of the greatest contribution of prague school.

A. theory of criticism
B. theory of signs
C. theory of functional style
D. theory of grammar
Answer» C. theory of functional style

Course in General Linguistics was written by

A. sapir
B. chomsky
C. saussure
D. bloomfield
Answer» C. saussure

When sign designate the whole word concept is signified and _____ is signifies

A. the object
B. sound image
C. verbal symbol
D. none of these
Answer» B. sound image

Exponent of reader response theory

A. derrida
B. lacan
C. stanley fish
D. r.p. warren
Answer» C. stanley fish

Of ‘Grammatology’ is written by

A. harold bloom
B. derrida
C. paul de man
D. roland barthes
Answer» B. derrida

_____ proposed the name narratology to the study of narratives.

A. derrida
B. roland barthes
C. todorov
D. tracy
Answer» C. todorov

Which among the following is heterodox school of philosophy

A. mimamsa
B. lokayata
C. sankhya
D. vaisesika
Answer» B. lokayata

Five old system of discipline or five rows are the teachings of ____ philosophy

A. budhism
B. mimamsa
C. jainism
D. carvaka
Answer» C. jainism

The exponent of each school wrote his own understanding of Vedas and Upanishads in the form of

A. mantras
B. sutras
C. khyati
D. bhasyas
Answer» B. sutras

Which of the pramanas is not accepted by Sankhyas?

A. perception
B. inference
C. testimony
D. comparison
Answer» D. comparison

Citta-vriti-nirodha can be attained through

A. pranayama
B. niyama
C. pratyahara
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Our understanding of reality is based on

A. conception
B. codes of perception
C. interpretation
D. description
Answer» B. codes of perception

Who analyzed a set of six actants in narrative

A. athuses
B. vladimir propp
C. a.j. greimas
D. wayne c. booth
Answer» C. a.j. greimas

______ codes informs our interpretation of narrative

A. proairetic code
B. hermaneutic code
C. cultural code
D. semic code
Answer» B. hermaneutic code

Who proposed the three levels of narrative Historic, Recit and narrating?

A. vladimir prop
B. gerard genette
C. antoni gramci
D. roland barthes
Answer» B. gerard genette

New critics argued that

A. meaning is inside the text
B. meaning lies outside the text
C. meaning in created
D. none of these
Answer» A. meaning is inside the text

Among the given critics who is not in new criticism

A. wimsatt
B. beardsley
C. robert penn warren
D. northrop frye
Answer» D. northrop frye

Among the given critics who is not exponent of deconstruction

A. f.r. levis
B. derrida
C. harold bloom
D. paul de man
Answer» A. f.r. levis

A text that can be read in form of several different texts is called

A. interactive
B. multimodal
C. intertextual
D. fluid text
Answer» B. multimodal

_____ is a collection of shared expectations about such long public habits.

A. universe
B. institution
C. community
D. legitimization
Answer» B. institution

_____ is the process by which subjective everyday reality becomes objective reality.

A. universalization
B. naturalization
C. reification
D. legitimatization
Answer» C. reification

The word difference was coined by

A. j.m. coetze
B. derrida
C. saussure
D. chomsky
Answer» B. derrida

Who is the first western philosopher who attempted a systematic study of society?

A. aristotle
B. ibn khaldun
C. plato
D. longinus
Answer» C. plato

In which year the term sociology was coined?

A. 1798
B. 1839
C. 1846
D. 1739
Answer» B. 1839

The word sociology is made up of two words. These are

A. societies and logy
B. societies and logista
C. socious and logus
D. socia and logos
Answer» C. socious and logus

The book sociology is written by

A. m. ginsberg
B. j.s. mill
C. davis and moore
D. rosenberg
Answer» A. m. ginsberg

Criticism which seeks a synthesis between the psychological criticism and sociological criticism

A. psycholinguistics
B. ontological criticism
C. new criticism
D. eco criticism
Answer» B. ontological criticism

The Golden Bough was written by

A. w.h.r. rivers
B. morgan
C. james frazer
D. evans.
Answer» C. james frazer

There are two type of causal explanation namely

A. scientific and historical
B. positive and negative
C. positivist and phenomenologist
D. scientific and sociological
Answer» A. scientific and historical

In social sciences empiricism sometimes goes by the name

A. negativism
B. naturalism
C. positivism
D. phenomenology
Answer» C. positivism

The process whereby western nations establish their rule in parts of the world away from their home territories

A. colonialism
B. empiricism
C. anti colonialism
D. cohabitation
Answer» A. colonialism

Louis Althusser is a

A. german philosopher
B. american philosopher
C. french philosopher
D. greek philosopher
Answer» C. french philosopher

Post modern art and thought favours

A. reflexivity and self consciousness
B. fragmentation
C. discontinuity
D. all of the above
Answer» D. all of the above

____ involves demystifying a text to reveal internal arbitrary hierarchies and presupposition.

A. post modernism
B. anti colonialism
C. deconstruction
D. positivism
Answer» C. deconstruction

The Vaisesika’s atomism agrees with the ____ atomism

A. vedanta
B. greek
C. nyaya
D. jaina
Answer» B. greek

The theory of no soul is attributed to

A. budhism
B. hinduism
C. jainism
D. none of the above
Answer» A. budhism

According to Patanjali God is never

A. free
B. in bondage
C. without purpose
D. cruel
Answer» B. in bondage

According to Berger and Luckman all knowledge is derived from and maintained by

A. search for truth
B. social interaction
C. education
D. philosophy
Answer» B. social interaction

The word which means ‘to insult’ evolved from the perception of the values a ‘n*gger’ stands for

A. integrate
B. aggravate
C. denigrate
D. exaggerate
Answer» C. denigrate
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